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North Vancouver Family Owned El Dorado Pie and Treats Offers 7 Delicious Varieties of Empanadas

North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay is an area with stunning waterfront views, an abundant amount of great local businesses, and activities to enjoy. One of the food vendors in the area, El Dorado Pie and Treats, has been serving a variety of baked goods for over 22 years.

This family-owned and operated shop, a part of the diverse choice of food vendors at the Lonsdale Quay Market, offers seven different kinds of empanadas.

We sat down with owner and operator, Emma Carnero, to chat about how she started at the market and their popular sweet and savory empanadas.

How did El Dorado Pies and Treats get started?

[Emma]: Well, I had this opportunity to buy this business, so I decided to take over because when I was in Peru, I went to school to learn how to cook for my kids so that’s why I took the business.

How has the pandemic affected business?

[Emma]: Well it was so scary. We didn’t know how to confirm what was going to happen. But the government supported us a lot.

When we re-opened the business, we started surviving and the best thing was our customers, they support us a lot.

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Why did you make empanadas your focus dish?

[Emma]: In Peru we used to make a lot of empanadas, usually for when we have parties.

 I think it was one of my kids, he suggested “mom why don’t you start making your empanadas?” I said, well do you think they will like the empanadas here?

And I realized yeah, why not? So, I started to do it and people loved it.

So, I’m adding more and more and more because I love to cook. The dishes I used to make for my kids I started doing, for my empanadas.

Where do you find ingredients?

[Emma]: Before I started, I used whatever I had. 

But now we have a company that distributes Peruvian ingredients.

How are the empanadas made?

 [Emma]: First, we have to make the dough, the pastry dough for empanadas. And after that I make my filling.

The filling I make has to be done one day before and it has to be cold.

You can never use hot filling in your empanadas because the flour, the pastry, gets soggy.

We have so many kinds, so we have to make the filling one day ahead to do it.

We have the original, the inca, we have the chicken ones, but the inca right now is the most popular because it’s my signature, it’s a special dish just from Peru.

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The original, so many countries have the original even though they make it a little different, the pastry, the filling is a little bit different.

The only thing I can say is if people try empanadas, they will find out how delicious they are because I made them with love.

I made those empanadas the way I was doing for my kids,I want the same thing for my customers too, to give them good quality empanadas.


This was a short chat with El Dorado Pie and Treats owner Emma Carnero, about their start at the market and the various empanadas they make.

Next time you’re craving flavourful, perfectly baked empanadas, head over to El Dorado Pie and Treats.

Address: 130- 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 3L4, Canada

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*This interview was made possible by Emma Albert