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10 Best Places To Go Shopping In Vancouver For Retail Therapy

The best thing about shopping in Vancouver is that different neighbourhoods will give you a different experience. You can perk up your wardrobe with a stylish thousand-dollar-worth bespoke item, bring home a local produce, or renovate your home with a little keepsake that costs only $2.

No matter how much your budget can afford, Vancouver always has something for you. To help you have a better idea about where to navigate, here are our ten favorite places to go shopping in Vancouver for a fun retail therapy. 

7 Best Shopping Neighbourhoods in Vancouver

1. Granville Island

Granville Island neighbourhood guidebook

Within only a 15-minute drive away, Granville Island is a foodie’s dream. An assortment of artisan crafts, cheese, gourmet food, and local-sourced produce is waiting to blow your mind. 

Nestled under the shadow of low slung buildings housing exquisite crafts, artworks, and baked goods is a chain of distilleries and breweries. Such a prime location provides easy access to shop around and pick on your favorite souvenirs. 

Beyond doubt, Granville Public Market and Kids Market are the highlights of Granville’s shopping scene. Get ready to spend an entire day strolling around the island, nibble on some fresh pasta before bringing home some cured meats. It may sound bizarre but many travelers were hypnotized after visiting the making of handcrafted brooms at Broom and Co. that they decided to have one shipped over to their home! 

2. Robson Street and Alberni Street

Neighbourhood Guidebook robson street

Who’s here hunting for the best luxurious affordable brands in Vancouver? The world-renowned Robson Street is home to an extensive collection of mid-range brands that allow you to delve into the world of streetwear-inspired clothing without maxing out your credit card. 

Robson Street is home to many international chains from Swarovski, Aldo Shoes, and Muji, to Canada’s favorite retailers such as Canadian Crafts and Aritzia. If you crave for any brand-driven luxury item, walk further afield of Alberni Street and browse through Tory Burch, Burberry, and many more. 

These trendy and up-scale outlets make Robson and Alberni the cream of the crop to nip out instead of malls. At the end of the day, make sure you won’t forget to recharge your battery at some of the best affordable take-outs or unwind at a high-end restaurant!

3. Main Street (Mount Pleasant)

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Stretching from the 20th Avenue to 22nd Avenue, Main Street is one of the most talked-about shopping destinations in Vancouver. Its identity is preserved by the unique and local Canadian-designed shops mingled with a variety of vintage clothing options and funky accessories.

Some iconic brands you will like to check out are Barefoot Contessa with its curated collections for women’s clothing, and the chic consignment store of Front & Company offering vintage and contemporary décor, clothing, and accessories. 

Just like any other part of Vancouver, a busy shopping street cannot go without the participation of decent coffee shops and bars. Amongst many watering holes on Main Street, The Shameful Tiki Room and Brassneck Brewery are good calls to kick back with some booze. 

4. Commercial Drive (Little Italy)

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The art-centric neighborhood of Commercial Drive is home to Vancouver’s designated Little Italy. This is where you can soak up the vibrant Italian heritage through its specialty groceries and markets offering Mediterranean produce including cheese, sausages, and wines.

As a culturally rich and authentic neighborhood, The Drive is a strong magnet if you’re looking for a hippie, individually expressive clothing like what you can find at Paranada Traders. Some of the antique shops and old-school bookstores like People’s Co-op Bookstore or The Found and The Freed also give The Drive this eclectic vibe. 

Noms Mag commercial drive neighbourhood guidebook paranada
Photo Credit: Paranada Traders

If you’re a shoe fanatic, Kalena’s Shoes is a paradise on Earth with its extensive collection of Italian-made shoes, bags, and accessories. Distinctive artworks from local designers and craftsmen in The Drive will also make an incredible keepsake for your loved ones. 

5. Gastown

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Travelers worldwide flock to Gastown with more intention than just to take a slice of Vancouver’s history. The dynamic shopping scene makes Gastown an unmissable neighborhood for shopaholics. Ranging from thrift stores to high fashion, from colorful souvenirs to décor showrooms, there’s always something for everyone.

Credit where credit is due, John Fleuvog has been a vital piece of the Vancouver shoe-making industry since the 1970s. And smack dab here in Gastown, you’ll have a chance to browse through his fine-tuned, exclusive collections in the flagship Fluevog store!

6. Kerrisdale Village

Kerrisdale Village is an accent in the shopping scene of Southwest Vancouver where many locally-owned shops and boutiques radiate around the 41st Avenue. Ranging from specialty foods and fashion outlets to drug stores and farmers’ markets, Kerrisdale is a mecca of shopping opportunities to get some use of your credit card. 

If you tag your kids along, make sure to put a smile on their faces by stocking up some chic couture in the most sought-after kids’ boutiques. Once you’re getting weary after all that walking, get a decent comfy downtime at Adonia Tea House or give yourself a sweet treat at Gem Chocolates

7. Davie Village

Rainbow crosswalks, pink bus shelters, and gay pride flags lighting up the streets are not the only things pulling in travelers to Davie Village. The West End neighborhood has its torch on Davie Village with a wealth of shopping possibilities, making it a must-see destination for your retail therapy. 

Davie Village is packed with fabulous independent stores where you can get a couple of Tee’s to claim your pride. Drop by Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium to stock up your shelf with queer books, rainbow pride gears, and many more. 

Davie Village is also a wonderful stop to try out some funky, eclectic outfits in many of its thrift shops and vintage stores. If you base yourself in one of the hotels around this area, remember to levitate your nightlight experience by uncorking a top-tier wine bought from one of its best wine cellars!

3 Best Shopping Spots in Vancouver 

1. Lonsdale Quay Market

Boasting over 80 specialty shops and services, Lonsdale Quay offers one of the most exciting shopping opportunities in Vancouver. Our favorite activities that we highly recommend for any out-of-towners include dining out at Vancouver’s biggest patio of Tap and Barrel, stocking up with some leather accessories at Perks, and shopping for your little ones at Tulips Children’s Wear. For those who are into food and gastronomy, you’ll love to grab some fresh, local spices, dips, and cheese at Basilico!

Quay Souvenir Center will come in handy if you’re searching for some Canadian souvenirs or genuine BC jade jewelry to bring home a token of memory. North Shore had an incredible craft beer scene with Green Leaf Brewing Company being a great place to introduce yourself to the local taps. 

Address: 123 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3K7.

Website | Instagram

2. Oomomo Japan Living

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Photo Credit: Oomomo bc

Elegant, handy, and affordable, Oomomo Japan Living is a paradise on Earth that lets you score amazing home décor on a budget. Can you believe that you can start as low as $2 to bring home a cute, stylish, and quality alternative to spruce up your living space? Browse around their stockpiled lines of household supplies, kitchenware, crafts, beauty products, or even snacks and you’ll surely find something on-trend and distinctive to freshen up your nest! 

-1144 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5
-Aberdeen Centre, 1080-4151 Hazelbridge Way Richmond, BC V6X 4J7
-Metropolis at Metrotown, E8-4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2

Website | Instagram

3. Old Faithful Shop

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Photo Credit: Old Faithful Shop

Old Faithful Shop always comes in handy for stocking stuffers with a variety of small gifts unique to Vancouver. You can bring home a piece of balsam fir incense to fill your room with the scent of evergreens, or pick your favorite planter pot to perk up your backyard garden. If you’re looking for something functional and nifty, we highly recommend taking a look at the coffee swag, mugs, funky lightbulbs, especially the bag and wallet collection!

Address: 320 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8.

Website | Instagram

We hope this curated list of the best shopping places in Vancouver yields some insightful tips before you set out! And don’t forget to gear you up with some more neat and useful suggestions for what to buy in Vancouver right!