Bada: New Korean Seafood Restaurant Concept Opening In Downtown Vancouver This Month

For over a month we’ve been eyeing a particular unit in the West End.

One that had its lights off for a while now.

But finally, we know what’s opening up!

Soon the West End will welcome Bada, a new Korean seafood joint from Jones Chan and his partner Anthony Oh – who took over the beloved Damso on Denman Street a few years ago.

Jones told Noms Magazine that the name “Bada,” which means sea or ocean in Korean, reflects the essence of their menu.

It will focus on a variety of seafood dishes and are designed to pair perfectly with drinks and alcohol.

Our Damso classic menu items include Pork Belly and Beef Short Ribs, we wanted our second location to focus on seafood dishes.

Jones Chan, Co-owner Bada

From Korean sashimi and seafood wraps drenched in unique sauces to hearty seafood stews and noodle dishes, both spicy and mild, Bada By Damso is gearing up to be a hotspot.

They’re even putting a Korean twist on classic seafood dishes—think fresh oysters topped with Korean beef tartare, and sumptuously baked lobster tails.

Taking over the former Seafood Shake unit, Bada is a small 25-seater illuminated by neon lights, creating a vibrant atmosphere perfect for night-time dining.

According to Jones, the restaurant will open for dinner and late night at the start. Lunch hours will come later.

He further shared with Noms Magazine that the Bada will be soft opening sometime this month in May.

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Address: 1680 Robson Street, Vancouver BC