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Animal Lovers Can Get Fined $10,000 In Richmond For Doing This Simple Thing

A sign, found in a Richmond B.C. parking lot along Garden City Rd, has recently taken Richmond’s subreddit by storm.

Imagine getting fined more for feeding birds than for some traffic violations!

Yes, you read that right.

Photo credits: letsfreakengooo Reddit

In Richmond, BC, there’s a bylaw that slaps you with a maximum fine of $10,000 for feeding pigeons or other birds if it creates a nuisance.

That’s more than 8 times more than a speeding ticket (~$140) or a ticket from the transit police for evading fares (~$175).

This bylaw is found in the Animal Control Regulation Bylaw No. 7932.

This unusual rule, outlined in Section, prohibits feeding birds in a way that disturbs others’ peace or enjoyment of their property.

Bylaw No. 7932 A person must not feed pigeons or other birds in such a manner as to constitute a nuisance or disturb or interfere with the quiet, peace, or enjoyment of another person’s property.

Violating this bylaw could mean a whopping $10,000 maximum fine, making it a costly mistake if you’re not careful.

The subreddit comments section is buzzing with jokes like, “A bigger fine than killing someone with your car,” and, “If only it were actually enforced. The city would be swimming in money.”

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But don’t worry, it’s not just any bird feeding that gets you in trouble.

The key here is causing a nuisance or disturbance, which could potentially mean creating safety issues in a parking lot or bothering nearby residents.

The bylaw does not include a specific definition of what is considered a “nuisance” though.

And ofcourse – it is very unlikely this bylaw would be enforced by whoever is managing the parking lot, unless it becomes a big massive issue.

This got us curious about other quirky rules in the Animal Control Regulation.

Here are a few gems:

  • Rabbit Limits: You can keep a maximum of two rabbits in any type of dwelling. So, bunny lovers, keep your collections small. (Section
  • Pigeon and Exotic Bird Rules: If you’re in a single-family dwelling, you can have up to five pigeons. But if you’re in a multi-family dwelling (that’s any building with two or more units), no pigeons for you! The same rules apply to exotic birds. (Sections and

These regulations might seem odd, but we suppose they’re all part of keeping the community peaceful and enjoyable for everyone.

So, next time you’re tempted to toss some breadcrumbs to the birds in Richmond, think twice.

Your wallet might thank you!