Photo credits: Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Burnaby Chinese Restaurant ‘Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant’ Ousted From Space After 13 Years

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The closure of any establishment is never a pleasant piece of news, particularly when it involves one side of a partnership falling out.

Recently, we received news from a Noms Magazine community about the impending closure of Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, a well-known and longstanding dining spot nestled within Burnaby’s Grand Villa Casino.

Who is Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant?

Photo credits: Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant was best known for serving fresh seafood and traditional Dim Sum, that was made-to-order daily.

Because of its upscale ambiance and large space, it was an ideal spot for group gatherings of all kinds, from birthdays to business meetings to wedding banquets.

A goodbye memo

Photo credits: Grand Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

In a memo by Grand Dynasty, it was revealed that Grand Villa Casino had decided not to renew their contract, effectively ending their partnership.

The memo highlighted the fact that Grand Dynasty had always fulfilled their rent obligations during their 13-year operation. Despite facing significant challenges brought about by the global pandemic, including supply chain disruptions and inflation, the restaurant and its staff had shown unwavering commitment to overcoming the difficulties.

The memo ended with an apology to patrons who had reservations for banquets after May 30th, the official closing date of the restaurant.

It also included a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their loyalty and support throughout the years.

According to our source, a regular customer at Grand Dynasty, Neptune Restaurant Group will be taking over the space that Grand Dynasty is vacating.

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