14 TikTok-Inspired Cooking Gadgets You Can Find on Amazon Today

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With nearly 13 billion views, recipes and cooking become one of the trendiest categories on TikTok. These videos are not only entertaining but also insightful with loads of essential utensils to revamp your kitchen. After scrolling endlessly through TikTok, we have discovered a great number of must-have tools to spruce up cooking time. If you’re seeking some genius products to make your life easier, check out this curated list of 14 essential kitchen gadgets you can buy from Amazon right now!

1. Strawberry Slicer

tiktok kitchen gadgets strawberry slicer

If you think you don’t need a slicer just for a piece of strawberry, think again! This strawberry slicer is extremely helpful when it comes to dressing up your dessert when you have guests coming over. Using a simple knife may save you a few bucks but the slices of fruits may come out uneven, especially when cutting squishy fruits.

With this handy strawberry slicer, you will never crush your fruits anymore. Let it do all the hard work! All you need to do is put your strawberry, salads, or other garnishes in place and the stainless steel blades will effortlessly cut them in even slices. It takes way less time than knife cutting, making it a quick fix to your slicing and decorating business. 

2. Utensil Rest with Drip Pad

tiktok kitchen gadgets utensil drip pad

Cooking is fun but when it comes to cleaning, there’s a little intimidation from any of us. If you hate an endless cleaning time, then why not bring home a utensil rest to sit your spoons down? This little guy is an incredible treatment for all juices, sauces, and messy ingredients you leave behind!

It will erase your cleaning nightmare by catching all fluids from the utensils and leave the stovetop clean and neat! The utensil rest comes with soft silicone for the spoons while the drip pad is made of harder silicon to support a pot lid.

3. Whisk Wiper

tiktok kitchen gadgets whisk wiper

Taking TikTok by storm, whisk wiper is a small, handy tool that will make you question why you haven’t bought it sooner! If you’ve been dealing with batter getting stuck on the whisk, get a whisk wiper right now and it will make all the mixture come right off!

Simple as it seems but many people are not aware of its existence! The tool is a neat and innovative solution that makes ease of the cleanup and definitely worth it!

4. Ice Cream Scoop

tiktok kitchen gadgets ice cream scoop

How many times have you encountered challenges when trying to scoop rock hard ice cream? If you think you’re putting too much effort in gliding just a few scoops of solid ice cream with a regular scoop at home but end up bending it anyway, it’s time to get a specialized tool and never struggle again!

Made of durable zinc alloy metal, this Gorilla Grip ice cream scoop will glide through the hardest texture and curl it into nice round balls. One more thing we love about this scoop is the flat edges that leave no pieces stuck around the carton, making it an effortless work to enjoy a sweet treat in summer!

5. Small Fruit/Vegetable Slicer

tiktok kitchen gadgets fruit slicer

Well, slicing small fruits and vegetables is a bit tricky if you’re not a home chef. It takes way longer than you imagine to come up with clean, neat, and easy-looking slices. But once you have this type of slicer in the kitchen, prepping everything from a sandwich to cherry tomatoes will become a breeze.

You can throw all five cherry tomatoes into it at once and the ergonomic slicer will handle the work! You almost need no effort when slicing it in one swift motion. This handy utensil is a must-have in every household!

6. Egg White Yolk Divider

tiktok kitchen gadgets egg white divider

One of the smartest creations we’ve ever seen on TikTok is the egg divider tool. Separating egg white and yolk can be a nightmare to many of us as we will end up spilling or even dropping the yolk back in the white! This divider is a farewell to this fiddly task, leaving your area with a clean surface.

All you need to do is place the separator atop a bowl or cup, crack an egg in, and you’re all set! The yolk and white are completely separated with just one second!

The art of “swapping eggshell to eggshell” is no longer an art because this divider will make your life way easier!

7. Garlic Twist Crusher

tiktok kitchen gadgets garlic twist crusher

Coming in a spookily cute Dracula cosplay, this garlic crusher is a genius TikTok-inspired tool that will keep your hands odor-free. This Dracula crusher is specifically made for cutting, dicing, and mincing so your garlic cloves will come out in perfect shape!

The garlic won’t get stuck either, which makes the cleanup as easy as a breeze. Just let him go right in the dishwasher once you’re done and you’re sorted!

8. Banana Slicer

tiktok kitchen gadgets banana slicer

Who needs a slicer for bananas? We once thought about it that way. But when a busy morning kicks in, you get late for work and the kids are crying for breakfast, you would regret not buying a quick banana slicer before! With just one quick motion, the banana slices will fast lie neatly on the plate. Guess what’s even cooler about it? This is a kid-friendly tool so you can let your little one play around with it and make their own breakfast cereal too!

9. Apple Core

tiktok kitchen gadgets apple core

Whenever you’re in a rush, an apple corer is a great handy tool to make your apple ready to eat on the way. It’s also a timer-saver when you have to prepare many fruits at once for the juice or baking.

This useful gadget will core through any apple, bell pepper, pear, and many other fruits to save you a good amount of time from a boring job of removing the seeds. Once the core is taken out, simply open up the blade and dump the core into the trash bin! This small kitchen gadget has been widely used by many TikTokers, so there’s no point in skipping it if you want to make your life easier!

10. Stainless Steel Strainer Set

tiktok kitchen gadgets stainless strainer set

At the first glance, this strainer set captured our intention instantly with its bright, luxury look. Finding golden kitchen utensils can be a grand exploration and it may cost you a fortune to get the whole set.

These strainers will spice up your kitchen with a splendid look and smoothen your cleaning time as well. There is no gap between the mesh and the rim so you don’t have to cringe at some rice grains stuck under anymore!

11. Drying Mat

tiktok kitchen gadgets drying mat

Have you ever seen a precious pair of wine glasses or an expensive piece of glassware falling from the slippery countertop and broken to pieces? To avoid unwanted situations like this, get a non-slip silicone drying mat to keep your dishes and kitchenware in place!

What we love about it is the ability to stand hot pots and pans straight from the oven. You can also place it by the kitchen sink to rest wet cups and bowls.

12. Vegetable Chopper

tiktok kitchen gadgets vegetable chopper

This multi-function chopper is a handy tool that lets you chop, slice, and mince all kinds of vegetables you have in the kitchen with 4 interchangeable blades. Diced veggies come out cleanly cut and stored in the tray below with just a quick press!

Not only is it a functional chopper but also a time-saver as you don’t need to wash any knife or cutting board.

13. Salad Tongs

tiktok kitchen gadgets salad tongs

This pair of salad tongs by Trudeau is the best friend of every salad lover! It helps you chop all the fresh salads and fruits right in the bowl without damaging it.

Fast and easy, the tongs are a quick fix to your daily meal and they can deal with large and solid pieces like cucumbers and carrots within seconds. All you need is throw your favorite elements in the bowl and let the tongs handle the cutting. 

14. Lemon Squeezer

tiktok kitchen gadgets lemon squeezer

Buying a squeezer for your lemons and oranges is not a piece of cake. It may seem easy at first, but most of them turn out leaking from the side or even pierce through the lemon skin! How annoying is that?

Let get this lemon squeezer by OXO and you’ll be happily squeezing ever after! It comes in handy with the measuring cup below and the strainer catches all of the seeds. 

Social distancing allows us to take on some new hobbies and cooking is one of them. With these 14 TikTok-inspired utensils and gadgets, feel free to play around the kitchen as much as you like and stay creative without leaving a big mess afterward!

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