Asia’s Leading Fitness Youtuber Launches Live Workout App, FIO

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Can you tell us about yourself?

[Joanna] I am Joanna Soh and I am Asia’s Leading Fitness YouTuber. I started my channel 6 years ago and at present my channel has over 1.5 million subscribers with over 130 millions views.

I am a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Nutrition Coach and Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM). With over 9 years of fitness experience, I strongly believe that leading a happy, healthy and balanced life starts from within.

I create everything from home workout videos, to simple, delicious recipes, meal preps, workout plan as well as nutritional tips. Believe it or not, I’ve created more than 400 videos! It’s been an extremely fulfilling journey for myself knowing that my videos are reaching out and changing lives across the world. I have viewers from America to the UK, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Canada and more.

I am also the creator and founder of Fio, a leading and growing fitness app in Asia.

Why did you decide to create FIO?

[Joanna] I believe that looking after yourself starts from home. Hence, why I started my YouTube channel. I wanted to make fitness accessible and easy for everybody, no matter where you are. You can workout from home, at the gym or even at work. I also believe that healthy eating habits start from home. However, with my YouTube channel, I was only able to upload videos once a week.

With FIO, my mission is to get my audience active, driven and motivated every single day with fun, engaging and effective workouts.

Users will get access to full-length workout classes every single day, ranging from high-intensity circuit to strength training, bodyweight cardio, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, mobility work and more. These classes are suitable for all fitness levels. So no matter what your starting point is or what your fitness goals are, there are classes catered for you.

“They [the workouts] are GENUINE, NO NONSENSE & RAW! We’ll sweat and see results together!”


What makes FIO different from other fitness apps?

[Joanna] The coaches and I will be working out “live” with you just like a class. We feel your burn while pushing you and keeping you motivated. No voice overs, looping a workout or funky editing!


We’ll sweat and see results together! ??

Our top hit is the #fiodailychallenge where we challenge the users to perform a 1-minute exercise every day. Users upload and share the video onto Instagram, and we reward them with amazing prizes every month. The response has been incredible so far and it has been so inspiring to watch people from across the globe connecting with the same vision of improving themselves through the #fiodailychallenge.

On top of that, you also get to choose customised workout programmes, ranging from one week to a month long. You also have access to super easy, quick and healthy recipes to support you through your fitness journey.

How would you suggest a beginner to use FIO?

[Joanna] Start by joining in our daily workout classes to get moving, as well as our #fiodailychallenge. There are monthly prizes to be won to keep you motivated! Get connected with the Fio community by supporting each other through your fitness journey.

Looking to kickstart your fitness journey?

Try out Joanna’s fitness app, Fio, and follow along her Live daily workouts. Beginner friendly and advanced workouts available!

Joanna’s Top 3 Tips to Keep Fit and Eat Healthy in 2019


Move every day no matter how little time you have.

You can choose to walk more, rather than driving; or fit in a quick 10 minutes workout in the morning


It can be extremely overwhelming if you think that you have to prep all your meals every single day.

Take it one step at a time and start by prepping just one meal to begin with. That can either be having breakfast at home or cooking dinner after work. Slowly add on another meal once you feel that you can manage.

It is all about taking one positive step at a time.


I believe that you NEED to have fun. Yes, we want to achieve results. Aside from just focusing on the goal, what is even more important is the journey of getting there. Make your journey fun and learn through it.

Pick the types of workout you enjoy, discover more about your habits and maybe even pick up new cooking skills – you’d be surprised with what you’re capable of.

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