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10 Best Restaurants In Nanaimo To Make A Stop At

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Nanaimo, also known as the ’harbor city’ has recently become a hot tourist destination. Running along a coastline, this city has got some of the most magnificent views.

Wouldn’t it be great if you get to have delicious food with such an amazing view?

Well to help you out with that, we are going to give you a list of the top 10 restaurants Nanaimo has that you should definitely try out!

So without waiting any further, let’s get started!

10. Mambo Gourmet Pizza

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What if we tell you that your regular pizza has now been given a very delicious twist? Sounds fun, right? That is exactly what Mambo Gourmet Pizza is known for!

Not only do they keep on trying new innovative recipes with a variety of toppings, they still make the most delicious regular pizzas with a perfectly fluffy crust!

If you happen to visit over here, do try out their Mambo Special, which has got the goodness of so many elements that will instantly make your taste buds happy. Apart from that, indulge in the flavor of Overdose, which is so aptly named that once you have it you are probably going to end up eating more than required!

Address: 16 Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5B9

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9. Gabriel’s Cafe

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‘Farm To Fork’ Is the idea on which Gabriel’s Cafe has focused all its attention and it goes without saying that this cozy place has not only succeeded in providing delicious and healthy food but also has worked towards sustainability!

Although we haven’t tried everything on their menu, from our experience all we could say is that you will always end up having something delicious here!

The Lucid, which is basically a pork sandwich, is their best seller because of its refreshing taste and the Picante sauce inside it definitely makes it more delicious. Moreover, their portion size gets them more brownie points!

Also, The Mt Benny is to die for! The eggs are so perfectly cooked that you will yearn for some more eggs!

Address: 39A commercial St, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5G3

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8. Nori Japanese Restaurant

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Experience the fresh and delectable flavors of Japan at The Nori Japanese Restaurant! 

The chefs have made sure that the presentation does not lack in any aspect and they seem to have nailed it! The dishes are so vibrant and colorful that it makes the food look all the more appetizing!

Do try their signature Tuna Sashimi and island fever which are beyond comparison in terms of flavor and presentation. After all, you can’t beat the taste of locally-fetched ingredients and the simple yet beautiful presentation.

Nori’s also known for the amazing and authentic taste of Sushis. If you are confused about which one to order, we recommend you to try out their Hamachikura, which instantly melts in your mouth, and according to us, it is the best thing on their menu!

As this place is very popular among the locals as well, we recommend you make a reservation beforehand.

Address: 6750 N Island Hwy, Nanaimo, BC, V9V 1S3

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7. The Kebap

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Don’t we all crave sometimes for a good Turkish sandwich? Well, let’s just say, The Kebap has heard us!

Pay a visit to this place whenever you feel like having a middle eastern meal! Do try their crowd’s favorite, Beef And Lamb Ottoman, which is prepared in a traditional Turkish manner. We are sure that you will fall in love with this dish at your very first bite!

So whenever you feel like having a delicious Turkish meal, you know where to head!

Address: 1420 Wingrove St Unit 3, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 3L7

6. Firehouse Grill

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Located in a historic building, this restaurant has got a beautiful cozy setting with extremely creative Sushi rolls and drinks to try out!

Not only were we delighted by the services provided and the taste of the dishes, but the plating also seemed to have been done with so much precision that it is humanly impossible to find any flaw in it!

Whenever you visit the Firehouse Grill, do try out their best seller, Chef’s choice platter which will hit all the right spots, and their Sashimi which has the right amount of chewiness to it.

Address: 7 Victoria Road, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 4N9

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5. The Nest Bistro

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If you are someone who prefers to have organic and freshly grown ingredients, The Nest Bistro is the one-stop food destination for you!

Apart from having an elite ambiance, this place has talented chefs who make each and everything from scratch by making use of local products, with a hint of Italian flavor to it.

Healthy and delicious, isn’t that a perfect combination?

Whenever you pay a visit over here, try out their super delicious Salmon, which is cooked to perfection and has the right amount of moistness to it!

You can also try out their special Seafood Risotto, which is nothing less than heaven served on a platter!

We bet that you would be surprised by the authentic and delicious taste of Gnocchi, just like us!

Address: 77 Skinner St. Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5G9

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4. The View Oceanside Grill

Photo credits: The View Oceanside Grill

To all the seafood lovers out there, this place is a paradise for you all! With a romantic setting and downtown’s harbor view, the place is simply magical.

The food over here is so tempting and as their motto says, “you will come over here week after week”, and we can surely vouch for it!

Do try their Seafood Flambé, which is very popular among seafood lovers for its freshness and impeccable taste! 

We know that there’s always going to be some room for dessert and if it’s not there, make one! Because at no cost should you be missing it out on their super creamy cheesecake!

Delicious seafood and an unbeatable view, what else do you want!

Address:70 Church Street (inside the best western), Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5H4

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3. Melange Restaurant

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The name says it all! Melange is a French word for ‘mix’ and that is exactly what the owners are trying to do! They prefer to make use of the services of local producers with the vision of growing together. After all, it’s more than just food!

All the ingredients are farm fresh and are grown in small quantities which amps up the nutritional quality and the taste as well!

Apart from exceptional plating skills, the chefs at Melange have curated such a surprising yet delicious menu.

We have tried a variety of pasta from different restaurants but Melang’s yellow curry pasta accompanied with farm vegetables and seeds has got such a unique taste that it will feed your soul!

In the desserts category, you should try their beet cake that also has a crunchy flavor due to the meringue in it, and we can say with full conviction that there is nothing that can beat their beet cake!

Address:101-223, Commercial St, Nanaimo , BC, V9R5G5

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2. Asteras

Photo credits: pink_skies88

Next on the list is the award-winning authentic Greek restaurant, Asteras. Having said that, this place has left no stones unturned when it comes to providing good service, excellent food along with a warm and pleasing atmosphere. We recommend you book a table beforehand as this place is always crowded.

If you are someone who is looking out what to order here, we are here to help you out. Their Roast lamb is roasted so perfectly that it melts in the mouth. Each bite is full of flavor and extremely juicy.

If you feel like trying out something new, order Asteras, yet another popular dish, spanakopita which has got a very rich taste.

Address: Old City Quarter, 347 Wesley Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2T6

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1. Jalapenos Mexican Food

Photo credits: Jalapenos

Craving for some authentic Mexican Food? Well, this place is the ultimate destination for all the Mexican food lovers out there!

This place has got a nice Mexican vibe to it that is paired up with some delicious dishes on its menu! Not only will you love the food over here but even after having it, you will yearn for some more.

We have tried almost everything that is available in here but out of all the dishes we highly recommend you their Chicken Enchiladas Rancheras which has got some lip-smacking filling to it.

For a lighter snack, you should give their Taco Trio a try, which is one of their most popular dishes and one of our must-haves whenever we visit over there.

Address: 450 Wakesiah Avenue Suite B, Nanaimo, BC V9R 3K9

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Nanaimo has got a lot of good places to eat but we have shortlisted the ten best restaurants for you so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding the best places to eat.

If you plan to extend your outing, do visit the enchanting city of Victoria, and trust us this is going to be one of your best getaways!

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