7 Best Candy Subscription Boxes For A Monthly Dose of Sweet Treats

Fancy some candy? If you have a sweet tooth and you’re always up for a sugary taste that melts in your mouth, you might want to consider a candy subscription box! After all, who would say no to having a regular supply of some of the best candies together in one box?

Candy subscription boxes are probably the best thing that exists for people who love sweets. They are also make for great gifts! Aside from enjoying the delicious goods, you are also introduced to new flavors.

If you want to try out one, check out our list of the best candy subscription boxes below and prepare yourself for a sugar rush.

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1. TokyoTreats

TokyoTreats is famous for curating Japanese snacks that change selections every month. These candy boxes are shipped fresh from Japan right to your doorstep for you to enjoy the taste of Japan through their snacks!

Aside from delicious candies that range from chocolate to other crazy flavors, TokyoTreats also includes Japanese snacks, pastries, ramen, snacks, and even drinks in their boxes. They all contain complete allergen info and a 24-page culture guide to help you fully experience Japan.

TokyoTreats will have you looking forward every month, wondering what awesome flavor you’ll get to taste next with their rare Japan-exclusive and seasonal flavors of the famous chocolate brand, KitKat.


Japan-exclusive unique flavors
Exciting monthly themes
Full-size snacks and treats
Cancel anytime


No Customization
No other box options

If Japan is one of your favorite places in the world and you want to get to know their culture, TokyoTreats is one way of visiting the country without the use of a passport or a plane ticket. With thoughtfully and carefully chosen snacks, get ready to explore Japan through TokyoTreat’s subscription box!

Best Japanese Snack Box
TokyoTreat: Japanese Candy & Snacks Subscription Boxes

Get the sweet taste of Japan without the use of a passport or a plane ticket!

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2. SnackCrate 

SnackCrate is an incredibly fun and unique subscription service that you can buy for yourself, as a gift to your loved ones, or for your whole family to enjoy.

Each month, you will be sent a box that comes from a specific country like Canada, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, Pakistan, and more. 

Subscription boxes from SnackCrate are available in three sizes: mini, original, and family. Each snack box from SnackCrate contains 5-6, 10-12, and 18-20 snacks. Snacks like Kinder Filled Chocolate, Cola Popping Candy, Meiji Gummy Choco, and many more can be found in their boxes.

Before you receive your first box, you’ll answer a series of questions like the country you want to try and your favorite flavor of snacks. Your first box will be the only country you’ll be able to choose, the rest will be a mystery. It’s a great way to enjoy snacks from all over the world!


Unique and fun selection
Well-balanced mix of flavors
New country each month


No customization
Doesn’t cater to dietary restrictions or allergies

Box options: Mini, Original, Family

SnackCrate is the best candy subscription box for those who like adventures. If you like taking risks and you want to enjoy treats around the world, SnackCrate will give you an unparalleled experience in just one box.

3. Old Time Candy 

As the name suggests, Old Time Candy brings you nostalgia through an assortment of sweets in boxes. From the 1950s to the 1990s, you can reminisce about the old times through Old Time Candy’s old but gold subscription box.

If you’re familiar with Wax Bottles, Candy Cigarettes, Airheads, and more candies from the past, Old Time Candy offers them all. With over 700 options, you can choose your candies of choice by decade, flavor, type, or occasion. They also offer a Decade Candy Gift Box and a Retro Candy Assortment Tub.

Given that most of these candies are extremely rare in the market, Old Time Candy brings a different kind of experience by giving you a trip down memory lane. The company brings back all the memories and allows you to find out what candy used to taste like in a certain era— a true gem in the candy subscription box industry.


Rare candies
Customizations available
Flexible delivery dates
Vast selection available


Higher price point
Some candies can be bought at local grocery

Box options: Candy Subscription Box, Decade Candy Gift Box, Retro Candy Assortment Tub

In these fast-paced times, we often forget about all the good memories we had. Old Time Candy takes you back to happier and less stressful days with just their candy boxes. It’s the perfect gift for a friend, family, or even yourself.

Best Nostalgic Candy Box
Old Time Candy | Candy you ate as a kid

Old Time Candy takes you back to happier and less stressful days with just their candy boxes.

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4. Chocolate Of The Month Club

Since 1994, the Chocolate of the month club has been meticulously serving chocolate connoisseurs with their award-winning artisanal chocolates. If you especially love chocolate, this is an excellent way to get introduced to exotic and delightful flavors.

Each box they send features a different chocolatier every month. You’ll be getting handmade chocolates, big or small, dark or white, from all over the world. From truffles, and bars, to barks, each featured chocolatier will surprise you with their creativity.

Chocolate of the month club includes detailed tasting notes, serving suggestions, and chocolatier profiles in each box. Aside from enjoying phenomenal chocolate, you’ll get to know the origin and history of each chocolate as well as the ingredients used.


Flexible ordering
International variety
Cancel anytime


More costly than average boxes
No customization

Chocolate of the month club can make every month more fulfilling with each box allowing you to de-stress as you indulge in some of the world’s finest chocolate. If you appreciate artistry and taste, this is the subscription box best curated for you.

5. Seoul Box 

Seoul Box is a Korean snack subscription box that has all the goodies in one box delivered to your doorstep. With Korean culture making waves in international waters, Seoul Box aims to help others experience Korean culture in the comfort of their homes through a box of treats.

Offering a new and exciting theme featuring different parts of Korea each month, Seoul Box gives you not only treats but also Kpop merch, K-beauty goods, ramyun, and Korean drinks. With Seoul Box, you’ll find various products like BTS Vanilla Latte, Beef Bibim Ramyun, a Kpop Plush Keyring, and many more.

As they aim to promote diversity and the rich culture of Korea, Seoul Box makes sure to cater to different backgrounds and styles as well as dietary restrictions. They have three box options and one of them is both halal and vegetarian.


Mix of merch and treats
Exciting monthly themes
Korean-exclusive snacks and items
Caters to dietary restrictions


No customization
No gift option

Box options: Seoulbox Signature, Seoulbox V, Seoulbox Life 

Aesthetically-pleasing boxes with a great mix of sweet and salty snacks plus Kpop merch and Korean skincare delivered to your door every month, what more could you ask for? Seoul Box is the best subscription box for people who are engrossed in Korean culture.

Best Overall Korean Snack Box
Seoulbox | Discover Korea through snacks and merch

Get 18 Korean goodies—cookies, chocolates, chips, ramen, and more — that will give you a glimpse into Korean culture.

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6. MexiCrate

MexiCrate is a Mexican candy and snacks subscription box with 100% authentic products imported from Mexico. If you want to taste Mexico without traveling to the country, MexiCrate’s subscription box is a perfect way.

Every month, MexiCrate delivers new, exciting Mexican candies and snacks to your doorstep. Each box is a unique experience with treats like spicy chili sweets, chocolates, wafer bars, and more.

You also have the option of choosing from three different size options.

The larger boxes include a sound chip that plays Mexican-style music upon opening. Snacks change each month for an element of surprise, making it exciting and fun. 


Lower price
Fun and unique packaging
Mix of sweet and spicy flavors
Exciting monthly themes


No customization,
Expensive shipping fee

Box options: Pequeña Box (small) , Mediana Box (medium), Grande Box (large)

The perfect subscription box for those who have the heart for spicy treats, MexiCrate brings a taste of Mexico for you or your family to enjoy. Discover sweet and spicy flavors from Mexico by subscribing to MexiCrate.

MexiCrate | Mexican Candy & Snacks

Get a taste of Mexico for you or your family to enjoy!

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7. Fudge and More Variety Box

Fudge and More Variety box is a fudge subscription box by Nellie’s Sweet Shoppe. It’s a family-run business in Smithville, Missouri that ships all over the world. If you like the sweetness of fudge, Fudge and More Variety Box is the best choice for you.

Coming from the name itself, Fudge and More Variety Box included a variety of homemade fudge flavors, specialty chocolates, hand-dipped ice cream, and more. They insulate their shipping boxes and even ship with ice packs to preserve the texture.

Fudge and More Variety Box has the most wonderful selection of fudge and treats you could possibly imagine. Put that in one box delivered to your doorstep with new flavors each month, this is the ultimate gift for yourself or for your loved ones.


New seasonal flavors each month
Nut-free options
Cancel anytime


No customization
Can’t choose a shipping date

For the love of fudge, Fudge and More Variety Box brings all sorts of fudge flavors and other treats that will have your mouth watering in anticipation each month. A great deal of fun even when you’re at home, this is the best reward you can get or give after a tiring month.

Fudge and More Variety Box

Get all sorts of fudge flavors and other treats that will have your mouth watering in anticipation each month!

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Candy Subscription Box FAQ

How Much Do Candy Subscription Boxes Cost? 

Candy Subscription Boxes cost an average of $20 – $30 per month depending on the size, products, or subscription plan you choose. Some subscription boxes already include the shipping fee, especially domestic shipping. However, expect to pay an additional $10 or more each month if not included.

Are Candy Subscription Boxes Worth It? 

If you have a sweet tooth or you have a family that likes candies in different flavors, Candy Subscription Boxes are worth the price. Not only do you get delicious candies, but you get to enjoy them in the comfort of your home without the hassle of getting them in stores.

What Comes in a Candy Subscription Box?

Each Candy Subscription Box contains different treats depending on which type you order. Some specialize in chocolates, while some are known for giving eccentric flavors that come from different countries. It’s best to check reviews to see what kind of candies they pack to know whether you’ll like them or not.

Candies are not the only thing that comes in boxes.  If you’re interested in Japanese culture, we also have a guide on the best Japanese snack boxes for you to check out.

With the amount of delicious Japanese snacks, you’ll surely find one that suits your tastes.