People Are Asking AI To Help Them Pick The Juiciest Watermelon At The Grocery Store And It Actually Works?

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AI is a bit of a hit or miss: some people love it, and some people are afraid of it.

Most of us know ChatGPT for its help with writing, research, and creating images.

But now, there’s a fun new use case making waves on Chinese social media ‘Xiaohongshou’—picking the juiciest watermelon.

Yes, you read that right.

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The latest version of ChatGPT is being used to select the best watermelons from a large bin at grocery stores.

The process is simple: take a photo of a pile of watermelons, number each visible one, and then ask ChatGPT to help you pick the juiciest one.

ChatGPT responds with real-life criteria used to choose a good watermelon, like the sun spot, stripe patterns, and more.

Then it picks the numbered watermelon from the photo that best fits the criteria.

Who would have thought AI could help with picking fruit? Now you can impress your family!

Since it’s watermelon season, we decided to test this ourselves.

The watermelon ChatGPT suggested was definitely juicy, though not the sweetest we’ve had.

People on Chinese social media have shared their mixed results, with some finding success and others not as much.

Interestingly, the same method is being used to pick other fruits, like durian.

So the next time you’re fruit shopping, give this a try and see how it goes.

Share your experience with friends—it’s a fun way to see just how helpful AI can be!