8 Amazon Kitchen Storage Must-Haves Found On TikTok

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Home renovation and life hacks have attracted to 28.6 billion views on TikTok by June 2020, making it one of the most attractive and useful content for millennials. It signals the fact that staying organized and storing things is a common challenge for many of us. The kitchen is one of the most difficult parts of the house to be tidy and minimalistic. You have a lot of stuff to stow away in your kitchen.

But with TikTok, you don’t have to sweat out over navigating storage space while still keeping all items accessible anymore. We have bought these organization and storage items from TikTok for ourselves, and decided to share with you in the list below!

1. Bread Box Roll Top

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok bread box roll top

How many times have you bought a freshly-baked bread from your favorite bakery and heartbrokenly let the stale bread go to waste the next day? Say goodbye to soggy and molding bread because now you have an aesthetically pleasing bread box to keep your baked snacks fresh and crispy.

What we love about this state-of-art container is the shabby chic look that allows a perfect amount of air to ventilate the storage while not ruining your bread. You can put a full loaf of bread with a large pack of buns inside and they fit perfectly. With this handy bread box, you can feel free to freshen up your countertop without breaking the bank!

2. Rose Gold Steel Clips

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok steel clips

Anything coated in rose gold always gives us a happy and eye-pleasing feeling, not to mention it can be paired perfectly with any other color and shades!

If you are seeking a useful organizing hack to keep all the bags, clothes, and papers in place with a bright and cheerful look, why not get a box of these rose gold stainless steel clips from Amazon and rejoice? These beautiful clips will become strong tight seals that can keep your foods fresh for the next use.

Multi-purpose as they are, these golden clips can go with you to the office, sit in the wardrobe, or act as a picture hanging ornament in your living room too!

3. Glass Storage Jars

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok glass jars

No matter which size your kitchen is, a glass storage jar is a must-have to keep your food organized after unpacking. After scrolling through different types of jars, the one inspired by TikTok is our favorite as it’s seen-through and covered with a vintage beechwood lid. This kind of design will light up your cooking space and leave it in a clean, neat, and modern look.

One more reason why you should buy this jar is the borosilicate glass that prevents it from discoloring and spoiling the food flavor! You can throw your pasta in, or use it to store the beans, nuts, and sweets.

4. Cereal Dispenser

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok cereal dispenser

This dual portion control cereal dispenser is an efficient companion for weight-conscious and modern families that wish to grow independence for the kids. The dispenser is equipped with an airtight seal that can store any kind of dry food and keep them sanitary, crispy, and fresh. Whenever you have a busy morning, just let the kids turn the knob of the dispenser for their own crunch, and the cereal bowl is ready for a quick and clean breakfast.

There’s no food spilling all over the counter, leaving you more time to get ready for work! It’s even better if you have a pet because you can keep their kibbles and treats in these handy dispensers as well!

5. Can Organizer

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok can rack

We didn’t realize we need a can organizer for our fridge until we saw these on TikTok. You can separate the drinks by flavors and keep them side by side in a small area of the fridge. These organizers can also be stacked to create a perfect storage solution that works like a charm.

Let’s get some more organizers to store any kind of dry food and canned drinks, and surprise your guests with the neatness and simplicity of your fridge!

6. Marble Bento-Style Lunchbox

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok bento lunchbox

Are you having a hard time when bringing home-cooked food to work just because there’s no lunchbox in the market that meets your needs? This Japanese-inspired Bento lunchbox is such a convenient container that comes with multiple compartments inside to separate your food.

We must say that this Bento lunchbox is a mess-free transport of your on-the-go meal that you can bring along to anywhere! Each of the compartments is spacious enough to keep your salad, egg, rice, or any other home-cooked delights in place. The lid’s cutlery cover has enough room for a napkin as well!

7. Stackable Water Bottle Holder

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok waterbottle case

Are you having a nightmare when finding the right place to organize some water bottles and smoothie shaker jugs? How many times have you found them falling off causing a big mess all over the place? Rest your worries because we have experienced the same disaster! That’s why we decided to buy this stackable bottle holder at all costs! This efficient setup is a quick fix to your organizing failures.

You can use it as a kitchen cabinet, put it in the fridge or make it a garage shelf. The crystal-clear rack lets you see what is what so you can configure what you need!

8. Utensil Holder

Amazon Kitchen Storage tiktok utensil holder

Why do you need a huge kitchen drawer when you can have a simple and cute holder to hold all utensils and kitchen tools in one place? When we found these holders on TikTok, we were amazed at how elegant and chic they are, which can be a stylish and timeless add-in to our countertop!

These metal utensils deliver a rustic, minimalistic, and classy design to spruce up your kitchen and turn it into a pretty French-country area.

What are you waiting for?

Grab these genius products right now and you won’t have to struggle to track lost items again! These organizing hacks are not only handy but stylish as well! For more ideas and hacks to lead a smart lifestyle, check out these 18 viral accessories to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom!

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