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14 Fun Things to Do in Vancouver at Night

Are you traveling to Vancouver and looking for what to do to kill your time after dusk? Don’t rush back to your hotel because Vancouver nightlife is such a special thing you will never forget!

This sleepless city is home to a wide array of fun things to do that only come alive after dark. Either if you’re a first-timer to the city or making up for a hectic workday, nightlife in Vancouver is ready to pamper your soul.

Read on for an ultimate list of 14 most fun things to do in Vancouver at night covering both indoor and outdoor activities!

Year-round Things to Do in Vancouver at Night

1. Embrace the Mystical Vibe of Gastown with Lost Souls of Gastown Tour

Vancouver night time activities gastown lost souls
Photo Credits: Forbidden Vancouver

Gastown seems to be a perfect gift for any history buffs visiting Vancouver. This historic town delivers a mystical and vintage vibe of a typical Europe-like neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a brand new way to explore Gastown in your own way, it’s time to let history do its job! 

Visiting Gastown at night is not enough if you skip the unique experience of the Lost Souls of Gastown Tour. More than just a tour, this nightlife activity takes you back to the early days of Gastown and makes your flesh creep with the stories of revenge, murder, and crit. During the tour, you will navigate through the dark alleyways and backside buildings with a top storyteller who can hypnotize you with the tales of deadly fire, smallpox, and crimes.

All you need to do is venture through the cobblestone streets of Gastown with a local posh-looking storyteller and bring the history of Vancouver back to life!

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2. Play Pinball and Arcade Games At Colony

Vancouver night time activities colony bar
Photo Credits: Colony Bar

Do you know that there’s a spot Vancouver where you can get some booze and play arcade in the same building? If you’re into some simple happiness or finding a common kind of fun with the fellas, then Colony Bar is the right place for you.

Colony Bar is located in downtown Granville Street. Most people know of the pub as a paradise for a night out with friends, tons of beers on tap, and a load of fun.

Address: 965 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3

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3. Watch a Live Show at the Best Theater 

Vancouver night time activities pacific theatre
Photo Credits: Pacific Theatre

Having some spare time at night and not ready for bed just yet? Why not hunt for a ticket for some of the best night shows in Vancouver? Metro Vancouver is a real paradise of performing arts and theaters of all genres where you can wind down and relax at the end of the day.

Pacific Theater is a nice theater in a historical church where you can keep up with plays and shows in religious themes. Check out Queen Elizabeth Theater in downtown Vancouver if you’re into Broadway shows, pop-rock, opera, and dance performances!

Pacific Theater

Address: 1440 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6H 1M8.

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Queen Elizabeth Theater

Address: 630 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5N6.


4. Watch Sunset from a Dining Cruise

Vancouver night time activities harbour cruise
Photo Credits: Harbour Cruises

If you’re traveling to Vancouver with your significant other, don’t let the romance of Vancouver nightlife go to waste! Harbor Dinner Cruise gives you a one-of-a-kind experience like no where else. More than just a romantic dinner, this leisurely dinner cruise sails you through the stunning waterfront where you can admire the distant mountains and West Vancouver skyline lit up at night. 

Freshly made buffet, nostalgic orchestra, and the dazzling waterfront view all come together to enhance your nightlife experience in Vancouver.

Address: 501 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2W9.

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5. Get Roasted by a Comedian

Vancouver night time activities yuk yuk
Photo Credits: scoutpat

Getting weary after all of those walking activities during the day? Let’s sit and indulge in some laugh actions with our local and international jokesters! Home to a myriad of venues where you can catch both big names and amateur talents ready to crack you up with just a few lines. 

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club and The Comedy Mix are some of the best venues in town where you are entertained by the top stand-up comedians. At the end of the day, a good sense of humor that goes along with a professional service and some good drinks are totally worth your time!

Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club

Address: 2837 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y8.

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The Comedy Mix

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6. Go Shopping on Robson Street

Neighbourhood Guidebook robson street

Strolling through the vivid boutique stores after dusk is an all-time favorite activity for all of us. Don’t return home disappointed by not checking out Robson Street, one of the biggest and liveliest shopping neighborhoods in Vancouver!

Open until late at night, Robson Street is a real heaven on Earth for all girls and boys with an impressive line-up of designer offerings nestled by local selections. Feel free to drop by Robson when the sun beams down, throw an early dinner, and save the rest of the night for your retail therapy in Vancouver!

7. Explore the Craft Beer World at Craft Beer Market Restaurant

Vancouver night time activities craft beer
Photo Credits: Craft Beer Market

Who’s here for some craft beers? We all know that Vancouver has some of the richest craft beer scenes in the entire Canada, and it will be a waste if you forget Craft Beer Market Restaurant when in Vancouver.

The restaurant is set in the historic Salt Building serving you a full-on mix of tasty finger food and excellent drinks. At Craft Beer Market Restaurant, you will find a true definition of New North American Classic Cuisine accompanying the classic lagers and obscure ales. 

With 100 beers on tap ready to quench your thirst, Craft Beer Market Restaurant is always packed with visitors and white collars finding a true nightlife in Vancouver after work. Our go-to order would be Maisel’s Weisse, an authentic Bavarian wheat beer with a touch of German clove aroma.

Address: 85 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3K8.

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8. Make a Bet at River Rock Casino

Vancouver night time activities richmond riverrock casino
Photo Credits: River Rock Casino Resort

Want to try your luck after dining? River Rock Casino has everything it takes to be your favorite night place in Vancouver. Housing all three services under one roof, River Rock Casino allows you to dine in, play some games and manage your bankrolls. Is there anything better than sampling on some grilled dishes while throwing your maximum bet in the house? Hit straight to River Rock Casino tonight and spend your extra bucks!

Address: 8811 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 3P8, Canada.

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Things to Do in Vancouver at Night during Summer 

9. Discover Richmond Night Market

Vancouver night time activities richmond night market
Photo Credits: sirinasu

This spectacular night market is an exclusive summer activity. If you’re visiting Vancouver during summer, it would be a big mistake if you skip this weekend fair! Known as the largest and busiest night market across North America, Richmond Night Market opens a door to a full exploration of worldwide cuisines, folk games, and on-stage entertainment shows.

Address: 8351 River Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4.

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Things to Do in Vancouver at Night during Winter

10. Go Ice Skating at Night

best activities in vancouver during winter robson ice rink
Photo Credits: tinachinpics

Who doesn’t love ice skating in wintertime? We must say that Vancouver is one of the top places in Canada hosting a wide range of snowy activities, and ice skating is one of the most sought-after night activities during the coldest months of the year.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, you don’t have to make your way to the mountains just to get this kind of fun. Britannia Rink on Napier is available all year round to fulfill you whenever you start getting itchy feet. Other than that, Robson Square Rink is another hot spot for ice skating fanatics. This huge seasonal outdoor ice rink in Vancouver is open from late November to the end of February. 

Britannia Rink

Address: 1661 Napier St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4X4.

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Robson Square Rink

Address: 800 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B7.


11. Go Night Skiing/Boarding at Cypress

Vancouver night time activities cypress mountain
Photo Credits: Cypress Mountain

Skiing always adds in a special charm for everyone’s winter hobbies but night skiing is even more unique! The whole experience is taken to a new level when the lit-up scenery shines through as you’re shredding the gnar down the snowy slope.

Cypress Mountain is one of the largest ski resorts all over Canada where night skiing is a big thing. Skiing after sundown may sound bizarre for some of you but it will be a brand new experience if you know how to do it right!

Everything feels different at night because you’re cruising the slopes under the stars in a way less crowded ambiance. Are you ready to stand at the top of the hill and look down on the lights of the far-away pine trees?

Address: 6000 Cypress Bowl Rd, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3N9.

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12. Explore the Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver night time activities canyon lights capilano suspension bridge
Photo Credits: irenastories

Shredding the snowy slopes and sipping on hot chocolate are not the only kinds of fun you can reward yourself in this festive season. Hit the Capilano Suspension Bridge from November to January to catch the dazzling atmosphere of winter before ringing in the new year!

Wintertime puts a brand new look on Capilano Suspension Bridge Park with an illuminated display. Around 500.000 lights are gathered to complement the beauty of the park by nightfall. All the dazzling lights turn into an assortment of unique and playful decorations, which lets you enjoy the festive vibe of Christmas to the fullest.

Address: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1.

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13. Walk through the Lights at Grouse Mountain  

Grouse Mountain Guide christmas lights
Photo Credits: witandfolly

And guess what? Capilano Suspension Bridge is not the only place to bring you the best light show in Vancouver. Grouse Mountain is another hot spot in town that attracts travelers with its iconic Light Walk. 

When the sun beams down and the mountain is covered with snow, the stunning Light Walk appears to lead you through the woods with its light installation. This is a short trail enclosed by pine trees and only shows its finest beauty after dark.

It would be a great idea to save the Light Walk as a pleasant spare time activity at night with your date after rocking Grouse Mountain for the whole day! 

Address: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9.

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14. Admire the Festival of Lights at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Vancouver night time activities festival of lights
Photo Credits: Van Dusen Gardens

VanDusen Botanical Garden is a year-round hot spot but it only becomes liveliest during winter, especially with the Festivals of Lights. This festive event can be seen as one of the most expected times in the year with choir songs filling the air and families holding hands under the Christmas lights.

Without a doubt, night time makes the festive scene even more dazzling. Get ready to bundle up to hit the garden when night falls and stroll around millions of plants, pine trees, and castles formed by the installation of lights! Don’t forget to check out the scheduled dancing light shows and photo op with Santa Claus if you’re exploring Vancouver at night with kids!

Address: 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1.

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That being said, Vancouver is not only fun during the day but also filled with a great nightlife. It’s time to pick your favorite things to do at night in Vancouver above and liberate your inner fun-having creature!

All that’s left to do right now is scanning through these 14 things you should never do when in Vancouver to get ready for the best trip ahead!

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