Vancouver’s Holiday Delights: Discover the City’s Finest Christmas Cakes and Treats

As the holiday spirit envelops Vancouver, the city transforms into a wonderland for those with a sweet tooth.

From traditional yule logs to innovative gingerbread creations, Vancouver’s bakeries and patisseries are serving up a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Here are 7 spots offering some holiday delights!

1. Beaucoup Bakery

Photo credits: Amy Ho

Step into a holiday fairy tale with Beaucoup Bakery’s Nutcracker Sweets collection. Indulge in new yule log flavors, festive bonbons, and a special cookie box.

Plus, savory charcuterie croissants for a tasty twist!

Date: Starting November 24, 2023
Address: 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 3B5 | St. Regis Hotel, 602 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1Y6
Menu: Beaucoup Bakery Winter Collection
Reserve Now: Pre-order online for pickup

2. BETA5 Chocolates

BETA5 Chocolates’ Gingerbread Stroopwafel Polygon Bar, a silver medalist at the International Chocolate Awards, is back!

This holiday favorite, with Valrhona milk chocolate, gingerbread spices, and toffee bits, is a delightful treat.

Plus, check out their creamy caramel ganache and festive cream puff tree!

Date: Available throughout December
Address: 409 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Menu: BETA5 Chocolates Collection
Reserve Now: Order online or visit the cafe (open Tues-Sat, 10am-6pm/Fri, 10am-5pm)

3. Chez Christophe

Get ready for a sweet holiday treat at Chez Christophe! Celebrate their 10th anniversary with a magical chocolate collection featuring “Chez Santa,” “Chef Penguin,” and “Chocolatier Reindeer” masterpieces.

Don’t miss their Bûche de Noël, perfect for your festive table. Limited editions available, so pre-order now!

Date: Pickup on December 23 & 24
Address: 4717 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C 2K8 and 1558 Johnston Rd, White Rock, BC V4B 3Z7
Reserve Now: Order here

4. Unni Pastries

Your go-to spot for the holidays! Pre-order Holiday Gift Boxes & Sweets for December and January.

Don’t miss out on their Snowman Strawberry Cake & Rudolph Chocolate Strawberry Cake.

Date: Available until Jan 15
Location: 1773 Robson St, Vancouver BC
Reserve Now: Order here

5. Trafiq Cafe & Bakery

Photo credits: Trafiq

A cozy spot on Main St since 2011, invites you to indulge in their mouth-watering Chocolate Raspberry Cake. This treat layers rich chocolate cake with vibrant raspberry mousse and creamy cheesecake, all encased in smooth chocolate ganache and topped with raspberry namelaka.

Perfect for a sweet escape or to celebrate a special occasion.

Date: Available now
Address: 4216 Main Street, Vancouver BC
Phone #: (604) 648-2244
Reserve now: Order online

6. Mon Paris Pâtisserie

Photo credits: Nora Hamade

Add a dash of Parisian flair to your holiday feast with Mon Paris Pâtisserie’s stunning Yule Logs.

Available in three delightful flavours – Jolly Raspberry Chocolate, Blissful Black Forest, and Caramel Pecan Coffee – these exquisite desserts are sure to impress your guests.

Date: Pick up on December 23rd or 24th
Address: 4396 Beresford St., Burnaby, B.C.
Price: $45 – $55
Menu: Mon Paris Holiday Collection
Phone #: 604-564-5665
Reserve Now: Pre-order online or in-store at Mon Paris Pâtisserie

7. Thomas Haas Chocolates

Get ready for a sweet surprise! Popular Thomas Haas has various festive treats to enjoy! The Truffle Tree is a unique, handcrafted chocolate delight, adorned with delicious handmade truffles.

Or amazing handcrafted chocolate ornaments that are filled with yummy cocoa nib crunch and salted caramel chocolates

Date: Available now
Address: 2539 West Broadway, Vancouver BC
Reserve Now: Order here

As our sweet tour of Vancouver’s Christmas treats comes to a close, we’re left with a heart full of joy and a palate enriched with festive flavours.

We hope this journey has inspired you to explore these delightful confections and add a touch of Vancouver’s festive spirit to your holiday celebrations.

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