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15 Foods That Start With E (+ Fun Facts)

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Picture this: it’s family game night and you need to think of things that start with a specific letter. Or maybe you’re bored and are just looking for something interesting to pass the time.

Perhaps you are looking for food ideas for someone’s birthday.

Whatever the reason is, sometimes, names can elude you, especially with the added pressure of finding words starting with a specific letter.

We made things easy for you and compiled a list of 15 foods that start with E. 

1. Eggplant

foods that start with e Eggplant

Best in the summer, eggplants are commonly served chopped up and stir-fried or cooked up in a stew.

Related to tomatoes and peppers, these suggestive veggies are also being used as a meat substitute in things like eggplant parmesan and lasagna. 

Fun Fact: Though they’re known as long and purple, eggplants used to be small, round, and white, much like an egg!

2. Eggs

foods that start with e Eggs

Fried, scrambled, poached, or soft-boiled, eggs are one of the most versatile foods out there and are perfect on their own or used in other foods.

Commonly used in baking, eggs have a special gel-like quality that causes dry ingredients like the flour in batter or breadcrumbs on tonkotsu to stick to each other and onto surfaces.

Fun Fact: Albumin, which is the main protein in egg whites that makes it sticky, can also be used as a medical adhesive for bandages!

3. Eggo Waffles

foods that start with e eggo waffles

An already beloved supermarket staple made more famous by Stranger Things, Eggos are a brand of frozen waffles found in North America. First sold in 1953, they are now sold along with a variety of flavors such as strawberry and chocolate chip.

Fun Fact: In the year following the release of Stranger Things, sales for Eggo Waffles and other similar Kellogg’s brand frozen food rose 14%!

4. Edam

foods that start with e Edam

Mild, nutty, and slightly hard, Edam is a type of Dutch cheese produced in the town of the same name. The cheese is probably most famous for the red paraffin wax used to cover them (think Babybel Cheese).

Fun Fact: In countries that used to be Spanish colonies, like the Philippines, Edam is typically sold as a Christmas staple under the name queso de bola, meaning a ball of cheese!

5. Eclair

foods that start with e Eclair

Eclairs are a long cream puff-like dessert originating from and highly common in France. Its origins date back to the 1800s and typically consist of a long puff pastry filled with custard and covered in icing, usually chocolate. 

Fun Fact: Eclairs are named after the French word eclair, meaning lightning, referring to how eclairs are usually eaten lightning-fast!

6. Eel

foods that start with e Eel

Not your typical seafood, eels are commonly eaten in China and Japan and can also be found as a delicacy in parts of India and Europe. In fact, eel consumption in Europe used to be so commonplace that eel populations became scarce, turning them into a delicacy.,

Fun Fact: Unagi, which is a Japanese grilled eel dish, is made using only freshwater species as dishes using saltwater species are called anago.

7. Elderflower Cordial

foods that start with e Elderflower Cordial

Delicate, sweet, and with a taste resembling lychee, Elderflower Cordials are a type of sweet drink made from the flowers of the elder tree.

Drinks using elderflowers date back to the Romans and are found throughout Europe.

Fun Fact: Elderflower juice is known to have healing properties and helps with upper respiratory illnesses like the flu or a common cold!

8. Edamame

foods that start with e Edamame

Common in East Asian cuisine, edamame is not a type of bean but the name of a dish involving boiling young soybeans in water.

The USA is currently the second largest producer of soy in the world, greatly outpacing China, which started cultivating it centuries before Americans knew what it was. 

Fun Fact: Edamame has a lot of benefits such as being a high source of protein and promoting low blood sugar and cholesterol!

9. Escargot

foods that start with e Escargot

No one really thinks of snails as food, but in France, Escargot is considered a delicacy worthy of the rich and famous. It’s renowned for its clam-like texture but mushroom-like taste and is usually served with butter, garlic, and herbs.

Fun Fact: For a time, the Catholic Church considered snails as fish as the pope at the time, Pope Pius V, wanted to have them during lent, a time when abstinence from meat is usually observed!

10. Empanadas

foods that start with e Empanadas

From the streets of Bogota to food trucks in Miami, Empanadas are a Calzone-like Spanish delicacy beloved around the world. Each country has its own version, with Mexicans filling theirs with pumpkin, Venezuelans with cheese, and Filipinos with ground beef and egg.

Fun Fact: Despite having no Spanish influence, Indonesia has its own version known as Panada which is derived from Portuguese cuisine!

11. Enchilada

foods that start with e enchilaadas

In Mexico, if you get a corn tortilla and stuff it with meat, tomatoes, and chili sauce, then you get the whole enchilada.

Finding their origins in Aztec cuisine, enchiladas have found their way across Latin America with each country putting its own spin on it.

Fun Fact: The American term “the whole enchilada” is derived from the Watergate Tapes where the term “The Big Enchilada” was used to refer to Nixon himself.

12. Endive

foods that start with e Endive

Endives are small leafy plants used in salads or served on their own. Referring to the plants of the genus Cichorium, some species have larger leaves and are referred to as chicory.

Fun Fact: Endives contain a flavonoid compound called kaempferol which is believed to have anti-cancer properties!

13. Emmental

foods that start with e Emmental

Emmental, or Emmenthaler, is a type of medium-hard cheese produced in Switzerland. Nutty with some slight acidity, the cheese is known for its large holes, causing its name to sometimes be used interchangeably with Swiss Cheese.

Fun Fact: The holes in Swiss cheese are due to hay particles being present in the milk, causing small holes that eventually grow as the cheese matures!

14. Espresso

foods that start with e espresso

Espresso, meaning pressed out in Italian, is a type of brewing method where near-boiling water is forced through fine coffee grounds at high pressure.

Because of the pressure, espresso ends up more concentrated than other brewing types and creates a slightly viscous drink.

Fun Fact: During World War II, American soldiers could not handle the strength of espresso and added excess water, creating a drink now known as Americano!

15. English Muffin

foods that start with e english muffin

Perfect under some poached eggs and ham, English muffins are a type of bread commonly used in Eggs Benedict. Though nowhere close to actual muffins, the word muffin itself used to mean “any type of small cake or bread,” thus the name.

Fun Fact: In England, English Muffins are called American Muffins, or sometimes just muffins.

Of course, there are a lot more foods that start with the letter E, but these are just a few that might be at the top of your mind.

If you want to continue down the alphabet, we have a list of 15 foods that start with the letter F

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