30+ Cool and Unique Things to Do in Vancouver You May Not Know

Vancouver is the world’s most livable city, and this title goes far beyond the stunning landscape and delectable food scene.

The best thing about visiting Vancouver is that you never run out of things to do, even if you stay here for weeks.

These 30+ most unique things to do in Vancouver will prove why this city is a source of inspiration!

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1. Check out the World’s Skinniest Building

Photo Credits: ccheng666

Expect the unexpected! The most jaw-dropping things may lie in the core of a busy metropolis or are tucked away behind the woods on an island. Heritages share a big slice in a city’s history. It goes the same way for Vancouver, with the image of the Sam Kee building.

Located at 8th West Pender Street, Sam Kee is known as the skinniest commercial building in the world. Reaching only six feet two inches deep, Sam Kee keeps making global headlines as a well-maintained century-old building that was once a very successful import and export business. 

Don’t take it by the title or simply a place for photographs! Sam Kee has so many stories to tell. And by fully immersing in it, you will bring home a slice of Vancouver’s history.

Address: 8 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3.

2. Reminisce the Unsolved Myths of Gastown

Photo Credits: Forbidden Tours

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to live up to the spooky vibe. Follow the lamplight of a posh-looking Vancouverite on a haunted walking tour to unveil the spine-tingling, unsolved murders and events. 

Lost Souls of Gastown is a unique experience in Vancouver. It’s a mash-up of history and sightseeing with a gruesome touch. Enjoy a one-hour experience that takes place in Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood.

Claim a ticket to be transported back to the 19th century when Gastown was nothing more than a few homes and sawmills.

The spooky stories and jaw-dropping history are the bloodlines of the tour, opening a new door to the old Vancouver with a big contrast to what you see today.

Buy Tickets here.

👻 Join one of Vancouver’s best ghost tours for a spooky time!

3. Eat Chocolates, Enjoy Art, and Hear Spooky Stories

Photo Credits Forbidden Tours

So often, food is the best reflection of culture and of the people living in it. Vancouver has a proud sushi scene – we all know that – but our chocolate is another remarkable food group that you shouldn’t miss out on! 

There are so many cafes and chocolatiers lining up the boulevards, but we want you to game up your palate with a three-hour tasting tour around the city. You’re gonna meet a local guide who knows so much about the lesser-known heritage as well as the top chocolatiers in town. 

The best thing we love about this tour is the zest of adventurism in it. The mind-blowing history and soul-stirring stories about Vancouver’s Art Deco buildings are peeled off while you’re sampling the silky, sweet, and bitter niceness of Vancouver’s best chocolates.

Immerse in the untold murders and scandals that once happened behind this streamlined sophistication, minarets, and mosaics. Unlock the sensational revolution of Art Décor that kicked start in France and swept through North America. You’ll love it as much as we do!

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4. Soar above Vancouver with SKY Helicopter

Photo credits: SKY Helicopters

Footsteps cannot cover the entire Vancouver in an hour or half, but flying with a helicopter can. SKY Helicopter is no stranger to the sky of Vancouver. More than just a simple flight, your dream of soaring in the air is not just worth an imagination.

Everything you can do on land can happen in the air, as long as you request for it. Call it a sightseeing backcountry flight, a champagne flight over Vancouver, a West Coast Craft Beer flight, or even an exclusive proposal!

No matter what you have in mind, as long as it has to do with a helicopter, they will make it happen!

Address: 455 W Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC V6B 5E8.

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5. Chill Your Own Blood at Vancouver Police Museum

Photo credits: moodlifesss

Vancouver Police Museum is on the lesser-known side. But as Leon Trotsky once said: “Old age is the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man”. A few hours at Vancouver Police Museum discloses a great deal of the city’s history that no one told you before. 

This place is particularly famous amongst the fans of mystery novels and forensic science dramas. It’s not overplayed to claim that these are the most unique museums in Vancouver.

The Forensic Identification Exhibit at Vancouver’s former morgue and autopsy room is the most incredible experience as you take a sneak peek of a true morgue environment. 

Lion-hearted visitors will find this place an eye-opener, especially if you stroll through four of its galleries and uncover thousands of rare artifacts, confiscated firearms, newspaper clippings, and even preserved human organs.

Address: 240 E Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1L3.

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6. Authentic Asian Eats Walking Tour

Photo credits: Vancouver Foodie Tours

If you’re a big fan of Asian cuisine, especially Chinese food, this tour is made just for you! Seems like all the best dishes in all of North America just gathered here!

This tour is going to take you through the bustling streets of Vancouver, where you’ll get to taste a variety of Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino dishes.

Feast on traditional and innovative fare like dim sum, pastries, wontons, sushi, and bubble tea all along the way!

Plus, you’ll get to explore some of the oldest restaurants, local markets, and bakeries, and learn about their interesting facts. Trust us, you’ll quickly be immersed in this rich culture and find out dishes you may have never tasted before!

7. Throw a Floating BBQ Party

We all agree that Vancouverites love their food a lot, so much so that they always think of a new adventure that takes their food to a new level. And when it comes to Vancouver’s waterfront, most of us relate it to seafood or ice cream on the beaches. But we’re here to recommend something even more exciting – a floating BBQ party!

Joe’s BBQ Boat experience came into sight as a unique sightseeing experience in Vancouver.

Call it anything you want – an outdoor BBQ party, a voyage, a sightseeing cruise. No matter what it is, all that’s boiled down at the end of the day is a lifetime. 

Joe’s BBQ Boat sails you across Granville Island and linger around False Creek. All you need to bring is your favorite ingredients – no fuel costs, no boating license, and no BBQ propane needed!

Address: 1820 Mast Tower Ln, Vancouver, BC V6H 4B6.

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8. Go Canoeing with the First Nations Descendants

Photo credits: Takaya Tours

Imagine listening to centuries-old myths and legends while shoving off in the heart of a lush rainforest fjord! History-buffs and travel gurus don’t want to ignore a chance to paddle back in time! 

A few hours with First Nation Kayak Tours open a door to a hidden treasure, where books of untold stories and tradition are beheld by the proud First Nations descendants. 

This canoe tour takes place in an ocean-going canoe once used by the First Nations aboriginals. History combines with water sports, sightseeing combines with a traditional picnic – this is the most meaningful two hours you can spend in Vancouver.

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9. Watch Exotic Birds at Bloedel Conservatory

Places to visit around vancouver during spring - bloedel
Photo Credits: dannnyellow

There’s no wonder why Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world. Even the bustling, hectic downtown core is filled with relaxing, natural, and awe-inspiring rejoice. 

A walk in the park can be such an inspiration, especially to bird nerds. Bird watching at Bloedel Conservatory is a unique thing to do in Vancouver that helps you engage with the lively nature as much as possible. 

Over 200 exotic birds are nesting behind the mundane tropical trees. Cuban finch, Chinese pheasant, Lavender waxbill, and pin-tailed whydah are a few to be named. 

All those chirping, twittering, and even talking are a mashup of a tropical song. Watching exotic birds under the glass-domed aviary of Bloedel Conservatory is also a great outdoor activity for families with kids.

Address: Queen Elizabeth Park, 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M4

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10. Dine in the Dark

noms mag best date spots in vancouver - dark table
Photo Credits: greenwood.bryce

Dining is a classic way to celebrate our time outdoors. The eclectic food scene in Vancouver surely has space for a unique experience that gives your palate a zest of adventurism. 

Blind Dinin’ at Dark Table made its way to Vancouver and was soon favored by both locals and visitors. The whole experience is filled with excitement and adventurism from the first steps into the restaurant until you leave. 

You’ll have a chance to sample on first-class cuisines completely in pitch dark and get assisted by blind or visually-impaired servers. There’s nothing to do with the lights. You will hold onto their shoulders to walk in and out of the restaurant. 

This touching experience at Dark Table enhances your haptic communication. Are you ready to dull your sight and distill your gustatory cell? Make a reservation now!

Address: 2611 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P8.

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11. Vancouver Downtown & Gastown Donut Tour

Photo credits: Underground Donut Tour

If sweet treats are what you’re craving, this Artisan Donut Food Tour is perfect for you! This tour takes you for a leisurely walk through some of Vancouver’s cutest neighbourhoods and get to taste a variety of delicious donuts.

From classic glazed to unique flavors like matcha green tea, there’s a donut for every taste. Most of the donuts are hand-crafted and made fresh daily. If you’re lucky enough, you might see them being made during your visit!

Before ending the tour, you’ll walk through the historic Gastown district, which adds a touch of culture to your culinary adventure, and visit Cartems – one of the best donut shops in Vancouver.

We can’t wait to show you the sites, sounds, and tastes of Vancouver. Don’t miss out on this sweet experience!

12. Loosen up at a Comedy Show

Vancouver night time activities - yuk yuk
Photo Credits: scoutpat

Think about it – the moment we genuinely crack up over a good joke is when we put our guards down and our souls unite. 

Finding something in common is the best way to make a connection, even with complete strangers. So give yourself some good time after a long day at work by attending a comedy show! 

Vancouver’s thriving comedy scene is another unique thing to do in Vancouver we want to recommend. The good news is that it’s still on the lesser-known side and most of the audience are local Vancouverites. 

Watching a stand-up comedy is more than just getting roasted in a dingy room. It’s a chance to dig into the cultural discrepancy, be honest with ourselves, and just loosen up. 

So if you want to take it easy and inject a dose of positivity into your mind after a long day, attend a stand-up comedy show now!

Places to watch comedy shows:

13. Tour around Stanley Park on Horses

Photo credits: Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the most famous attraction in Vancouver, and that’s why many visitors barely prepare themselves for something unique when hitting the park. But if you enter Stanley Park from Georgia street from the Coal Harbor side, you’ll be hooked by a horse-drawn tour kiosk that gives you an old-fashioned park ride!

More than just a sightseeing trip, this horse ride revokes the best quintessence of Stanley Park and its surrounding sphere with an insightful storytelling adventure. 

As you meander through the forested paths, the driver draws your attention to the Indigenous culture, naval, industrial, and cultural landmarks. This horse-drawn carriage tour lasts for an hour, driving you through Lions Gate Bridge, Totem Poles, Rose Garden, red cedar forest, and Deadman’s Island.

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14. Go On a Self-Guided Dumpling Tour in Richmond

Photo credits: Richmond Tourism

Richmond is home to some of the best Asian cuisines in North America, of which more than half of the food portfolio is Chinese. And when it comes to Chinese food in Richmond, there’s no way you can overlook the famous dumpling trail!

Get on a short 25-minute drive from downtown Vancouver and you’ll find yourself consumed by over 20 restaurants serving up a variety of dumplings. From deep-fried wontons, duck-stuffed wu gok to famous household names such as xiao long bao and shumai, this trail helps you get straight to the good stuff of regional offerings.

Make sure to come with an empty stomach before indulging in this self-guided food tour and moseying from one store to another!


🍩 Are you a foodie? Check out these Vancouver food tours!

15. Take Nature’s Stairmaster: Grouse Grind

Photo Credit: tudoviraviagem

Vancouver is no short of scenic hikes, but to take on the Stairmaster of Grouse Grind, it has to do with serious fitness level and forethought. 

To conquer Vancouver’s gnarliest hike, you need to get over 2830 stairs over the elevation gain of 2800 feet (~853 meters) up the forested alpine of Grouse Mountain. The trail is under three kilometers in length. However, you’ve gotta use your entire body to finish this grueling Stairmaster through four separate quarters rising in difficulty. 

The intensity of the hike expects an adrenaline-pumping outing day, but the view at the top is a beautiful pay-off! Utterly incredible view over Metro Vancouver, the bays, and the striking Pacific Ocean is peeled off on a clear day. 

The best time to hit the Grouse Grind is somewhere between spring and fall. But don’t forget to double-check on the mountain’s official website before you put on your shoes!

16. Walk Down Your Neighbourhood to Enjoy Colourful Murals

Photo credits: yvrstreetart

The public art scene in Vancouver is always the pride of the city. But we won’t forget to mention the eclectic murals that turn eerily depressing sights into canvases, exemplifying hope and gratitude. 

The best-designed murals pop up all over Vancouver, breathing life into different neighborhoods.

These incredible murals have strongly emerged after the pandemic when non-essential businesses have been boarded up for months. Ever since, whenever you walk down the streets, in the back alleys, or watching out from your favorite patio, these striking artworks color your lives and tell you stories. 

The locals love their murals so much that they even hold a mural festival that celebrates a fresh crop of talented artists, hosts mural tours and online public talks.

If you love art or simply looking for something unique to do in Vancouver, it’s time to hunt down the city’s best neighborhood murals and freshen up your Insta feed!


17. Listen to the Big Bang from the 9 O’clock Cannon

Photo credits: vanekjar

It’s been 200 years and the 9 O’Clock Cannon has boomed the time of day every night at Stanley Park. Two centuries went by, the 9 O’Clock Cannon has seen quite a few travels from Nanaimo to Esquimalt, before nailing down at this part of the West Coast. 

Even though the gun has become a household name, it still remains one of the most unique things to experience in Vancouver for out of towners.

Unwinding on the meadow behind the gun while waiting for it to go off with a loud boom always keeps us on the edge of our seats. While the purpose of its initial installment remains uncertain, listening to the big bang piercing through the sky from this 12-pound muzzleloader is totally worth it!

Address: Stanley Park Dr, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2.

18. Soar above the Sky in a Sea to Sky Gondola

Photo credits: josepha.williams

Riding the Sea to Sky Gondola is an effortlessly unique way to soak in the dramatic view of Howe Sound, making it one of the most popular day trips from Vancouver.

A scenic 45-minute drive from Vancouver opens a door to a mecca of outdoor adventures. As you soar above the sky in a floor-to-ceiling glass cable car, the breathtaking view over the mountain town of Squamish and sweeping alpine scenery are gradually uncovered in front of your eyes. 

There are plenty of activities waiting at the summit once this ten-minute ride is over. You can choose to walk the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge or benefit from the lookout to soak in the views of the extensive coastal fjords. There is also a network of forested trails looping around Summit Lodge where you can unwind for a night before heading back home.

Address: 36800 BC-99, Squamish, BC V8B 0B6.

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19. Indulge in Your Favorite Comfort Food at Richmond’s Aberdeen Food Court

Wu Fung Chicken Wings | Photo Credits: ali.eatss

If you’re looking for Asian cuisine, Richmond will be the best place to make your taste buds go crazy. While cool new dining spots keep popping up in the city, don’t forget that you still have dozens of budget-friendly stands calling your name at the popular food court of Aberdeen Center! 

The mall is steps away from Canada Line’s Aberdeen Station. No matter what you’re having in mind, from dim at Shanghai Morning to some of the best fried chicken in the city at Wu Fung Dessert to the staple Hainanese Chicken and Rice at John 3:16 Express you need an empty stomach to circle this sensational food paradise! 

Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4J7.

20. Ride a Water Taxi to Granville Island 

Granville Island neighbourhood guidebook - bridge view art

Granville Island needs no further introduction. The island is one of the most visited attractions in Vancouver but it doesn’t mean you cannot find anything unique to do around this area! 

Instead of hopping on a car ride like we always do, sometimes we decide to go off shore by riding a water taxi from downtown to Granville. It allows you to embrace the best view of Vancouver and False Creek on the water. You get to travel under the bridges and amaze at BC Place before dropping back to the island. Don’t forget to claim a seat right at the bow to stare out at the best view!

🥦 Get a VIP tour and access to the Granville Island Market!

21. Watch Salmons Hatch

Things to Do in Vancouver When You’re Low on Budget - salmon hatchery capilano river hatchery view
Photo Credits: mellionyohana

Looking for a unique way to spend your day with family? Don’t let Capilano Salmon Hatchery go to waste! Not only is it free to enter, but the whole experience is totally insightful! 

The hatchery is connected with the forested Capilano river, where you can take a stroll or hike along the old-growth forest to the base of the dam. Test your luck to see if you can spot any salmon in the river! But even if you fail, you still see plenty of them in the hatchery. 

Capilano Salmon Hatchery allows you to watch the spawning salmon jumping up the ladder before reaching the mating and hatching ponds at the top. 

It’s only 15 minutes’ driving away from downtown Vancouver, where you can also combine with a family-friendly hike under the towering, evergreen trees to clean out your lungs.

Address: 4500 Capilano Park Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4L3.

22. Go Au Naturel at Vancouver’s Wreck Beach

best beaches in vancouver - wreck beach
Photo Credits: alisgilland

Do you dare to bare? Well if not, you don’t have to strip down to enjoy Wreck Beach!

Wreck Beach is hands down the most unique beach in Vancouver where clothing is optional.

Nudity may not be mainstream, but you can expect to find doses of déshabillé to keep your free spirit afloat with like-minded wreck beachers in this secluded paradise. 

Wreck Beach stretches from the western cliffside of UBC endowment lands, runs along an eight-kilometer strip of the waterfront before ending at Booming Ground Creek. The beach is 500 stairs away from the road, crossing over log-strewn sands and wooded headland before opening out to the north shore mountain and local wildlife behind.

23. Have A Picnic at The Secret Outpost on the Top of Horseshoe Bay

Photo credits: ejhpeart

If you’re a repeat visitor to Vancouver, perhaps it’s time to go off the radar to somewhere further afield to unveil a new view and enjoy fresh air.

How to get to the secret spot:

If this is what you’re looking for, follow us to West Vancouver! By car you’ll want to cross the Lions Gate Bridge and down Marine Drive. From there take Exit 2 to Horseshoe Bay Drive. Keep going for about 1 km and park your car at the parking lot along the old highway.

From there you’ll go by foot down the road until you reach a sign on a large pole saying “Residential Area. Avoid Using Engine Brakes”. Beside the sign you’ll see a small rocky opening to walk up. After a couple minutes you’ll find the wooden platform and gorgeous view.

This secret lookout promises an unrivaled waterfront view and exposes its best beauty during sunset. Don’t forget to grab your besties and pack some food along to throw an outdoor BBQ feast!

24. View the Mountains from a Secret Climbing Tree

Vancouver hidden gems - cambie climbing tree
Photo Credits: branikenskywalker

Amongst Vancouver’s most scenic viewpoints, Cambie climbing tree is more on the lesser-known side that many locals want to keep for themselves instead of exposing it on tourists’ radar.

But as you’re already here, we can’t help but reveal this unique viewpoint! The tree is nestled amongst hundreds of other old-century trees near the convergence of Cambie and King Edward streets.

Cambie is a deciduous evergreen tree, with branches radiating around the massive body as a spiral staircase. Climbing this tree requires a certain extent of fitness level and good shape. Huge and sturdy trunks make a solid base for a perfect skyward joint. 

While you can climb it at any time in the day, the locals reveal that sunset is the best time when you will catch a vibrant canvas of pink dusk stretching behind the white-capped mountain.

25. Come Aboard to Go Whale Watching

Places to visit around vancouver during spring - whale watching
Photo Credits: wildwhalesvan

Every year from April to October, cetaceans sail the mighty waves across the Pacific Ocean during their seasonal migration. This sprawling scene of these gigantic marine mammals becomes a unique experience that you can enjoy off the shore of Vancouver.

To increase your sighting success rate, sign up with a whale watching voyage to get closer to the seasoned pods! The tour lasts from three to five hours. Meanwhile, the captain and his passionate team sail you around the island and reveal mind-blowing insights into British Columbia marine and wildlife.

We love adventures as much as you do! And Vancouver has a ton more to offer.

Go Whale Watching In Vancouver!

See and admire whales on the Pacific coast on this tour

26. Ride the Miniature Train at Stanley Park with Kids

Photo credits: Pearl Tree Photography

Next time when you return to Stanley Park with your kids, instead of seeking the views or biking the seawall, let’s opt for something unique that unleashes your free (and perhaps spooky) spirits! 

Head straight to 690 Pipeline Road and you will find a sign directing you to Stanley Park miniature train, exemplifying the Canadian Pacific Railway Engine. Today, the miniature train brings back history by offering you a leisure ride over the trestles and crossing the tunnels through the thriving trees. 

Riding this train is not a year-round thing to do in Vancouver. But whenever it’s open to the public from April to September, you will see hordes of visitors of all ages flocking here to celebrate Easter, Christmas, and especially – Halloween. 

The eerie ghost train ride on Halloween is the biggest hook for children and even adults. With new themes and layout changing every year, you will never get bored with live performers and spooky lightning always keeping you on the edge of your seats!

Address: 690 Pipeline Rd, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2.

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27. Sail offshore around Granville Island on a Pirate Ship

Photo credits: vanofjelly

Wanna live up to Jack Sparrow’s spirit and have some fun? If you’re really down for something completely unique to engage in Vancouver, let’s come aboard The Black Spirit and embark on a voyage like no other to Granville Island and False Creek waterway!

Before you hop aboard, you will get to pick your pirate name, put on costumes and face paint before setting sail to search for sunken treasure. 

To fully live up to the pirate flare, you will be trained for an epic cannon battle and sword fights to keep your ship intact.

This well-written, fully-interactive pirate play is here to beat boredom if you’re looking for a cool new way to spend the weekend with kids or throw a corporate party!

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28. Catch a Canucks Hockey Game

Photo credits: budchiefhockeyofficer

While there are many sporty things to do in Vancouver, both on land and offshore, nothing heats up the environment better than a hockey game!  As you’re already here in Vancouver, it’s time to join the crowd at Rogers Arena and cheer up your Canucks home team!

The best thing we like about attending a game is that you don’t need to be an expert or diehard fan to have fun. Think about the joy and the assortment of smells and cheerful chants! These are the key factors that play into the ambiance. And it goes the same way for hockey! 

Every year from October to April, the regular season begins and Vancouver Canucks once again hit the road trying to make the playoffs. To get a thrill out of the action, claim a ticket to Rogers Arena as soon as the schedule is released and your plan is locked down! Otherwise, at least make a reservation with your favorite sports bar and live it up to the fullest!

29. Escape from a Hedge Maze at VanDusen Garden

Photo credits: Rose Wood hotel

Ever dreamed of being your own Thomas in The Maze Runner? Well if you’re a fan of this epic dystopian sci-fi film, hang out with your fellas or kids at VanDusen Garden’s Elizabethan Hedge Maze and try to beat the twisting labyrinth trap! 

The maze at VanDusen is one of the only six hedge mazes in North America, making it a one-of-a-kind amusement to plan a playful, entertaining action scene. The maze made of 3000 pyramidal cedars is not too hard to beat. But you can give it a theme as a fence to confuse evil spirits to keep your kids bouncing off the walls.

Address: 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1.

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30. Visit Famous Film Locations

oldest vancouver buidlings - Marine building exterior
Photo Credit: thomasevalentine

It would be a waste if you forget that you’re staying in Hollywood North! Vancouver inherits its sensational moniker after plenty of Hollywood producers flocked here to benefit from the city’s famous attractions and popular street scenes.

We’re talking about Deadpool 2, 50 Shades of Grey, and famous series such as Prison Break and Riverdale! The list goes on but our business here is not to round it up, but instead recommend the best movie locations so you can live up to those famous Hollywood blockbusters!

These film sets are sufficient to help you design a Hollywood-theme day tour of your own. Start with somewhere close to downtown such as Marine Building where Blade: Trinity and Fantastic Four were shot. Linger to Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, Gastown if you’re a fan of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Big Eyes, and of course, 50 Shades of Grey. The striking colosseum-influenced building of Vancouver Public Library also welcomed the cast of 2012’s This Means War.

It’s time to bring out the cinephile inside of you!

31. Hit up the Best Seafood and Sushi Spots in Vancouver

aburi sushi oshi
Photo Credit: Miku

As living in the melting pot of cultures in the oceanside city of Vancouver, choosing what to eat is a daunting task every time we dine out. But whenever a friend visits from out of town, we always know for sure the best places to go.

And the answer boils down to Vancouver’s best coastal offers – seafood and sushi! 

When looking for the best sushi and seafood spots in Vancouver, we want something that truly compliments the fresh and scrumptious tasting portfolio of the ingredients. 

You will find a wide range of fine-dining experiences to some casual, off-the-radar spots to get a crispy or succulent bite down the street to warm up on a rainy day. 

There is so much to offer in this seaside city depending on which neighborhood you’re in. So instead of reading endless reviews online one by one, check out our favourite sushi spots and seafood restaurants to make your taste buds go crazy!

32. Knock a Wedge at a Glow in the Dark Mini Putt

Photo credits: travelpiggy

Ever wondered how a golfer feels when they crushes a perfect drive into the fairway and hits the ball into a hole? 

To receive the same level of joy, you don’t need great skills nor any commitment to an 18-hole full course! West Coast Mini Putt will elevate your golfing experience, help you take on a new hobby, and even better, spice up your day with a character. 

The 18-hole course is divided into different shades of light and supported by cutting-edge wall arts. Just like the name suggests, the fairway is lit up to glow in the dark, and most of the holes are par 3. 

You have two separate sections to complete. The first 9 holes are normal, then move on to the glow-in-the-dark room to finish holes 10 to 18. This also makes for the perfect activity for date night!

Address: 7391 Elmbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 1B8.

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33. Soak in the View from Iona Jetty

Photo Credits: madamsashique

Scenic views from an elevated vantage point always have a magical puissant to lift daily stress off our mind. If you need something fresh other than these best viewpoints in Vancouver, follow us to somewhere further afield for an unobstructed sea view!

The jetty lookout at Richmond’s Iona Beach Regional Park promises a sweeping view of life on the water, especially local birds nestled at Vancouver Airport where you can watch planes landing from the south side. 

This breezy lookout is a straight jetty walk jutting out from the headland of Fraser River. You can even walk up to Iona Terminus, the furthest point of the park where an impeccable sunset scene becomes a hook for nature photographers.

Address: Ferguson Rd, Richmond, BC V7B 0A8.

If you need more ideas to prolong your bucket list, here are the best ways to enjoy Vancouver without hurting your budget or consider exploring a specific neighbourhood fully.

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