Vessi Review – Must Read Before Buying

Quick Verdict
With raving reviews, Vessi shoes took the market by storm, making people wonder if they really live up to the hype.

Well, they do! And before anything, we had to know if the shoes are really waterproof; spoiler alert: they are WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE too. They are capable of keeping your feet dry and fresh even in the wettest of conditions, rain or snow.

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Best For Walking
Best For Boot Lovers
Best For Casual Activities
Best For Boot Lovers
Best For Casual Activities


Waterproof like it claims
Lightweight and breathable fabric
100% vegan
Designed for year-round use
Available in a variety of styles


No half sizes available
Not suitable for high-intensity activities
Some might find the snug fit uncomfortable

Oh yes, we did jump into puddles and placed the shoes under running tap water to see if they really work and are waterproof. To our surprise, they worked well in keeping our feet dry, which left us stunned because most shoes that are advertised to be waterproof usually tend to be of subpar standard, but not these shoes.

Vessis (that’s what the brand calls its shoes!) are also lightweight, especially when compared to your regular rain boots or winter boots, and are 100% vegan.

Let’s be honest, how many times have you walked home in the rain, and experienced that horrible soaked squeaky and squishy feeling in your feet, and noticed your shoes getting heavier after absorbing all the water? One too many times, probably!

This is why Vessi shoes, marketed as The World’s First Waterproof Shoes, got us excited.

So, after trying the shoes ourselves, and going through Vessi shoes reviews online, here is what we have to say about the brand and its products.

Who is Vessi?

Photo credits: Vessi

Vessi was founded in 2018 by three Vancouverites – Andy Wang, Tony Yu, and Mikaella Go, after their lifelong struggles with rainy weather and soaking sneakers. Though their main issue was with rain-soaked socks, their research and innovation led them to create a waterproof sneaker that can be worn anywhere.

They wanted to create a sneaker that not only looked stylish and was comfortable to wear, but also prevented their socks from getting soaked, and kept their feet sweat-free.

With Vessi, they managed to achieve everything on the list.

Where are Vessi Products Made?

Vessi shoes are designed in Vancouver, Canada, and manufactured in China, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Vietnam, in Oeko-Tex certified, ISO 14001 compliant, GRS certified, and BlueSign certified facilities.

Are Vessi Shoes Really 100% Waterproof?

It’s hard to imagine that a pair of shoes can be 100% waterproof. We were skeptical even after seeing all the ads and claims. So when we got our pair, we had to put it to the test.

Surprisingly, yes, the Vessi shoes are 100% waterproof thanks to the company’s patented Dyma-tex technology. We submerged our whole foot into a muddy duck pond by the park and was stunned to see (and feel) our foot safe from the murky water.

We tried it several times and each time it worked like the ads say.

What’s different about this Dyma-tex technology compared to typical waterproof materials is that it is directly combined into the knit. It leaves behind thousands of nano-sized pores, the mere size of which keeps water from entering the shoes while allowing heat and sweat to escape.

Bonus – it’s just the technology and no harsh chemicals, sprays, or coatings.

Vessi Shoes Review

1. Everyday Classics

Vessi Everyday Classic

Perfect for daily use, rain or shine, and to be your companion for a stroll around the city or park.

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The Everyday Classic is Vessi’s flagship sneaker to be launched with their patented Dyma-Tex technology. What we like most about these sneakers is their minimal design, as it allows us to style them with typically any outfit and for any occasion, making them extremely versatile. In fact, the Classics are classy enough to be worn to work, if they practice a modern/casual dress code.

The upper knit is flexible and breathable, which means no sweaty feet. The midsole is VZero2, which gives your feet nice cushioning so you can wear them all day long. We also felt that these sneakers provided better arch support, thanks to their upgraded design, which again helped with day-long wearing.

Who is it best for? As the name suggests, the Everyday Classics are perfectly suitable for daily use, rain or shine. These sneakers have all the aspects to keep your feet fresh and comfortable, without any fatigue even after hours of wearing them.

2. Weekend Chelsea Boots

Vessi Weekend Chelsea

Get extra protection and coverage from the rain, without having to put up with the weight of your regular rain boots.

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Vessi’s first-ever boot silhouette, the Weekend Chelsea boots come as a reliable combination of a daily-wear shoe and rain boot in one. The knit of these boots is also stretchy, similar to the slip-ons discussed above, and they are easily the easiest to put on than any other boots we’ve tried or owned.

These boots are much lighter than your regular pair of rain boots, and along with the stretchy fabric, and flexible design, they made us feel like we were wearing comfy slippers rather than boots. They come with rubber soles for traction, and their waterproof nature again steals the show.

Who is it best for? While all the Vessis are waterproof, why would you need the Weekend Chelseas per se? Well, these are for those days when you need extra protection and coverage from the rains, without having to put up with the weight of your regular rain boots. And, they look good too!

3. Weekend Sneakers

Vessi Weekend Sneakers

Suitable for just about anyone looking for a comfortable, functional, stylish, waterproof, & easy-to-maintain sneaker.

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The Vessi Weekend Sneakers also feature the same patented waterproof knit as their other shoes. It has the classic silhouette of your typically everyday sneakers but with more upgraded features. The use of Dyma-tex technology makes these sneakers repel water, making them perfect for rainy days.

At the same time, the technology also lets heat and sweat escape, thereby keeping your feet cool during the warm summer days, and allowing you to wear them all day without having to worry about stinky feet.

Even though the Weekend Sneakers have laces, they are actually slip-ons; however, you can still use the laces to adjust the fit.

More importantly, these sneakers are machine-washable, which means no matter how messy they get, you can simply throw them in your washing machine and let them air dry before your next use. No stains, no bad odor!

Who is it best for? A sneakerhead, student, or office-goer, the Vessi Weekend Sneakers are suitable for just about anyone looking for a comfortable, functional, stylish, waterproof, and easy-to-maintain sneaker.

Vessi’s Warranty Policy

Photo source: Vessi Website

Vessis come with a 365-day warranty on any manufacturing defects. However, this warranty does not cover issues caused by:

  • Exposing the shoes to harsh chemicals.
  • Modifying the shoes.
  • Defects caused by excessive wear and tear.

How Vessi Are Packaged

If you compare the generic Nike or Adidas shoe packaging, unboxing a pair of Vessis is definitely a more memorable experience. From the box design to the tissue paper to the card, you’ll see bits of Vessi’s character shine.

It is the little details that make a what we know a stale shoe unboxing, to be more exciting! I knew right away that I had made an excellent choice when I saw my sleek black Everyday Classics inside the box.

Are Vessi Shoes Worth It?

Based on our experience with Vessi shoes, we would say, yes, they are worth it. If the fact that they are priced slightly higher is the reason for your hesitation, you should be happy knowing that the value you get is totally worth your money.

Vessi Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vessi true to size?

Yes, Vessi shoes are true to size. However, note that they don’t offer half sizes; therefore, you might have to go a size up to find your comfortable fit.

Do Vessi shoes work in the snow?

Since Vessi shoes are waterproof, they have the ability to keep your feet dry in snow, as long as the snow doesn’t get inside the shoes and reach your feet. But, they are not an alternative to your winter snow boots.

Do you wear socks with Vessi shoes?

Wearing socks with Vessi shoes is purely your personal preference. Even if you choose not to, you will still feel comfortable in them due to the soft and breathable material. The brand does suggest that wearing socks can “improve comfort and prevent early wear”.

To be honest, Vessi shoes surprised us – firstly, with their waterproof nature, and secondly, with their breathability and comfort. When we realized that the shoes were indeed waterproof, we thought “this is it! They cannot surprise us anymore!”.

But, the Vessis proved us wrong and surprised us yet again by making us feel comfortable wearing them all day long, in different conditions.

Whether it is “Raincouver’s” sudden downpour that you’re worried about, or have been looking for an all-in-one sneaker for a long time now, you’ll have your needs met with Vessi.