Photo credits: Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

10 Best Hot Springs in British Columbia To Detox Your Body With A Stunning View In 2024

If you love hot springs, then you’re in for a treat. Hot springs in British Columbia come in a roll call, with dozens of them snuggling behind the rocky mountain of Kootenay down to lazy rivers and stellar resorts.

For the natural hot springs, not all of them are easy to get to. Some are visible on the maps, but some require an SUV or even a helicopter to arrive. Sounds fascinating?

Read on to explore the 10 best hot springs in British Columbia and get your detox on!

1. Harrison Hot Springs Resorts, Chilliwack

Photo credits: Harrison Hot Springs Resorts

The province-famous resort is home to one of the highest concentrations of any mineral spring, leaning against the dramatic backdrops of snow-capped mountains in Southwestern British Columbia. Given such an irresistible natural essence, the Coast Salish have been flocking here for ages to enjoy its medicinal properties and rejuvenating effects.

Until today, Harrison is still ringing true to its reputation, with famous Hollywood figures such as John Wayne, Michael Bublé, and Robin Williams stopping by.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort sets foot on the shoreline of Harrison Lake, 90 miles east of Vancouver, making it one of the best hot springs in British Columbia with easy access. You can sign up for one of the two indoor pools and plunge into the temperature of 38-40 ºC (100-103 ºF) to soothe aches and stress.

Once you’re done, step outside and be amazed at a completely awe-inspiring outdoor concept. Kids love the family pool as they can walk on the gently sloping ramp and the non-slip deck made of frost-proof clay tile.

The two outdoor pools are swathed by 45 miles of glacial waters and 700 acres of woodlands, wildlife, and waterways. Even better, you can hang around by a cascading waterfall, rock formations, and plants to celebrate the typical West Coast setting.


3-4 Guests / 30 Minute Treatment $75
2 Guests / 30 Minute Treatment$65
Individual / 30 Minute Treatment $55
Prices may change without notice

Address: 100 Esplanade, V0M 1K0 Harrison Hot Springs.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Hot Springs Cove, Tofino

Photo credits: airnootka

The rugged west coast of Vancouver Island smiles upon nature enthusiasts. Unleash your inner adventurer and treat yourself to a crazy fun day at Hot Springs Cove.

Let us walk you in on a little secret: Hot Springs Cove is no joke. You can only get there by air and sea. But rest your worries, sign up for a tour and let them take care of the rest. Combine a wildlife-watching trip and a bit of a hike before you reach the hot springs at the end of a forested boardwalk.

This remote hidden gem is stunning. Naturally occurring hot springs and pools meet with a tidal flux, all compressed within a highly fragile ecosystem. Therefore, detergents or soaps are completely prohibited.

Hot Springs Cove is part of a gorgeous, eco-diverse Maquinna Marine Provincial Park which is 30 kilometers northwest of Tofino. Immersing in the soul-soothing spring water of 109ºC (228ºF) that bubbles up from deep in the earth is pure joy, especially after you complete a rough hike for at least 20 minutes.

It’s a boardwalk so don’t worry about mud and swamps. However, be mindful of the stairs and the sharp, slippery rocks.

Challenging as it seems, the hot spring with thermal water cascading down the cliff surely gives your eyes (and body) a feast. Remember to bring a sturdy pair of water shoes with you.


  • Outhouses
  • Change rooms
  • A covered seating area.

Address: Hot Springs Cove, Tofino, BC

3. Nakusp Hot Springs, Nakusp Village

Photo credits: Nakusp Hot Springs

Live it up to the typical nature’s splendor of Kuskanax Valley and get the feel of the old-growth cedars as you take a plunge in one of the three natural hot springs in Nakusp. Spare a whole day and get your big family or friends out for a hot springs hopping and get some soaks in the soothing, mineral-rich waters at the Selkirk Mountains foothills.

This is known as one of the best-kept secrets of British Columbia and offers two natural pools nestled in the forest. The hot pool hovers around 103°F (39.5°C) while the warm one keeps it at 97°F (36°C).

Nakusp Hot Springs is community-owned and treated with filtration to ensure there is no risk to visitors’ health. It has some of the highest flow rates in North America and the water is constantly recycled every 30 minutes. Nakusp Hot Springs is open year-round and you can access it via a series of trails.

Plus, you can also take your pet with you, and make sure to bring your swimsuit too as clothing is required.


  • Change rooms with heated floors, lockers and showers
  • Special Needs washroom and pool lift
  • Locally made soaps, massage bars and mineral bath salts, hot springs t-shirts
  • Bathing suits, books and more
  • Snacks, organic coffee, juices, ice-cream and other refreshments
  • Educational displays about the hot springs
  • iPad – make camping reservations, take a survey, weather forecasts, stunning photography!
  • Tourism information board


ADULT$11.00 per dip or $16.50 all day
SENIORS(60+)$10.00 per dip or $15.00 all day
STUDENT/DISABILITY$10.00 per dip or $15.00 all day
YOUTH(6-17)$10.00 per dip or $15.00 all day
CHILDREN (5 & under)Free all year – for every dip!
LATE SWIM (after 6pm)Adult $20.00 or Senior /Youth $18.00 – includes evening swim plus next day pass
WINTER WEDNESDAY$6.50 per swim (from Nov 1 to March 31).  Applies to locals only
FAMILY OF 4 (2 adults/2 youth)$35.75 per dip or $50.50 all day
FAMILY OF 5 (2 adults/3 youth)$44.25 per dip or $62.50 all day
FAMILY OF 6 (2 adults/4 youth)$52.75 per dip or $74.50 all day
Prices may change without notice

Address: Nakusp Hot Springs, Chalets, and Campground, Hot Springs Rd, Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Halcyon Hot Springs Resort, Nakusp Village

Photo credits: Halcyon Hot Springs Resort

The Lithia-rich waters should be shared with the world, and that’s how British Columbia has another hot spring to shout out to the world. The waterfront hot spring shares a beautiful slice of nature with Upper Arrow Lake while facing the well-defined Monashee Mountains.

Halcyon is a well-maintained hot springs resort with four pools that are handicap accessible. The temperature remains at 105ºF (42ºC) while the seasonal mineral swimming pool is 88ºF (32ºC) and the Cold Plunge offers 55ºF (12ºC).

You definitely want to plan a retreat here rather than a place to come and go. So we suggest saving the long weekend and booking ahead. This is to give you enough time to take one of their chalets, cottages, or cabins to have your skin detox at the pool all day long.

Even if you don’t want to stay overnight there, it does offer a day pass. Dogs are allowed in the resort area but not at the pool.


Adults (18+)$30
Seniors (55+) & Students (13-17)$27
Children (5-12)$20 (4 and under are free with a parent)
Family Pass for 4$70 (1 adult minimum, (over 4 ppl is $15/child)
Prices may change without notice

Address: 5655 BC-23, Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Liard River Hot Springs, Northern Rockies B, Fort Nelson

Photo credits: Omar Ordonez

Liard River is amusing. Even in winter when there is lots of snow, the thermal experience is beyond phenomenal. The hot springs are a hole in the wall, a gorgeous oasis for Alaska Highway travelers with a short drive from the scenic Muncho Lake.

Plan a hideout this weekend camping on-site and admiring the beautiful northern lights with the full moon in the heart of the forest. Or better yet, celebrate the late northern summer sunsets with the dramatic backdrop of nature.

Liard River Hot Springs is a muse on its own. Walk the well-maintained boardwalk to get to the water and befriend the moose along the way. That being said, summer and fall are the best times to visit Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park. You can get there in no time with an all-inclusive BC Safari or private flight if you don’t want to get there by yourself.

One thing to keep in mind though: steer clear from your silver jewelry as it can get blemished by sulfur.


  • A change room.
  • Outhouses.
  • A composting toilet.


  • From April 1 to October 31, there is a day-use fee of $5 for adults, $3 for children or $10 for families. Annual passes cost $10 for adults and $20 for families.
  • Free of charge for registered guests at Liard River Hot Springs Campground.

Address: Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park, 75100-81198 Alaska Hwy, Northern Rockies B, BC V0C 1Z0.


6. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Photo credits: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Do you know why people love the hot springs at Fairmont resort so much? Well, it’s not just the largest natural hot springs in all of Canada, but the jaw-dropping vista at the fiery sunset casting its beams behind the snow-capped mountain is to die for.

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is in the small namesake town (yes, it’s kinda confusing sometimes). Soaking in the mineral pool while gazing at the feast of mother nature at a distance is beyond imagination. The turquoise water is fed and nourished by 1.2 million gallons of fresh mineral water daily at three different pools means your day is about to be fully occupied.

You can get a day or night pass depending on how often you like to use the pool. Perhaps start the day plunging in the soothing warmth at the soaking pool at 39ºC (102ºF). Spend the afternoon at the dive pool of 30ºC (86ºF). Then call it a day at the swimming pool at 32ºC (89ºF) to ease your tired muscles before a beautiful sleep.


  • Free of charge for in-house guests.
  • Public Rates: $20+ tax per person or $60+tax for a family of 2 Adults and 2 Children. 
  • Special rates apply for RV Guests and Members.

Address: 5225 Fairmont Resort Road, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1

Website | Instagram

7. Pitt River Hot Springs, Alvin

Photo credits: Lz Dong

This is one of our favorite hot springs in all of British Columbia. Pitt River Hot Springs is located a little outside of Vancouver. The two small, mystic pools open up at the base of the rip-roaring falls, ready to scoff down the cascading current perched on the bottom of a cliff. If you plan to stay in the woods overnight, pitch your tent 100 meters from the springs. 

The remote and unpolished beauty makes it so worth exploring. Getting there is a daunting task, and that’s why the rugged beauty of the hidden pools is still under the radar of the mass. 

Pitt River Hot Springs demands proper preparation before you hit the hike. Cellphone service disappears once you’re in the woods. Plus, there won’t be any facilities at the springs either. So make sure to tag your friends along and prepare for an emergency.

However, once you make it after rappelling down to the pools, wow – the waterfalls high and low start peeking at you along the mountainside. If you come at the right time when the air is crisp and the water is at the right level, then all the stars have finally aligned.

Address: Pitt-Buklin FSR, Fraser Valley F, Alvin, BC V2X 0W5.

8. Lussier Hot Springs, Cranbrook

Photo credits: Hariharan Rajendran

Lussier is as stunning as Pitt River but the hike there is not as bad. It’s on the lesser-known side but you’ll find it between Canal Flats and Whiteswan Lake in the East Kootenays of southeastern BC.

There are four pools in total engineered by the clever hand of mother nature with boulders and rocky outcroppings protecting the clear, turquoise water underneath. The temperatures of the pools fluctuate between 47°C (118°F) and 34°C (94°F), making it a stellar place for hydrotherapy in the middle of nowhere.

We like to start off hot and toasty in the hot pools and then jump right into the frigid waters of the scenic Lussier River flowing by. The entire experience is so fun that you never wanna leave. Plus, it’s open all year round and there’s no entrance ticket or day pass. 

Lussier Hot Springs is gradually beckoning more attention, so make sure to get there as soon as possible before it’s crazy flooded with people. The best time to hit the springs is in the early part of the morning as it really started to get busy by noon.

Amenities: 2 change room/ toilet buildings are located at the parking lot.

Address: Cranbrook, BC V1C 7E2.


9. Ram Creek Hot Springs, Skookumchuck

Photo credits: Blue Kushnugs

Here come some gorgeous, undeveloped hot springs in British Columbia for hidden gem collectors. The three crystal clear pools are literally facing a dramatic range of mountains behind the lush spruce forest. You’ll find yourself sitting peacefully perched on a ridge at the base of a mountain, recalling past week’s events with your besties while gazing at the awe-inspiring, far-flung verdant meadows. The pool is waist level shallow and you can literally lounge in with your neck just above the water.

Ram Creek is isolated and visitors keep reporting that they need a 4-wheeler or SUV to get to the end of the trails. That being said, Ram Creek is on the challenging side and you need a decent fitness level (and vehicle, of course) to get there. But who cares about the challenge when you can soak away your stresses in a pure and unadulterated natural setting at the end of the day?

Address: Ram Creek Ecological Reserve, Skookumchuck, BC V0B 2E0.


10. Hotspring Island, Skeena-Queen Charlotte E

Photo credits: Tofino Expeditions

Stunning pictures of infinity pools from the most prestigious resorts on the ‘Gram have kept the world awestruck.

But that’s a man-made thing.

How about a completely natural hot spring pool on an isolated island where you can soak in and watch a pod of orcas swimming by? Pack your bag and head to Hotspring Island in Haida Gwaii Archipelago right away.

Idyllic and one of a kind but the island was once hit by a massive earthquake that completely destroyed and drained the natural hot spring.

However, it was a 2012 story. Fast forward to five years later, new pools were rebuilt and visitors have been flocking here time and again ever since.

If Ram Creek Hot Springs ask for an SUV to get there, Haida Gwaii demands a helicopter ride or float plane from Moresby Camp or Alliford Bay on Moresby Island. That means you need to sign up with an operator to reserve your slot when the day has come.

Today, the entire island welcomes you with dozens of springs and seeps, and three of them are carved into volcanic rock.


  • Change rooms.
  • Outhouses.

Address: Skeena-Queen Charlotte E, BC.


Hot springs soaking is not the only activity to celebrate the majestic nature of British Columbia. Check out these two curated lists for more ideas to game up your upcoming weekend with lots of fun.