Red curry lunch special, Pad Thai with beef, Tom Kah Kai | Photo credits: nomitynomnom_

11 Thai Restaurants In Vancouver To Eat At In 2024 (+ What To Order)

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The city is a treasure trove of Thai culinary delights, offering everything from authentic Pad Thai to hearty Sticky rice.

Quick Recommendations: try Sawasdee for its classic flavours or Kin Kao for a modern twist.

To help tourists and locals alike find the best dining spots, we’ve curated a list of the top Thai restaurants in Vancouver below.

1. Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

Cho Muang | Photo credits: anothertinybite

For over forty years, Sawasdee Thai Restaurant on Main Street has been a local favourite, offering authentic Thai cuisine. The Crying Tiger Beef, a highlight of the menu, is grilled and seasoned with herb vinaigrette, perfectly complemented by their hot sauce. Chicken lovers will adore the Chicken Cashew nuts, a dish so delightful it’s likely to become a new favourite.

What to order: Crying Tiger Beef, Chicken Cashew nuts, Pad Thai, Cho Muang

Address: 4250 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9

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2. Baan Lao Fine Thai Cuisine

Baan Lao Fine Thai Cuisine in Steveston stands out for its organic Royal Thai fare and ranks among Canada’s top restaurants.

Chef Nutcha Phanthoupheng, trained by Thai culinary masters, focuses on local and organic Thai ingredients. The restaurant’s “Taste of Baan Lao” menu features exceptional dishes like Phat Thai and Wild Sockeye Salmon with Green Curry Sauce.

With its waterside views and unique artwork, including elephant paintings, Baan Lao offers an unparalleled dining experience in Richmond.

What to order: Taste of Baan Lao, Tea Pairing

Address: 4100 Bayview Street, Richmond, BC

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3. Unchai Restaurant

Photo credits: vancouverfoodie

In Vancouver, Unchai Restaurant has become a sensation for its unique and authentic dishes. The crispy, light Fried Chicken Wings, served with a nutty-tasting dip, are a must-try. The Shrimps Pad Thai, irresistible with its perfect blend of ingredients prepared in wok hay, and the tangy Boat Noodles With Pork, offer a warm, flavourful experience. Their classic sticky rice dessert, balancing sweet and salty, is the ideal finale.

Address: 2351 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 3J2

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4. Kin Kao 

Pad Thai | Photo credits: thehungrycouple.yvr

A modern and inviting venue, Kin Kao offers authentic Thai food and a range of drinks. Their Crispy Fried Pork Belly, light and addictive with garlic dip, and the Pad Thai, a unique twist on traditional Thai flavours, are standout dishes. The spiciness and tamarind sauce combination make their Pad Thai a memorable dish.

What to order: Crispy Fried Pork Belly, Pad Thai

Address: 903 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

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5. Maenam

8 Spice Lingcod, Sweet Corn Salad, Pad Thai, Grilled Salmon Salad | Photo credits: annieseats

Awarded as the best restaurant in 2016 by Vancouver Magazine, Maenam stands out for its intense flavours and locally sourced fresh ingredients. Unique offerings like the Bananas Blossom salad and deep-fried oysters with spicy citrus sauce set the tone for an exceptional meal. Their pad thai, rich in flavours, and daily dessert specials like airy rice flour donuts, are culinary delights not to be missed.

Address: 1938 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5

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6. Zab Zaab Thai Cuisine

Photo credits: Zab Zaab Cuisine

At Zab Zaab Thai Cuisine, the menu is filled with enticing options set in a comfortable dining atmosphere. Start with the Tom Kah, infused with coconut and lemongrass. The best-selling Green Curry Chicken, creamy and instantly delightful, and the classic pad thai chicken, spicy and satisfying, are excellent choices. End your meal with the delightful Fried Banana With Mango Ice Cream.

What to order: Tom Kah, Green Curry Chicken, Pad Thai Chicken, Fried Banana With Mango Ice Cream

Address: 1211 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6K3

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7. Bangkok City Cafe

Red curry lunch special, Pad Thai with beef, Tom Kah Kai | Photo credits: nomitynomnom_

At Bangkok City Cafe, experience the flavors of Bangkok in a beautiful contemporary setting. Their Som Tum Salad, with thinly sliced papayas, tomatoes, and freshly roasted peanuts, is a best-seller. The Barbeque Chicken, cooked in an in-house Thai sauce, and the authentic Green curry, with perfect richness and balanced spiciness, offer a true Thai dining experience.

What to order: Som Tum Salad, Barbeque Chicken, Green curry 

Address: 2953 West 4th Ave, Vancouver BC V6K 1R3

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8. Baan Wasana Thai Restaurant

Green curry, Pad Thai, Fried Wonton | Photo credits: vanfoodcompanion

With the philosophy of balancing the four key flavors of Thai cuisine, Baan Wasana Thai Restaurant creates exceptional dishes. The Prawn Pad Thai stands out, each bite bursting with flavour reminiscent of Thai street food. Ending the meal with their Sticky Rice dessert is a delightful experience, making it a must-visit for Thai cuisine enthusiasts.

What to order: Prawn Pad Thai, Sticky Rice 

Address: 2143 41st Avenue Vancouver, BC V6M 1Z6

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9. Jitlada Thai Restaurant

Photo credits: Jitlada

Jitlada Thai Restaurant, celebrated for its unique approach to Thai classics, offers an array of creative dishes. Their Golden Angel Wings, a blend of chicken, pork, and noodles, and the Garlic Pork, sautéed in fresh garlic and black pepper sauce, are just a few of their standout offerings. The restaurant’s seasonal specialties also garner much attention.

What to order: Golden Angel Wings, Garlic Pork 

Address: 118 West 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K6

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10. Bob Likes Thai Food

Photo credits: teelythefoodie

Despite its unusual name, Bob Likes Thai Food has become a hit for its authentic Thai cuisine and homey vibe. The Papaya salad and fish cake with cucumber relish start the meal with a burst of flavours. Their Green Curry Chicken, accompanied by Jasmine rice, and the refreshing Thai Iced tea are perfect for any visit.

What to order: Papaya salad, Green Curry Chicken, Thai Iced tea

Address: 3755 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

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11.  Bai Bua Thai Cuisine

Pad Gra Pao, Pangang Curry, Pad Thai | Photo credits: nurrrms.nomz

Bai Bua Thai Cuisine caters to those seeking gluten-free or vegan options without compromising on taste. Their popular spring rolls and Pad thai Chicken, perfectly balanced with spices and tamarind sauce, are crowd-pleasers. The sticky rice with Thai custard dessert, rich in mango and coconut flavours, is a heavenly way to conclude your meal.

What to order: Spring rolls, Pad Thai Chicken, Mango sticky rice

Address: 1-2443 E Hastings Street Vancouver.

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So that was the list of the top ten Thai restaurants which is surely going to work for all Thai food lovers. After all, it’s a must to know about the places that serve the best Thai food Vancouver can ever get!

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