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10 Best Richmond Dim Sum Restaurants To Satisfy Your Cravings In 2024 (+ What To Order)

We can never get enough of dim sum dishes, and that’s a fact!

From fried-to-perfection to soupy dim sum dishes, they all serve a delectable array of classic and mouth-watering bites that we simply crave for more. 

Dim sum is best shared with family and friends, so if you’re planning to dine in groups, there’s no better time than now to head to these 10 best Richmond dim sum restaurants.

Save this list and get ready to be mind-blowed later!

10. Tin Tin Seafood Harbour

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Since opening, Tin Tin Seafood Harbour has gathered a loyal following with customers returning for its delectable Chinese staples and, of course, the popular dim sum!

It always feels so home-y and welcoming every time we visit Tin Tin, plus, their menu is always updating time after time, which is a nice reason for us to visit this place all over again.

Classic flavors star in the expansive menu, especially the BBQ Pork Buns and Siu Mai. They might sound basic, but their quality is absolutely no joke! The buns are soft with slightly sweet cover that brings out the Cha Siu flavors inside.

The Siu Mai is juicy, tender, and nicely seasoned, every bite is literally heaven and you can hardly go wrong with this dish! Even when you haven’t finished your meal yet, you still find yourself looking forward to the next time visit Tin Tin.

What to order: BBQ Pork Buns, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Beef & Shrimp Dumpling.

Address: 3711 No. 3 Road Richmond, BC V6X 2B8


9. Continental Seafood Restaurant

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Wanna grab some quick yet delicious dim sum dishes? Continental Seafood Restaurant is one of your best options. Being a family-friendly Chinese restaurant, Continental Seafood Restaurant is not famous for its glamorous decoration, but its good-tasting dishes, decent service, and welcoming ambiance instead. 

Make your way through with the popular Shrimp & Chive Dumplings first, as you will be seduced by how fresh, plump, and delicious they can be! The cover is balanced by the soft – chewy texture, while the inside is full of fill-in and seasoned to perfection.

Don’t leave without trying out their Salted Egg Yolk & Custard Bun with that buttery,  sweet-salty taste and soft texture. What a lovely way to end your meal!

What to order: Shrimp & Chive Dumpling, Steamed Pork & Peanut Dumpling, Deep-fried Pork & Shrimp Dumpling, Salted Egg Yolk & Custard Bun, Pork & Shrimp Dumpling.

Address: 11700 Cambie Road Suite 150 Richmond, BC V6X 1L5

Website | Facebook

8. Royal Seafood Restaurant

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Nestled in a more quiet area of the bustling town, make your way to Royal Seafood Restaurant if all you need is a relaxing time and stunningly good dim sum dishes. The moment you set your first step into Royal Seafood Restaurant, that warm and welcoming ambiance will get your heart!

Treat yourself right with their Pork & Peanut dumplings and feel that buttery, meaty, and flavorful taste in every bite. People keep coming back all over again for these dumplings, and we bet you will as well! 

For a better tastebud-kick, order some Mini Squid & Curry Sauce Dumpling and get ready to have an instant crush! The squid inside is chewy, but fresh and nicely cooked; while the curry sauce on top with hints of spice and herbs just makes it extra flavorsome!

What to order: Pork & Peanut Dumpling, Mini Squid & Curry Sauce Dumpling, Beef Tendon Dumpling, BBQ Pork Bun.

Address: 200 – 8040 Garden City Road Richmond, BC V6Y 2N9

Website | Facebook

7. Kirin Seafood Restaurant

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Located just beside the Richmond Centre Mall, Kirin Seafood Restaurant is your next go-to for a dim sum fix whenever you’re in the neighborhood. Come and fall in love with not only the delicate Chinese Cuisine but the warm and contemporary decoration here.  

In case you need a guide, let’s start with their famous Caviar Shu Mai, Shrimp Dumplings, Sticky Rice with Pork & Dried Scallop. They are the stars of the show! While the shrimp dumplings are plump, juicy, super fresh; the caviar ones are way more flavorful, tasty and bold! 

The Sticky Rice is moist, well-seasoned with dried scallop, and wrapped in lotus leaves. We know most of you remove the leaves, but they are actually edible and taste very good altogether. Pay a visit and you will never regret it!

What to order: Caviar Shu Mai, Black Salted Egg Yolk, Cha Siu Buns, Pork Belly Bun, Shrimp Dumplings, Sticky Rice w/ Pork & Dried Scallop Wrapped in Lotus Leaves.

Address: 7900 Westminster Highway 2nd Floor Richmond, BC V6X 1A5

Website | Instagram

6. Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant

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Having been operating since 1986, Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant is still now known and loved for its delicate Cantonese cuisine, welcoming service, and beautiful interiors. We have to warn you, Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant is the place where you can do nothing but keep returning for their crazy good dim sum dishes with a twist!

An order of Shrimp Spring Roll, Deep-fried Taro & Pork Dumplings, and Pork Shrimp Shiu Mai is a must when you visit Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant. While the Deep-fried Taro & Pork dumplings are extremely crispy without being fatty, flavorful, and full of pork filling; Siu Mai is even tastier and more mouth-watering. Trust us, you don’t even want to stop once you’re full.

The Shrimp Spring Roll can be perfect to add some kick to your taste buds as they are bursting with flavor and super crunchy. Yummy!

P.S. if you’re lucky…try their Large Deep Fried Sesame Ball as well. It’s definitely a view.

Photo credits: forkthatdish

What to order: Deep-fried Taro & Pork dumplings, Pork Shrimp Siu Mai, Shanghai Dumplings, BBQ Pork Puff Pastry, Steamed Beef Ball.

Address: 4940 No 3 Road Suite 102 Richmond, BC V5V 3N9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Chef Tony

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Chef Tony, located in the center of Richmond, provides the most excellent Chinese dishes with a twist in modern and exquisite decorations. Dim sum is name of the game here, and if you’re coming for it, get ready to be mindblown!

Don’t hesitate to go for some Shrimp & Matsuke Dumplings, Egg Yolk Lava Buns, and Black Truffle Chicken Dumplings. Shrimp & Matsuke Dumplings come in a portion of 5 big, plump pieces that pack with flavors; you’ll soon fall in love when trying the first one as they are all soft-chewy, full of fill-in, and super tasty.

If you love truffle sauce, ordering some Black Truffle Chicken Dumplings is a must. The chicken inside is so tender and well-seasoned, which is perfectly balanced with a hint of saltiness and herbal-ish from the black truffle. Enjoy your meal and you can thank us later!

What to order: Shrimp & Matsuke Dumplings, Egg Yolk Lava Buns, Chef Tony Special Egg White Custard Tarts, Squid Ink Ha Gao, Black Truffle Chicken Dumplings.

Address: 4600 No 3 Road Suite 101 Richmond, BC V6X 2C2

Website | Instagram

4. Shanghai River

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If you’ve been wondering how to impress your business partners with dim sum, Shanghai River has got your back! Being operated since 2004 and providing such delicate Shanghai cuisine, Shanghai River is not only attracting tourists but the locals as well, thanks to its welcoming, comfortable but elegant dining space.

Settle down with some Pork Dumplings, Deep-fried Shrimp Dumplings and you will never get disappointed. The Pork Dumplings are one of their best sellers and bursting with flavors since the first bite. While the Deep-fried Shrimp Dumplings are fried to perfection and still remain moisture inside.

Don’t leave without ending your meal with some Hot & Sour Soup, trust us, you will be seduced! Though this is a relatively easy and common dish, it is not that easy to get the right balance of spiciness and sourness. But Shanghai River nails it and creates a bomb in your palate!

What to order: Pork Dumpling, Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling, Hot & Sour Soup

Address: 7831 Westminster Highway Richmond, BC V6X 4J4

Website | Facebook

3. Empire Seafood Restaurant

noms mag best dimsum in vancouver - empire seafood dimsum
Photo Credits: pork_ninjas

If you’re searching for a traditional taste of dim sum with a modern presentation (or in other words, Instagram-y), Empire Seafood Restaurant is on the list! Combining contemporary Chinese cuisine, cutting-edge interior design, and breathtaking panoramic views, people are lining up at Empire for a good reason!

Satisfy your dim sum cravings with their old-but-gold Shrimp Dumplings, Siu Mai and especially, Steamed Beef Tripe & Tendon. The shrimp dumplings are pretty large with that soft-chewy texture and stunningly good taste. And the Siu Mai is fully filled with juicy pork, plump prawns; they are so popular yet decent that can hardly disappoint you.

Finally, Beef Tripe & Tendon – the real star of the show! You will instantly love that mild beef flavor and the gelatinous texture of the beef tendon. The schuhe sauce on top just makes it extra flavorsome!

What to order: Steamed Wild Mushroom Dumplings with Black Truffle, Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Pork Dumplings, Steamed Scallop Dumplings, Steamed Beef Tripe & Tendon.

Address: 5951 No 3 Road Unit 200 Richmond, BC V6X 2E3

Website | Facebook

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    2. Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine

    Photo credits: celineliew

    Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine is a must-try place if you want to experience dim sum in a non-traditional and cuter way! They have all sorts of dim sum shaped into cartoon characters, which are very Instagram-worthy. Plus, the decoration and interior here are bright and super fancy, ideal for a lovely hangout!

    The selection is wide, but you probably shouldn’t miss their Deep-fried Dry Shrimp & Pinched Meat Dumplings, Shrimp & Lobster Dumplings, and Pig Egg Young Bun. Their dumplings are mostly cooked and seasoned to perfection, especially the Shrimp & Lobster ones, flavorful, fresh, and mouth-watering in every bite!

    No meal here is completed without the sweet, vibrant taste, and soft texture from Pig Egg Young Bun. Not only the decoration that can make you fall in love, but the profile is crazy good too!

    What to order: Deep-fried Shrimp Dumplings, Pinched Meat Dumplings, Steamed Shrimp and Lobster Dumplings, Pig Egg Young Bun, Truffle Siu Mai.

    Address: 130-6200 River Road Richmond, BC V7C 4N1

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    1. Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant

    Photo credits: phone.eats.first

    Located right in the Aberdeen Centre, Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant is a must-try Cantonese cuisine spot thanks to the amazing work of Sau Sang Leung (the Head Chef), and Jie Wen Ouyang (the Dim Sum Chef) with more than 30-year experience. Besides the wide selection of fresh seafood and traditional favorites, Fisherman’s Terrace Seafood Restaurant has a really relaxed yet elegant ambiance. 

    They get a bit busy during lunchtime, and their signature Fresh Shrimp Dumplings is the reason why people line up for! They come in a very large portion but don’t worry, you can get them all because they are extremely delicious. Once you take a bite, you can immediately feel that soft, soupy texture with a perfectly balanced taste. Stunning!

    Plus, their Pork Dumplings in Shanghai Style and BBQ Pork Bun are worth trying too. They are all well-seasoned, full of flavors, and deserve to be listed in your must-try.

    Pro-tip: if you are going in a group of 4+, we recommend making a reservation to avoid the 40-minute wait on weekends.

    What to order: Fresh Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Pork Dumplings Shanghai Style, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, Steamed Whole Abalone Dumplings.

    Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way Suite 3580 Richmond, BC V6X 4J7


    Dim sum has always been a dish that worth craving for. Even for lunch, brunch, or dinner, Dim Sum can still be a perfect fit! We hope you have found yourself some spots to get your dim sum fix throughout our suggestions above. Or else, you can check out some best Richmond brunch spots and get more choices.

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