Step Into Another World – Richmond Is Getting A New 2D Teahouse & Cafe

Everybody in Richmond seems to be keeping tight-lipped about Mountain Teahouse, an upcoming 2D teahouse and cafe.

Just months ago one of our friends alerted us that an exciting new 2D-themed cafe was opening up in the more secluded parts of the city.

But with no website or Instagram associated with the teahouse, we drive by to see just how close it is to opening.

The 2D Cafe Trend

2D cafes are nothing new, as they’ve been popping up in places like Seoul, Tokyo, Los Angeles and more for years. But with Richmond seriously lacking in cafes and Metro Vancouver being filled with generic hipster coffeehouses, a comic-inspired interior is a refreshing change.

The charm of it being located in the middle of nowhere totally adds to it as well.

Entering a 2D cafe feels like you’ve stepped into a whole different world – like a real-life comic book. The unique atmosphere is created by stripping away all the vivid colors and details that you’d expect from an ordinary coffee shop, instead replacing it with stark whites and bold black lines that look as if they’ve been doodled onto the walls.

The cafe is located right next to Clip n’ Climb, an indoor family-friendly climbing centre with 2 dozen walls and other contraptions to scale up on.

Peeking through the window, we found that the interior was mostly complete; the walls and counter were decked out in that black doodle-like lines, and a pastry case is seen. But unlike other 2D cafes, Mountain Teahouse does completely shy away from colours or patterns, as seen by the splash of yellow and ceiling pattern.

Judging from the exterior of the building, the teahouse may have 2 or 3 levels. as well!

One the sides of the building, words like “yogurt”, “smoothie”, “croissant”, “parfait” and “coffee” have been drawn out – likely these are some of their core offerings.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a massive sports arena being built steps from the cafe. Posters plastered on the arena suggest that you’ll be able to enjoy futsal, squash, padel, badminton, and pickleball inside.

Although the area may be a bit secluded, the tea house is at a prime location for parents to grab a treat while their kids go off for activities next door.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more about its opening date.

For now you can keep track of all the new and upcoming food spots in the city by going to our tracker here.

Address: 1751 Savage Rd Suite 120, Richmond, BC V6V 3A9