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Now that Halloween is done, Christmas is starting to take a step into everyone’s mind. Before the holiday rush completely takes over, November still has many delicious and unique events that will keep your stomach satisfied.

Here are 12 delicious Vancouver food events that are happening in November that you can’t miss.

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For many people, coffee is an important part of their daily ritual. But like wine, there's been very little opportunity for people to talk about coffee. Canada’s leading coffee machine supplier, Espressotec, is looking to change that by opening up Vancouver’s first coffee tasting centre called Roaster Central.

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You know summer is coming to a close when the dark clouds are making their appearance. Although the sunshine and long days may be gone, the abundance of delicious food events around the city is still here. 

Here are some September food events you can’t miss:

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With summer in full swing, there are a ton of events happening each day in Vancouver. 

But with over a dozen events kicking off each day in the city, it is hard to keep tabs on them. It becomes tiresome sifting through it all. Here are 9 delicious July food events you should check out!

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