Photo credits: Ovaltine Cafe

Vancouver’s 80-Year-Old Vintage Diner ‘Ovaltine Cafe’ Closes Temporarily Due To Suspected Arson

In an unfortunate turn of events, Ovaltine Cafe, an iconic fixture in the Downtown Vancouver East Side known for its all-day breakfast, has temporarily closed its doors due to smoke damage from a suspected arson fire on May 28, 2023.

An Icon In Vancouver’s Food Scene

Photo credits: Ovaltine Cafe

Since 1942, the Ovaltine Cafe, fondly named after a popular breakfast drink, has been the heart and soul of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

For over eight decades, Ovaltine has remained a beacon of comfort and familiarity amidst the constant evolution of its neighborhood. This greasy spoon is best recognized by its eye-catching neon signage, and more so, by its delicious all-day breakfast and burgers.

This vintage diner transports you back to simpler times, with its classic breakfast offerings, pots of hot coffee on the burners, and a warm nostalgia filling the room.

The diner has also been featured in a variety of film and TV productions, like the X-Files, Supernatural and I, Robot.

Rescued from a near shutdown in 2014, the Ovaltine Cafe got new life when the mother-daughter duo Grace and Rachel Chen took over.

The Road Ahead

On May 28, 2023, a suspected arson fire temporarily disrupted the daily operations of this city’s culinary icon.

The owners are committed to returning stronger, focusing on repairing the damage and ensuring a safe environment for their team and diners.

Just last week, longtime Main Street Chinese restaurant, Long’s Noodle House, was also damaged to a fire that broke out next door.

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