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5 Best Places to Visit around Vancouver during Spring

Spring is a gorgeous time to be in Vancouver with plenty of experiences to indulge in. No matter what you do, either wander amid a flower bed or sail with the pod in the vast blue sea, Springtime brings you a great access to revel in Vancouver’s new year atmosphere. If you’re heading to Vancouver this incoming Spring, here are five best spots to look out for!

What Is Vancouver’s Weather Like during Spring?

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The warm weather wakes Vancouver up after a long chilly winter. People start heading outside more often to admire the city gardens awash in blossoms.

The temperature rises to 19˚C during the day and hovers around 5˚C when night falls. Even though the local mountains are still covered with snow, the city streets begin to live in the sunny spring days.

The best time to hit Vancouver on a spring trip is between March and May. To make the most of your time, make sure to check out the best gardens in town, get the kick out of the spring festivals and travel off coast to admire the sea wildlife. 

5 Best Places to Visit Around Vancouver During Spring

1. Queen Elizabeth Park

Places to visit around vancouver during spring Queen elizabeth
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Let’s start with somewhere close to the city! Queen Elizabeth Park is a glorious place to admire the charming spring ambiance. You’ve got plenty of things to do around the park rather than just a quick sightseeing tour.

Smack dab in the heart of Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park puts on a stunning makeover to ring in the new year with multiple lovely gardens. Most people are off for a Japanese-style picnic under the delightful pink petals from March to April. 

You can also make your way to the quarry gardens to admire the year-round abundance by the waterfall or play some tennis, street hockey, and basketball.

If you’re in Vancouver with kids, let them hang around the fountain and get some jets of water while you’re enjoying some fresh air on the bench. Other than that, the duck pond is also a great spot for your little ones to interact with their feathered friends. 

Places to visit around vancouver during spring bloedel
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One little spot that we highly recommend is the Bloedel Floral Conservatory. This is an indoor oasis that boasts a wide range of tropical plants surrounding the twittering birds. What a glorious Insta-worthy gem! 

Address: 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2Z1

2. Deep Cove

Places to visit around vancouver during spring deep cove
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One of the top Vancouver attractions to visit in spring is Deep Cove. This is a small bay neighborhood located in the Northern area. Deep Cove has been gaining a huge reputation thanks to the scenic beauty and incredible wildlife. 

Apart from watching the sea lions, eagles and seals, you can rent a kayak and roll with the current. Or perhaps make it even more exciting, embark on a 41-kilometer nature trail of Baden Powell which begins from Burrard Inlet and ends up at Horseshoe Bay.

Those who are not into a strenuous hike can opt for an easier walk on Cates Park gravel path. It will lead you through the jungle to see the First Nation totems. 

If the outdoor recreational activities are not enough to fulfill your day, head for the seaside village to munch on some Greek delicacies and meander around the galleries.

3. Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Places to visit around vancouver during spring beaty museum
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Animals become active in spring. And there’s no better place in Vancouver to connect with the diversity of life like the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

The museum is set on the campus of University of British Columbia. It houses an extensive collection of over 500 exhibits of birds, fish, fossils, insects and plants. The most magnificent item displayed in the building is the skeleton of a blue whale, one of the largest creatures on the planet. This is such a great draw for the kids!

As you make your way around the museum, you’ll end up at a basement where you can learn about the amazing timeline from the creation of earth to the present.

There are multiple hands-on activities which suit visitors of all ages and help them explore the interconnectedness with all life on Earth.

At the back of the museum is a children’s discovery area, where the kids get to touch the animals, eggs and insects they’ve learned in books before.

90 minutes is an ideal time for a complete tour around the museum.

As an outcome of the pandemic coronavirus in 2020, museum visitors are limited. You will need to book an admission ticket with a specific entry time online.

Address: Vancouver Campus, 2212 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4.

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Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

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New Years’ Eve is falling behind but it doesn’t mean you cannot have the whale of a time anymore. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is a colorful floral event where you can chill out in the joys of spring. This is an annual event that runs from the end of March to mid-April. 

During this extensive calendar, you will have a chance to capture the breathtaking scenery of cherry blossoms as part of a viewing tour, a line-up of arts events, bike rides, as well as a wide range of Japanese festivities.

The festival kicks off with the grand Cherry Jam concert at Burrard SkyTrain station, where you get to glory in the Taiko Japanese drumming, haiku poetry, and other traditional Japanese artistic performances.

There are over 40.000 cherry trees lining up along the main streets of Vancouver offering mesmerizing clouds of light pink blossoms. Each year, the best cherry blossom watching spots are updated on the official website of the festival. The local Vancouverites and travelers-alike can also assemble in one of the liveliest Petal Picnic viewing parties to share the charming scene.

Places to visit around vancouver during spring cherry blossom fest
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Another event that you should not miss is the “Bike The Blossoms” ride. This is a free bike tour that winds through Mount Pleasant, Strathcona, and Riley Park. These are the most abundant Vancouver neighborhoods awash in petals. 

Sightseeing and live concerts are not the only thing this festival can offer. Remember to free up space in your stomach before hitting the Sakura Night evening reception. It takes place in Stanley Park where you get to sample the mouthwatering Asian-fusion dishes brought to you by the best chefs in Vancouver.

One last event to introduce is the Sakura Days Japan Fair, a crown jewel at VanDusen Botanical Garden. For those who are in love with the spectacular Japanese culture, Sakura Days Japan Fair is a great place to unfold all you need to know about this Oriental country.

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Traditional tea ceremonies, a hands-on origami workshop, calligraphy, and sake sampling are some of the most compelling agendas at the fair.

In the upcoming event of 2021, it’s better to keep yourself informed with the latest updates regarding the coronavirus developments on the official Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website. Some of the events are likely to be canceled in case the situation gets worse such as the Cherry Jam concert or Sakura Days Japan Fair, while the other events are brought online. 

Address: Various locations.

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Whale-watching Tour 

Places to visit around vancouver during spring whale watching
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Getting enough of the land? Head offshore and sail with the huge sea creatures! 

Partaking in a day trip with Wild Whales Vancouver Tour is one of the best things to do in Vancouver during spring.

The trips are available from April to October, which take place off the coast of Vancouver and Vancouver Island. 

You will have an opportunity to spot gray whales, orcas as well as a wide diversity of other sea animals living under the waters of Vancouver. 

And guess what? Marine life is not the only thing you can catch sight of while partaking in this voyage! Eagles nesting on the trees and brown bears foraging down the boulders are other spectacular sights you can admire.

The whale-watching tours will cover the major areas such as Granville Island, Coal Harbor, especially the convergence of Fraser River and the Pacific Ocean. This junction boats a rich wildlife where all the whales assemble to feed on the fish.

Address: Wild Whales Vancouver – 1806 Mast Tower Lan, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4B6.

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These five places are our favorite spots to hangout in Vancouver during spring. Dress in light layers when visiting downtown, and pack some warmer clothes if you plan to head up to the mountains.

Don’t forget to grab a quick bite at one of these best bakeries in Vancouver before blending in the festive crowds.  

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