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Gimme The Juice! Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice And The Best Juice Cleanses in Vancouver

The juicing scene in Vancouver is as real as it can get. It’s no secret that Vancouver, overall, is a health-conscious city, having bike lanes and plenty of walking trails, hosting farmers markets and various organic stores. So, it’s no wonder that us Vancouverites have, very openly, adopted a healthier take on maximizing nutrient intake—you got it, in juice form.

Now, this isn’t a “new” concept by any means, in fact, juicing has taken flight quite a few years ago. What is amazing is the multitude of businesses that are growing and popping up around the city. Just as once was pho, then sushi, now juice shops are literally on every street you turn on. You cannot walk too far without having an option available to you.

With no complaints, that is. For two reasons: healthiness and they taste pretty darn good.

What’s So Good About Juicing?

When you hit up a juice shop, you are provided with healthy options, incredibly nutrient-dense beverages, snacks or lunches, as well as health products that are completely GMO-free, rich in fibre, rich in antioxidants, and all the stuff we need more of.

If you don’t know if juicing is for you, here are some of the touted benefits of enjoying a cold-pressed juice:

  • Assists your body’s natural detoxification process, in fact, it boosts it (source)
  • Boosts immunity by providing your body nutrients that fight toxins (source)
  • Increases energy since there is no breakdown needed, nutrients reach the blood instantly (source)
  • Aids meeting your daily intake requirement of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Provides more mental clarity since energy is reaching the brain quicker as well (source)

These are just a few of the things many nutrition experts, fitness experts and health buffs alike declare about cold-pressed juices. In terms of weight loss, while juicing can help in weight management, it’s highly recommended to adopt it as an overall healthy lifestyle choice vs. depending on it for weight loss. (source)

CleanseDetoxification thejuicetruck
Photo credit: The Juice Truck

“We’re one of the only cafes in the world to cold-press juice fresh per order. Most other companies only offer bottled cold-pressed juice. Having it fresh off the press is the most nutrient dense, flavour forward way to have a juice! ”


Juicing Programs To Save The Day or Week!

Other than just popping into grabbing a juice or a smoothie on the fly, when you need a fix (which is totally acceptable), you can actually take part in a juicing program or cleanse. The purpose of a cleanse is really to restore balance or to kickstart your health and internal digestion.

Juice cleanses are all the rage, in terms of detoxification and boosting your system. The idea is to drink a defined set of juices for a number of days. Each juice in the program is pre-picked and designated for a reason (increased energy, gut-check, focus, etc.).

There are a number of amazing juice shops around Vancouver, as mentioned. However, to help you narrow it down to a few select ones to look towards for a cleanse, I have rounded up some of the best ones in Vancity to get your juice on.

The following choices all offer delivery options, so the juicing can get underway without you having to leave your front door.

1.) The Juice Truck

Juice Truck offers a 3, 5 and 7-day juice program. The 3-day being the most popular and recommended for those that are new to juicing or have some inflammation/digestive issues. Their lineups vary based on the intensity of the cleanse, the 7-day being recommended for those who regularly workout and looking to take some rest to do this detox. In all cases, a day to day breakdowns is given.

The cool thing about Juice Truck is the variety. The juices cover everything under the rainbow (literally) and even offer a recipe book. Also, it’s likely you have seen their juices in various health stores, or even on wheels (there is also a food truck and a smoothie cart downtown).

The Juice Truck is definitely a giant in the Vancouver juice scene, and with good reason, delicious, easy to pick out what you want…and if you venture away from the juices to try their in-house smoothies, well you will realize why they are as big as they are.


  • 4236 Main Street, 28 W 5th Ave, Vancouver BC
  • 1022 Mainland Avenue, Vancouver BC
  • Truck-Corner of W. Cordova St. & Cambie St.
  • Smoothie Cart-Corner of Robson & Burrard Street

Website | Instagram | Facebook

“The 3-day Juice Cleanse is the perfect place to start. For first-timers, we recommend adding a few plant-based meals to your order. Some prefer going strictly juice, but we always emphasize that adding raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is A-Okay to help you through your cleanse. ”


2.) Glory Juice Co.

Glory Juice creates the cleanse but lets you hold some choices. Their cleanses are based on needs vs. only number of days: Active, Glory, and Green cleanses all contain a series of selected juices that have to be drank in order.

For each cleanse you have the option to do it for 1, 3, 5, or 7 days. All have their specific roles, however, the Active cleanse comes with an extra shot (the E3 Live shot) aimed at detox and bringing the body back to optimal energy levels.

Glory Juice is popping up at a lot of local places including Nordstrom, Donnelly Group venues, and the UBC Hero Market. So people are definitely picking up what they are putting down, and I, personally, am loving it too!


  • 2186 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC
  • 78 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver BC
  • 100 – 1066 West Hastings, Vancouver BC
  • 437 Davie Street, Vancouver BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

“Personally, I love the nutritional balance that our higher-protein Active Cleanse provides. Its combination of juices and nut mylks ensure that you remain satiated throughout the day, even if you’re physically active throughout the day. The inclusion of the “Magic Switchel” refresher also ensures that you keep a sustained level of hydration throughout the cleanse.

For first-time cleansers, we always recommend our Starter Cleanse program. Its wide range of juices will help to keep your palate satisfied to mitigate unwanted cravings and the natural fruit sugars support sustained energy throughout the day.”


3.) MELU Juice & Health Bar

Before we mention the types of cleanses, you may notice this is a place that also offers wholesome, full meals. As such, their cleanses are unique in that they are not always just juice but may incorporate soups as well. There are 1, 3 and 5-day juice cleanses, as well as a Super Greens cleanse (also 1, 3 and 5-day options), as well as a 3, 5 and 7-day juice + soup cleanse.

Lots of options but what I loved is that you have the option to do a cleanse with some food if you do not think you can make it through the day with only juices.

So a little something for everyone!

Also, anything for 3 days includes detox water (Melu’s personal remix of apple cider vinegar to boost your inners). Their own detox water!

Yup, Melu is definitely one of the best in the market, both based on taste and their wide offerings.

Want to know more about MELU and how to keep your immune system at tip-top shape? Read our feature with MELU here.

Location: 1110 West Pender Street

Website | Instagram | Facebook

“MELU was founded on the premise that we all need to nourish our bodies with sufficient nutrients, and a large variety of fruits and vegetables regardless of busy life gets […] I would recommend grabbing a few green or fruit juices on the go. Because it is so hard to consume enough vegetables in our daily routine. ”


4.) The Leafy Box

The options are a 1,2,3,or 5 day cleanse.

All the cleanses follow the same juices essentially, alternating between varying types of the ‘greens’ juices. So no matter what, you will always get a bunch of greens in your daily regime. There is a pre-cleanse protocol recommended, and each of their juices is loaded with enzymes, all to get what needs to move, well…moving.

The overall aim/focus is to restore alkaline balance in the body and ensure optimal digestion and metabolism.

The cool thing about these juices is they are completely handmade.

Location: 1155 Pacific Blvd., Vancouver BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5.) Be Fresh/ The Juice Box

If you are overwhelmed by the choices, then Be Fresh actually simplifies your choices. Only having two cleanses The Chief and The Grind, each available only for either 1 day or 3 days.

So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned juicer, there really is an option that can work for either. The main difference between these cleanses is that the Chief (the most popular) is the original one aimed at overall health and balance, whereas the Grind is the one that is more intense in detoxification and internal deep clean.

The Juice Box just gets to the point and draws out what you need.


  • 1900 West 1st Ave, Vancouver BC
  • 2951 W. Broadway, Vancouver BC
  • 3603 Main St., Vancouver BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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