Top 10 Food & Drink Related Searches By Vancouverites During Summer

Did it ever fascinate you what other people are searching for?

It sure does for us. Especially ever since we read DoorDash’s food trend report where it mapped out what the most popular foods were in each province. After sharing that report with our community, we got a load of comments that did somewhat confirm the popularity of burritos in Vancouver.

And since we hit Phase 3 and reduced pandemic restrictions were enabled back in June, it meant more and more people were leaving their homes and dining out again.

What exactly were people in B.C. searching for on the web? We looked onto Google Trends to find out.

What Vancouverites Were Searching For Online During Summer

According to Google Trends, the top rising search queries (queries that has the biggest increase in searches compared to a previous time) varied from campaign specific searches (ie. the Travis Scott Burger with McDonald’s and Starbucks Summer Game) to restaurant concept specific searches (ie. brunch, coffee shop, and pasta), to even a specific winery in Langley.

Noms MAg top 10 food related searches made by vancouverites during summertime 1

With a whopping 2300% increase in searches, the Travis Scott burger was something that took over social media in September. The special collaboration with the popular artist and McDonald’s made many headlines and can be seen making massive waves on Tiktok – where some videos garnered millions of views.

Similarly, the Starbucks Summer Game captured a lot of buzz (which turned into searches) as the promotion allowed people a chance to win free drinks, summer merchandise, neat prizes and thousands of Starbucks reward Stars. Anyone who is a Starbucks fan would squeal in excitement for that.

And it is no surprise that Vancouverites were in full force in searching for the best brunch restaurants or coffee shops or pasta spots that are near them. After all…those items are glorious during summer!

Aside from the surprising interest in zucchini recipes this summer, we were curious to dig into why one specific winery made an appearance (300% increase). After doing a simple Google search and took a quick peek at their photos…we understood why.

Glass House estate winery 1
Photo Credits: Glass House Estate Winery

Glass House Estate Winery is a family-owned vineyard and boutique winery that is located in Langley. The “Glass House” part of their name comes from their 60 year history in the greenhouse industry and is prominently part of their architecture. The winery is managed and operated by Joseph Richard Group, who handles a dozen other restaurants, pubs, and retail spots.

Although not included in the chart, we did notice multiple healthy food search queries see an uptick in interest during the summertime as well:

  • gluten free restaurants near me (250%)
  • plant-based pizza restaurant (250%)
  • gluten free fast food (250%)
  • vegan restaurant near me (200%)
  • vegetarian fast food (200%)

We’ll continue to watch whether these search queries continue to hold the interest of Vancouverites during the Fall months or new ones will take over. For now, you can continue to mark off spots on our food bucket list so you can boast to your friends that you’ve tried all the must-hit spots in the city.

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