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10 Best Cafes In Burnaby For A Caffeine Fix And To Catch Up With A Friend

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If you’re in Burnaby and need your caffeine fix, or a quick snack, we’ve got you covered. Burnaby cafe culture is alive and thriving. Here, you’ll find a range of gorgeous cafes serving up everything from delicious baked goods and coffee, to sandwiches, pastries and more.

Check out our list of the 10 Best Burnaby Cafes, you simply must try out.

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10. Cafe 106

Photo Credits: Cafe 106

Located on the corner of Royal Oak Ave and Grimmer Street, Cafe 106 is your friendly neighbourhood spot for coffee, sweet and savoury treats, and great music. There’s a fun vibe to this spot, and the perfect place to stop for a quick lunch, or a snack.

Get the Basil Pesto Turkey, or a Grilled Tuna Melt. For something light, go for their apple-brie croissant, or some Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Pair your meal with a creamy 12ox London Fog, or some Hot Chocolate.

What to order: Basil Pesto Turkey, Grilled Tuna Melt, apple-brie croissant, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, London Fog, Hot Chocolate

Address: 6588 Royal Oak Ave Unit 106, Burnaby, BC V5H 2E6

Website | Instagram

9. Ki Cafe

Photo credits: Ki Cafe

With a rich forest theme, Ki Cafe is primarily a dessert cafe that specializes in Japanese cakes, Waffles, Bubble Tea and their specialty fresh fruit drinks. Warm, cozy and inviting, Ki Cafe is lined with shelves containing manga and figurines from popular culture. The staff is extremely accommodating and encourages you to relax and spend as much time as you would like to here. This is a great spot to meet up with a friend, or spend some quality time on your own.

Ki Cafe makes the perfect Japanese Cheese Tarts. It’s a speciality item here, soft, warm, creamy and delicious. Their Omurice – Japanese Omelette Wrapped Tomato Fried Rice is another speciality you must try. To wash it down, we recommend the Matcha Azuki, rich and creamy matcha slush topped with sweetened red bean. 

What to order: Japanese Cheese Tarts, Omurice, Matcha Azuki

Address: 105 – 6888 Royal Oak Ave Burnaby, BC V5J 4J2

Website | Instagram

8. Standing Egg Coffee

Photo credits: cravingdevil

You get an extraordinary vibe just strolling into Standing Egg Coffee. Trendy and welcoming, this spacious Korean coffee shop is the perfect spot for studying or hanging out. They have a lot of tables, and a warm mellow atmosphere. Plus, home-brewed Vienna Coffee, Dutch Coffee and Hand Drip to round off. It’s a cool spot. They even have their walls lined with artistically placed coffee machines.

The Honey Latte here is not to be missed. Pair it with their delicious Ham & Cheese Sandwich or a Chicken Panini. Get their Cortado that goes great with their selection of scrumptious handcrafted pastries. We treated ourselves to their cute “Character Macaroons” and would gladly go back for more.

Tip: They only allow for 2 hour seating.

What to order: Honey Latte, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Chicken Panini, Cortado, Character Macaroons

Address: 4501 N Road Unit 109 Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

7. Single V Coffee

Photo credits: mattkoffee

Single V is a specialty coffee shop that takes roasting coffee beans to a new level. They carefully roast coffee beans with a lot of skill to produce a variety of flavours from sweet to sour, and salty.  Revolutionizing the way to drink coffee, Single V invites you to visit and discover the various wonderful flavours they serve. For serious coffee lovers/addicts, this is the place to visit.

For exotic coffee try the Colombia Los Angeles Geisha with a floral base and hints of pomegranate and walnut. Our favourite is the Mexico Samuel Ronzon Lot with white peach, plum wine, and a cashew blend. They also serve the common coffees found everywhere and have a nice selection of teas as well. With snacks like croissants and cookies available, Single V is the perfect place for coffee lovers to meet up.

What to order: Colombia Los Angeles Geisha, Mexico Samuel Ronzon Lot, croissants, cookies

Address: 5232 Irmin Street Burnaby, BC V5J 1Y7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. The New Cairo Café

Located in the Sunset Medical Area is The New Cairo Cafe, a welcoming and friendly spot to drop by and fill up on some comfort food. The owner, Yasser, is as genuine as they come. Always with a smile, Yasser is helpful, funny and attentive. If you like generous portions and very reasonable prices, visit The New Cairo Cafe for a welcoming and fulfilling experience.

There are two soups prepared daily. Try them, they’re fantastic. Also, order the Daily Special which is always generous, and really delicious. Personally, we loved the Shrimp Sandwich, and would definitely go back for more.

Tip: This spot is super welcoming, so take your friends along and stay as long as you like.

What to order: soups, Daily Special, Shrimp Sandwich

Address: 3831 Sunset Street Burnaby, BC V5G 1T4

5. Veroni & Co

Photo credits: Verioni & co

Veroni & Co is a small micro brewer coffee cafe that makes the best espresso drinks. The owner has a real love for coffee and it shows in his carefully crafted cups of flavour-bursting magic. Veroni is located on the second floor of the Hannam Mart Plaza, near the stairs. Inside, there’s an artistic small room with table and chairs to drink in and a community bench in the atrium of the mall where you can sit for as long as you like.

There are two choices at Veroni, “Coffee” or “Not Coffee”. In the “Coffee” section, there is Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Cortado, Flat White, and Cappuccino. On the “Not Coffee” side there’s Chocolate, Matcha, and Milk Tea. There are also seasonal drinks that sometimes last a month and sometimes a season. 

Tip: You can check for the latest seasonal offers at Veroni’s website.

What to order: Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Cortado, Flat White, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Matcha, Milk Tea

Address: 219-4501 N Road Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Cafe La Foret

best coffee shops in vancouver - cafe la foret interior
Photo Credits: cafelaforet

Who doesn’t love ancient buildings that get renovated and capture the essence of time? If you do, then visit La Forêt, a former 5000 square feet auto body shop that now seats more than eighty people. With a beautiful nature theme, the decor is centered around greenery, and natural light streaming in through the glass ceilings. 

The bakery here constantly churns out fresh goodies. Try out their Squid Croissant or Matcha Scones for something unique. With a variety of pastas, waffles, omelettes, cakes, bingsoo and different kinds of teas and coffees, what stood out for us was the Bacon Platter. It was huge! The Fried Chicken Platter was equally fantastic. 

Tip: Due to its immense popularity, La Forêt gets packed on weekends and may not be the best place to study or do work.

What to order: Squid Croissant, Matcha Scones, Bacon Platter, Fried Chicken Platter

Address: 6848 Jubilee Avenue Burnaby, BC V5J 4B3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. Hiel Cafe

Photo credits: withnatwong

Enter Hiel Cafe and you’ll be looking at coffee made by caring baristas, a warm interior and cheerful staff. Add some amazing pancakes, waffles or sandwiches and you’ve found just the right spot to catch up with old friends or just spend some quality ‘Me’ time. They have plenty of seating, and a separate conference area so you can have some informal business meetups or large family gatherings here too.

First up, a plate of their delicious souffle pancakes! Get these without thinking. You won’t regret it. There are three different options to choose from; Regular, Creme Brulee, or Matcha. The Egg & Spinach Panini is  perfect for vegetarians, and from Hiel’s wide range of coffee, try the Caramel Macchiato or the Matcha latte that is slightly bitter and perfect to balance the sweetness of your snacks.

What to order: souffle pancakes, Egg & Spinach Panini, Caramel Macchiato, Matcha latte

Address: 7885 6th Street Burnaby, BC V3N 3N4


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    2. Handworks Coffee Studio

    Photo credits: tejeshwarrandhawa

    Operating at the corner of a quiet intersection, Handworks Coffee Studio is a tiny community cafe in Burnaby BC. They’re a small coffee roaster/cafe, as well as a retail shop. With some pretty heavy Japanese cuisine vibes influencing their items, they also have ‘Zakka’ on offer which basically means anything small that improves your life. Stop by for some delicious brewed coffee and freshly baked snacks.  

    We highly recommend picking up a cup of the Matcha Latte, Lavender London Fog, or Yuzu Latte. They have some exotic teas and we got the Lavender with Vanilla, which was awesome. Try the Red Bean Mochi Cake and a Mochi Churro Donut to enjoy the best that Handworks has to offer.

    What to order: Matcha Latte, Lavender London Fog, Yuzu Latte, Lavender with Vanilla, Red Bean Mochi Cake, Mochi Churro Donut

    Address: 7705 6th St Burnaby, BC V3N 2E6

    Instagram | Facebook

    1. FDL Cafe

    Photo Credits: FDL Cafe

    FDL Cafe is that one spot where you can be sure you’ll get amazing coffee. Home-brewed and fresh! This is also where you go for fantastically crafted sandwiches, homemade gelato, and both sweet and savoury delights. They didn’t make it to our Best Burnaby Bakeries List for nothing. These folks know their stuff!

    If you’re there for lunch, get the Miso Roasted Chicken, the Mojo Pulled Pork, or the Smoky Cajun Chicken. The Burek (bread filled with savory meats) is amazing here, so give it a try. If you want something light (or to take home) grab their Almond Croissants, the Cinnamon Pecan Rolls, or a box of cookies!

    What to order: Miso Roasted Chicken, Mojo Pulled Pork, Smoky Cajun Chicken, Burek, Almond Croissants, Cinnamon Pecan Rolls, cookies

    Address: 100B-4233 Hastings Street Burnaby, BC V5C 2J5

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    That rounds up our list of the best cafes in beautiful Burnaby. We hope you try out a few on your next stop there. If you plan to stay longer and crave authentic Japanese food, check out our list of the Best Japanese Restaurants in Burnaby.

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