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10 Best Breakfast Spots In Victoria To Start Your Day Right (+what to order)

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If you’re in Victoria, some yummy breakfast to start the day is just within your reach! With our help, you don’t have to waste time! You can easily spot the breakfast restaurants worth the morning drive. 

If you’re ready to start your day right, you definitely need to go to one of these 10 best breakfast Victoria has to offer and what to order at each:

1. Spoons Diner

The Mac Attack | Photo credits: Spoons Diner

With vintage interior and pop-culture decor, Spoons Diner is a quirky neighbourhood diner where you can expect to find some of the best breakfast and brunch dishes in the city. Here, you will get homemade comfort food with a modern twist, indulgence in every bite, and huge portions that could bust your gut!

Just like you would expect from a marvelous diner, Spoons serves some of the best bennies in town. The variety of options they have just in their bennies menu will leave you spoilt for choice.

Of course, you can always go with the classic eggs benedict – The Oh-So-Original – with classic ham and traditional hollandaise. But, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try The Bangkok Benny.

Your English muffins and medium poached eggs come packed with curried chicken, bell peppers, peanut butter, and candied almonds. As strange as it may sound, all the elements actually go well together, and the addition of sriracha is surprisingly delicious as well.

Spoons Diner sure knows how to keep their crowd coming back! There is an option on the menu called The Prusa; by choosing this item, you are leaving it up to the chef to surprise you by making anything they desire. All you can specify is if you are a vegetarian, and whether you prefer sweet or savory, that’s it!

This option not only keeps diners excited, but the delivery is spot on every single time. Not just that, you can also flip a coin at the end of your meal to decide if you will be paying double or nothing at all.

What to order: The Oh-So-Original, The Bangkok Benny, The Prusa

Address: 2915 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, CA V8T 4M8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Fuego Old Town Eatery

Photo credits: Fuego Old Town Eatery

Already featured on our Best Victoria Restaurants list, when you notice that an eatery gets a place in more than one of our recommendations list, you ought to know that it serves some unimaginably delicious meals.

Fuego Old Town Eatery is one place where you can relax and enjoy some mouthwatering all-day breakfast/brunch offerings. With a friendly, home-like environment, and seats with pleasant views, this Victoria brunch spot will keep you coming back.

Just like the spectacular El Porco Benny that we recommended on the other list, another noteworthy dish that you should try here is the Fuego Pancakes. As we always say, when a dish is named after its restaurant, it has got to be “to die for” and this one is!

This fun brunch option comes with two fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with pulled pork, caramelized apples, pickled red onions, and blueberry coulis – there could be no better sweet and savory combination for breakfast/brunch!

Oh, and you shouldn’t miss their Cornbread French Toast. A twist to a classic breakfast, this particular brunch item is rare to find. While the French toast with butter and syrup is slightly sweet, you get a few punches of spice in the middle from the jalapenos in the cornbread, and the taste is unique, to say the least.

What to order: El Porco Benny, Fuego Pancakes, Cornbread French Toast

Address: 1435 Store Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8V 3C6

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. John’s Place Restaurant

Photo credits: John’s Place Restaurant

One thing people love about John’s Place is that they make everything from scratch. Whether it’s herb bread, cornbread, to salad dressings, you can count on that everything is freshly made in their kitchen. The interior of the place is very artsy as different pictures are on every wall you set your eyes to. You can tell that they’ve put thought into the vibe they want to give off. 

For their food, their bestseller is no other than their Eggs Benedict. They offer generous portions and the flavour is absolutely outstanding. It is served with some classic fresh slices of ham, plus a poached egg, and some homemade hollandaise sauce with a side of golden hashbrowns. Their Like A Bat Out of Hell Meatloaf & Eggs also taste exceptional. It is moist and is flavored perfectly. It is accompanied with some marble rye, which also complements the entire meal.

You should also try out their Belgian Waffle and of course, their homemade cheese syrup. Their cheese syrup is one of their famous specialties that is just simply delicious The waffles also don’t disappoint as they are perfectly crisp. The best part? They’re gluten-free! 

What to order: Eggs Bennedict, Like a Bat Out of Hell, The Belgian Waffle, and Cheese Syrup

Address: 723 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Blue Fox Cafe

Photo credits: Blue Fox Cafe

Opened in 1991, Blue Fox Cafe was the first and foremost all-day breakfast place in Victoria, BC. This is a funky little cafe serving fresh, homemade-style breakfast/brunch food, which can be enjoyed with great music.

They have a variety of flavors in pancakes and French toast, and one flavor that we know you will love is the Oranges Del Sol. You get nicely coated French toast topped with subtly flavored vanilla bean cream, fresh navel oranges to cut the sweetness, roasted nuts for crunch, and triple sec syrup.

Their Classic Eggs Benny is described as “the best anywhere, hands down” by many diners. With the Classic, you get locally smoked ham served atop a toasted Mount Royal bagel, two soft-poached eggs, house-made hollandaise sauce, and pan fries.

When you visit the Blue Fox Cafe, you cannot miss their Organic Coffee. Choose a creation of your liking, or go with the classic espresso, your morning will be made bright!

What to order: Oranges Del Sol French Toast, Classic Eggs Benny, Coffee

Address: 101 – 919 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3K3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Looking for a place to stay in Victoria?

5. Jam Cafe

sunny side egg ontop of waffles
Photo Credits: rachelhaneats

Jam Cafe is an all-day breakfast and lunch cafe with locations in Victoria and Vancouver; their Vancouver restaurant has made it to our Best Brunch Restaurants in Vancouver list. This is a family-run cafe that serves everyday comfort food in a rustic-city atmosphere. One of the highlights of their menu is that it features multiple family style recipes that have been passed down over generations.

Breakfast or brunch bowls at the Jam Cafe are unique offerings with an amazing blend of textures and flavors.

If that excites you, try their Charlie Bowl, which contains crumbled buttermilk biscuit, hash brown, roasted tomatoes, mushroom, and more meaty goodness. While everything in the bowl works amazingly well together in terms of flavor, the pork sausage gravy takes the flavor to the next level.

If you are looking for something unique and light, try the Green Eggs and Ham. You get pesto and spinach scrambled eggs served with ham on the cafe’s famous buttermilk biscuit. The biscuit, as usual, is fresh, soft, and warm, and the green eggs taste completely unique and absolutely delicious.

What to order: The Charlie Bowl, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cracker Jack, Chicken French Toast

Address: 542 Herald Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1S6

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. The Ruby on Johnson

Photo credits: The Ruby on Johnson

The Ruby on Johnson is a restaurant that will definitely give you exactly what you need for a hearty breakfast. The atmosphere leans toward a comfy, homey, and rustic vibe. With the wallpaper on its interior and vintage type of decor, its ambiance feels just like your grandma’s home! 

If there’s one thing you should get from their menu, it’s their Brisket Benny. It is tasty and heavy on the stomach that will sure give you a full tummy to take on the day. The hollandaise sauce is creamy and makes the meal top-notch! The Beef Brisket Hash is another heavy meal you should try out. It is seasoned in the most balanced way and the crispy shredded potatoes and tasty braised brisket goes perfectly well together.

Lastly, if you’re not into heavy breakfast meals, their breakfast tacos is the one for you. We recommend the Don Chego Tacos and the Country Tash Tacos, both were extremely flavorful and are sure to take your breath away per bite! 

What to order: Brisket Benny, Beef Brisket Hash, Don Chego Tacos, and Country Tash Tacos 

Address: 642A Johnson St, Victoria, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Shanzee’s Biscuit Cafe

Photo credits: Shanzee’s Biscuit Cafe

Shanzee’s Biscuit Cafe is one of the known breakfast restaurants in Victoria. Their interior is a simple yet lively rustic looking area. They have brick walls as well as a pastel walls on the other side. They also have big windows that show the sunlight giving a bright and vibrant vibe to the restaurant. 

Their biscuits and gravy will surely remind you of home. The biscuits are moist, fresh, and buttery. The sausage gravy is absolutely to die for. It’s not overly complicated or modified and is just simple yet flavourful to the taste. With very clever variations, they offer such unique flavors. We recommend the Mind Your Biscuit, Nitty Gritty Scrambled, and the Hurricane Valley. 

You should also get their 2-2-2 breakfast. It’s basically 2 eggs, 2 bacons, and 2 blue grit pancakes. Their portion are also very large and they have the best texture. Especially the pancakes, they’re fluffy and the shot of syrup gives the perfect sweet flavor. The eggs and bacons have just the right amount of savory taste, making you want more! 

What to order: Mind Your Biscuit, Nitty Gritty Scrambled, Hurricane Valley, 2-2-2 Breakfast. 

Address: 529 Pandora Ave, Victoria

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Floyd’s Diner James Bay

The Mahoney | Photo credits: Floyd’s Diner

Floyd’s Diner has been a Victoria, BC landmark since 2004. The diner has a family-friendly, casual, and fun atmosphere, and you will catch its peppy vibe as soon as you notice the pink exterior. They serve some amazing classics as well as a few interesting meal combinations.

If you are a fan of both eggs benny and fish & chips, Floyd’s has a treat for you – Fish & Chips Benny! The beer battered fish come light and crispy, with flaky fish on the inside; the poached eggs come perfectly done. You can choose between their signature potatoes or fries, and everything on the plate is brought together by the homemade hollandaise.

If your appetite on the day you visit Floyd’s Diner James Bay is big enough to wipe out a full plate of yumminess, you should order the Lumberjack. You get 2 of everything on your plate – pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and a side of Floyd’s potatoes. After you finish this one, you’ll either have to go take a nap or do some heavy-lifting!

Like taking risks? How about giving the chef the liberty to create anything he desires for your brunch at Floyd’s? The Mahoney is their new offering curated for food rebels out there. All you need to do is order The Mahoney and mention breakfast, and you will have something unique on your plate.

What to order: Fish & Chips Benny, Lumberjack, The Mahoney, Chocolate Milkshake

Address: 332 Menzies Street, Victoria, BC V8V 2G9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Bear & Joey Cafe

Photo credits: candacejess

Known as the “neighbourhood meeting hub”, Bear & Joey Cafe is the owners’ interpretation of Sydney’s cafe culture, brought to life in Victoria, BC. The space itself is spacious and vibrant and ensures a bright start to your day. In addition to satisfying people’s caffeine cravings, they also serve some interesting dishes featuring fresh, local ingredients.

The Breakfast Sandwich at Bear & Joey Cafe is a simple yet fulfilling brunch dish you can try. Nestled inside a beetroot brioche bun ate thick slices of bacon, fried egg, tomato onion jam, and paprika aioli. The flavors blend well together and just make sense.

Oh, before you devour the sandwich, remember to click some pictures, because this is one Instagram-worthy-looking dish.

You should also try their Buttermilk Scones. Light, fluffy, and delicious scones are served with chantilly cream and house jam. A quick dessert option post brunch!

For your drink, the Rooibos Vanilla Latte will be an amazing post-brunch takeaway drink. This tea latte has a strong yet satisfying red tea flavor, is smooth, and sweet to taste.

What to order: Breakfast Sandwich, Buttermilk Scones, Rooibos Vanilla Latte

Address: 1025 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3Z9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. The Village Restaurant

Photo credits: The Village Restaurant

With four locations around Victoria, The Village is a leading all-day breakfast restaurant that offers a blend of traditional Jewish foods and breakfast favourites. In addition, their menu also features West Coast-inspired meals.

When they say Jewish foods, they really mean it! The Challah French Toast, for example, is made with the most famous Jewish bread – challah, and works really well in a French toast. The bread has a hint of cinnamon and vanilla and is grilled to a succulent consistency.

If you are a Benny lover, give their Red Barn Benny a try. Pick your base between gluten-free latkes – traditional Jewish potato fritters (our recommendation), mount royal bagel, or braised greens. Your base will be topped with crispy local bacon, avocado, sun-dried tomato pesto, and their crowd-pleasing hollandaise.

What to order: Challah French Toast, Red Barn Benny


-Estevan – 2518 Estevan Avenue, Victoria, BC
-Royal Oak – 4517 West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC
-Torquay – 4087 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC
-Chinatown – 1609 Store Street, Victoria, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Those are all the restaurants that will give you the best breakfast meals in Victoria! Make sure to drop by and to make your day brighter with some exceptional meals. If you’re more into brunch, don’t worry because we’ve also got the list just for you! Check out our list for the best brunch spots in Victoria! 

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