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The Best Museums to Explore in Vancouver And The Best Nearby Restaurants

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Who doesn’t like to visit a good museum? A big city such as Vancouver has them all. 

To make the most of your museums’ exploration around Vancouver, we’ve set up a list of the must-tour museum sites in the city + we’ve prepared suggestions where to go after that to freshen up. Seeing museums is a consuming experience, so what better way to complement your day out in the halls of knowledge, science or art with a replenishing dish at the nearby restaurant. 

Basically, this article is going to help you food-map Vancouver as you visit its mesmerizing museums.

Museums in the Vanier Park

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Did you know that during the 1950s Vancouver had approximately 19,000 neon signs, which is more than Las Vegas during that era? You’ll be surprised at everything you can learn at the premises of the Museum of Vancouver (MOV). One of the city’s most important museums, MOV features different exhibitions that cast light on different decades of the city’s past, so you’ll find out quickly that the story of Vancouver is gripping. 

So, come here if you would like to discover the history of Vancouver chronologically. The permanent exhibitions meticulously document the period from the early 20th-century to the late 1970s. Plus, you’ll enjoy the extra features such as their neon exhibition or other stuff like Vancouver’s Bhangra story that documents Bhangra culture in the city.

MOV is one of the two museums that you can visit in the picturesque Vanier Park in Kitsilano. The surrounding view around the Vanier Park is also worth it, fusing the ocean, the city and the surrounding mountains altogether

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HR MacMillan Space Centre

Photo Credit: HR MacMillan Space Centre

The HR MacMillan Space Centre is also set in Vanier Park, and should you be more interested in space exploration you have plenty to see here. Or, you can combine the MOV and Space Centre into one tour since they share the same location. 

Originally founded as an astronomy museum, today the HR MacMillan Space Centre features a stellar planetarium theatre, offering an amazing programme to boost your knowledge of the galaxies, planets and other objects floating out there and defining space. If you want to learn more on topics such as the possibility of life on other planets head to the centre’s Cosmic Courtyard Exhibit Space. Get hooked by a live science show at the GroundStation Canada Theatre, and finally see the skies above Vancouver with a telescope at the Gordon Southam Observatory next door. 

Address: 1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3J9

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Food and drinks in the area

Touring the Museum of Vancouver and/or the HR MacMillan Space Center will certainly leave you thirsty and hungry. We’ve got you covered, however. See below a list of places where you can go after finishing your museum hours in Vanier Park. All places are  conveniently nearby from the Vanier museums. And if you are in a seafood mood, you can even hop over to Granville Island and make a seafood tour that will warm both your heart and belly. 


Photo Credit: daydreamingincolour

If you are feeling thirsty, you can always head here for some of the creative cocktails. If you are feeling hungry, you can try some of their delectable buttermilk fried chicken on a lemongrass aioli with chili lime, topped with nam jim pickles. Alternatively, get their dish of pork belly with smoked carrot puree that melts in your mouth. 

Address: 1809 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8

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Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

Photo Credits: deannawoo

Enrich your seafood tour in this area of Vancouver by also trying the Sandbar Seafood Restaurant which has an excellent sushi bar and as well overlooks False Creek, offering another fantastic view.

Address: 1535 Johnston Street, Creekhouse #102, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

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Head to Lee’s Donuts if you are craving for something sweet. Their donuts are iconic and they’ve even made an appearance on Netflix. The donuts are tucked at the Granville Island Public Market where you’ll also find Edible Canada where you can sit for a lovely dish of fish and chips, duck poutine, or mushroom eggs benny. 

You’ll also find some nice local fish and chips or nice tacos at the Go Fish seafood eatery on 1st Avenue, at a walking distance from the Granville Market. If you prefer to down a lobster roll or ice cream, take one from Popina Canteen, which is on the same street as Go Fish. 

Museums at the campus of the University of British Columbia 

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is an A-list educational institution. It’s also the oldest university in British Columbia, and fortunately, if you are not checking in here for studies, you can at least check-in for its stunning world-class museums. We recommend two excellent museums you can visit on the campus. 

Museum of Anthropology

Photo Credit: iminapark

Established in the years after WWII, within the UBC campus, the Museum of Anthropology accommodates one of the world’s most stunning art and artifacts collections that tell the story of the First Nations peoples. The museum’s abundant collection of relics such as ritual masks, totems, canoes, jewelry and pottery is scattered from the building’s Great Hall to other more hidden corners of the museum facilities. The museum items are enriched with European artifacts, too. You can embark on your own self-guided walk-through or use some of the tours offered on the MOA website

Address: 6393 NW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

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Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Photo Credits: jessyjinstylist

Another museum marvel is Vancouver’s natural history museum at UBC—the Beaty Biodiversity museum. The museum accommodates a mesmerizing collection of over 2 million animal and insect specimens. The skeleton of a giant blue whale is one of the highlights in this museum. If you are a science geek or somebody who enjoys and loves nature, this may be the most suitable Vancouver museum for you to visit. Unlike the MOA, Beaty Biodiversity is also interesting for kids. 

Walk the museum by yourself or see the tour options on the BBM website

Address: Vancouver Campus, 2212 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

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Food and Drinks in the Area

The only thing worth eating at UBC is the Blue Chip cookies. Otherwise, get out of there and head to Raisu, Rice Burger, Yuwa Japanese Restaurant, East is East or Nuba. All of these restaurants are within a 10 min drive from UBC. To be honest, you can make an excellent Japanese food tour after visiting those UBC museums. 


Photo Credit: saltsweetlife

If you are up for some nice sushi and top-notch Japanese food. Order their popular deluxe seafood bowl or bento. The fish is so fresh and melts in your mouth. You’ll want to go back for more. 

Address: 2340 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P1

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Rice Burger

3 burgers made from rice patties in a basket faced up
Photo Credit: Rice Burger

For some local burgers with a Japanese twist. The rice burgers are also affordable, so you’ll eat something really nice without feeling a dent in your wallet. Get some of their super crispy chicken katsu with rice, or the popcorn chicken option. Messy to eat, but that’s the way a burger is supposed to be eaten! 

Address: 2630 Sasamat St, Vancouver, BC V6R 2J1

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Yuwa Japanese Restaurant

Photo Credit: Yuwa Japanese Restaurant

If you fancy a more fancy Japanese restaurant, head to Yuwa Japanese Restaurant. Order Yuwa’s generous dish of Chicken Karaage with marinated boneless chicken thigh served with a yuzu kosho paste. As well as try their Nigiri and Hotate! 

Address: 2775 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 3X5

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East is East

Photo Credit: East is East

For all chai lovers, should you prefer a cup of tea after your museum endeavors. Plus, if you enjoy a good dish of Middle Eastern and Indian food, this is the place. Feast on their roti rolls with a side salad and dahl soup as well as their yummy and less spicy Silk Route Feast option with rice, dips and everything.

Address: 3035 West Broadway

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Photo Credits: annaward1992

Nuba is in the same block as East is East, a bit further away from the UBC location. Head over and order some healthy and fresh Lebanese food that is to die for. Don’t miss their crispy cauliflower, vegan stew and fine hummus.

Address: 3116 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G9

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Science World on Quebec Street

Photo Credits: shapcuts

The building of the Science World is easy to spot. Its dome-shaped structure will make a fancy scene for your Instagram feed, plus you’ll notice that at night it amusingly changes its colors. Easy to find, Science World sits right by the SkyTrain, at the very end of False Creek. 

Whether you are a big science enthusiast or just curious to learn new things and have a meaningful time in a new city, World Science is a great idea for all kinds of folks. Enter the dome and you’ll easily lose the sense of time as you move from one interactive exhibition or live science show to another. 

There’s a lot to see in the different theme-specific exhibition rooms, so you can explore as you wish. See the cats and dogs room, the sustainability room, or see what’s inside the human body room where you can also do stuff like taking a picture of the aged, 50+ you. Each exhibition is interactive, fun and entertaining. Kids will also love it here!

Address: 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7

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Food and Drinks in the Area

You have plenty of food options near Science World. Just a couple of blocks away from this science fairytale are iconic Vancouver food gems such as Beta5 Chocolates, Earnest Ice Cream and Phnom Penh, which we all feature on our Vancouver master guide food bucket list. So, here are the top 5 places to consider after a day spent at the Science World:

Beta5 Chocolates

rows of creampuffs
Photo Credits: heyhangryhippo

We say this fairly often. You haven’t been to Vancouver if you haven’t tried chocolates from Beta5. Last year this beloved city brand opened a new cafe space where sweet cravers can feast on those beta5 luscious cream puffs in all flavours + get a nice cup of coffee and exceptional mocha. 

Address: 409 Industrial Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 2P8

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Phnom Penh

butter beef with cilantro
Photo Credits: nguyeneats

Phnom Penh is one of the must eat spots in Vancouver. After a day at the museum, ordering a Holy Trinity from Phnom Penh (butter beef, deep-fried chicken wings + beef luc luc) is going to make your day even more memorable – guaranteed.

Address: 244 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z7


The American

Photo credit: The American

If you are up for a nice glass of crafted beer, and perhaps some burger, consider the American. This is a self-service sports bar and off-sales shop overlooking Main Street. Get something greasy such as their Americana burger with a lot of beef and cheddar cheese or perhaps something lighter such as their fried fish sando with tartar sauce. 

Address: 926 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W1

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big clay bowl of taiwanese beef noodles with one egg sliced in half and side dished around it
Photo Credit: Bitesofvancouver

Also on Main Street, Torafuku is an award-winning restaurant that whips up genuine Asian fusion (Pan-Asian) dishes. Their pork belly and chicken rice bowls hit the spot and has a decent amount of meat. The dish is rich and flavoursome. And a personal favourite of ours – order some of their Taiwanese Beef Noodle! 

Address: 958 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W1

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Earnest Ice Cream

Earnest ice cream cones
Photo credit: fiveftfoodie

For some of the best ice creams in Vancouver, of course, head to Earnest. You’ll love their array of flavours. If you haven’t been here, you won’t be disappointed with the Whiskey Hazelnut, London Fog, or Salted Caramel. 

Address: 1829 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V5T 2Z3

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Vancouver Art Gallery 

For all those of you who can’t live without art, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a vibrant avenue that celebrates art, located in Vancouver Downtown.

Over the year round, this house of the art rotates a number of crowd-luring exhibits with names the rank of Picasso and Monet. 

The museum space keenly immerses contemporary art with classic art as well as features of country-specific art such as a selection of contemporary Chinese art. Aside you’ll admire the works of great artists that get displayed in the museum, you’ll also admire the architecture of the building, the simplicity how you move from one level to another, and overall, the convenient museum location, which is close to an array of beautiful restaurants you can check and explore after spending those hours surrounded by art.

Address: 750 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7

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Food and Drinks in the Area

From Hornby Street where the Vancouver Art Gallery is based, there are plenty of options to head for refreshments and good food. Here’s how you can tour the nearby area: 


Photo credit: Hawksworth

If you are up for some genuine Canadian dishes in a classy setting, Hawkworth is THE place to stop by. Order their sufficiently salty pork belly with crisp meat, paired with a slightly sweet puree. Also try their unique Wagyu beef carpaccio, with extra thin, sun-dried slices. 

Address: 801 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1P7

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Cafe Medina

egg benedict brunch plates wooden table
Photo credit: togethernessandthetable

A Moroccan marvel situated in the Library District. Check Cafe Medina for an excellent matcha latte or perhaps an organic turmeric latte. Combine with some of their superior waffles. Some of the best waffles and brunch you’ll devour in Vancouver. 

Address: 780 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3A4

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Black + Blue

Photo Credit: Black + Blue

Ideal for a group of friends who want to try out a beautiful steakhouse such as Black + Blue. Try their prime rib, caesar salad, and finish up with their heavenly sweet butter cake. 

Address: 1032 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A3

Website | Instagram


fresh pasta dish
Photo Credits: CinCin

CinCin is a real Italian food extravaganza located on Robson Street. Book a table for dinner and enjoy a variety of dishes such as golden eagle sablefish, wood grilled sea scallops with acquerello risotto, special bolognese dish, but also local dishes such as BC salmon or Fraser Valley duck.

Address: 1154 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B2

Website | Instagram

Roedde House Museum

Old Victorian housing is omnipresent around Vancouver. And while there’s plenty of it to see around the city, for the most authentic experience of the Victorian house and architecture, and especially if you are a fan of this epoch from history, head to the 

Roedde House Museum

Photo Credit: Roedde House Museum

Once the family home of bookbinder Gustav Roedde now turned museum, the Roedde House Museum preserves the ambience of late Victorian family life. The house was supposedly designed by famed British architect of the day, Francis Rattenbury. Built at the end of the 19th-century, the edifice gives an admirable glimpse of this bygone era.

After getting to see this superior Vancouver heritage site, head for a caffeine recharge at Cafe Greenhorn, which is nearby + they serve some excellent brunch and breakfast. And should you need something more substantial, here’s a pick of four more places, all of which are close to Robson street.

Address: 1415 Barclay St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1J6

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Ramen Danbo

ramen bowls with eggs, broth, chasiu and side dish
Photo Credits: andreahartono

For some heart-warming Fukuoka-style Tonkotsu, head to Ramen Danbo. Definitely some of the best ramen you can try in Vancouver. Aside from their tonkotsu and classic rekka ramen dishes, they also serve delicious vegan ramen. 

Tip: Be prepared for the long line!

Address: 1333 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6

Website | Instagram


Photo Credit: Paparoti

Within a-few-minutes walk from Roedde House, discover the beautiful coffee buns from PapaRoti. The buns are perfectly topped with crispy caramel coffee cream, infused with salted butter on the inside. Combine with some of their organic coffee, teas and fresh juices. 

Address: 1505 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C3

Website | Instagram


Photo Credits: maybelle.eats

For some delectable Korean cuisine, check-in at Sura. Have some of their yummy daily congee, bulgogi and herb pork belly. If you are two persons, order their set courses and discover different, soul-warming Korean dishes. 

Address: 1518 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C3

Website | Instagram


Photo Credit: Forage

And whether you are up for some genuine Canadian farm to table food, head to Forage. Order their splendid seafood chowder, rich with fish, scallops, clams, plus lots of veggies and perfectly cooked egg. Combine with a fresh grilled kale salad. 

Address: 1300 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C5

Website | Instagram

Chinatown area

If you are looking for cultural activities in the area of Chinatown, we have two recommendations for you. A perfect blend if you enjoy arts, culture and history. 

Rennie Museum

Photo Credit: Renne Museum

If you want to enjoy more art while in Vancouver, the Rennie Museum is probably the most interesting private and free art museum to see. However, please note that visits to this museum are by appointment only. 

This art museum wears the name of Bob Rennie, a famed Vancouverite and a real estate agent, who, over the years has compiled a lucrative collection of art. Rennie’s collection is regularly loaned by institutions such as the Smithsonian in the U.S. or the Tate in London. Here in Vancouver, the art collection is inside one of the oldest buildings around the Chinatown district, repurposed into a museum fairly recently and following a huge investment. Exciting to see, don’t miss it if you are into arts and culture.

Address: 51 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1S9

Website | Instagram

Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archive 

Close to Rennie Museum is the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archive. This institution is extremely popular among tourists and functions as a community centre, as a museum and as a municipal archives facility within Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. It was founded to preserve the culture, architecture and heritage of the area, so if you are easily fascinated by history and culture, you’ll have meaningful time at the centre. 

The museum and archive edifice is very near the large WWI Chinese soldiers memorial, while Vancouver’s iconic Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is only 2 mins walk from here. It might be difficult to plan a visit to the cultural centre on a sunny day when you know you have a beautiful garden just next door, but try to fit this centre in your agenda anyways. 

Address: 555 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 4H5


Food and Drinks in the Area

If you visit the Rennie Museum, remember that you are not too far from either some Chinatown and Gastown food gems. We’ve picked three places where you can go for refreshments and meals.


table full of various baked good and pasteries
Photo Credits: asplashofcream

A great bakery that has several locations around Vancouver and one of them is very close if you are hovering between Gastown and Chinatown. Have a bite of their flourless chocolate cake, or their stunning, flavoursome bacon and egg brioche. Combine your snack with iced Americano. Don’t miss the lemon bar or the chocolate almond croissant either. 

Address: 159 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H5

Website | Instagram

Jam Cafe

sunny side egg ontop of waffles
Photo Credits: rachelhaneats

An all-day lunch and breakfast coffee house that also has several locations around the city. Refresh with their veggie bowl if you want something green and nurturing. Get banana and walnut pancakes if you wish something sweet. Or try some of their delectable benny options that range from avocado to pork and chicken.

Tip: Be prepared to wait as they have lines all the time! 

Address: 556 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3

Website | Instagram

Taishoken Ramen

Photo Credits: Foodlees

If you are up for some ramen, head to Taishoken which is within Vancouver Downtown. Their Tsukemen ramen dish is iconic, soggy, impressive and enjoyable for the hole in your stomach after a hard day of crawling museums and soaking the local Vancouver culture. 

Address: 515 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L2


There are plenty of other culture hot spots to see and explore in Vancouver. In this article, we’ve covered the basics, providing something for everyone. Art lovers, science geeks, history enthusiasts, may all find something that interests them on this list. 

If you are more into outdoors activities and still figuring out how to move around the city, check our list of the best hikes in the province or Vancouver food guide for newcomers to the city.

Whatever you do around Vancouver, you’ll quickly find out that this is a beautiful city, with a big heart, lots of nice places to see and lots of beautiful food to eat—enjoy it all and have fun and meaningful time.