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10 Best Greek Restaurants In Vancouver That Will Hit The Spot In 2023 (+ What To Order)

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Looking for the best Greek restaurants in Vancouver? You’re in the right place!

It is undeniable that Greek food and culture have become a huge part of Vancouver’s culinary identity, from pita bread to souvlakis, slow-cooked lamb to rotisserie chickens, seafood to dolmades, and cheese to baklava. Each dish creates a very unique taste that hits the spot every time!

Since Vancouver is home to crazy good Greek food, we have pulled together the 10 best Greek restaurants in Vancouver with plenty of options, where you can kick off your day or end the night with all types of Greek goodness.

10. Pita House Restaurant

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Pita House is a family-owned Greek restaurant that can immediately send you back to Greece simply with their food. If you’re searching for fancy spots with Instagram-y decorations, this is NOT the one. But if delicious Greek food is all you want, then this is the spot.

Don’t leave without trying their all-time favourite dishes, including Shawarma Plate, Two Donairs & Two Pops, and Grilled Pita Donair. Trust us, these 3 items will soon be your all-time choice when visiting Pita House. The Shawarma Plate comes up with fresh-cut meat, served with rice, tzatziki, and pita bread, which is full of flavors, meaty, and refreshing at the same time! 

And the Grilled Pita Donair is the harmonious mixture of chicken, veggies, and finger-licking sauce inside. Just imagine how crunchy the cover is and the softness of the fill-in once getting a bite is enough for us to drool!

What to order: Shawarma Plate, Two Donairs & Two Pops, Grilled Pita Donair. 

Address: 6196 Fraser Street Vancouver, BC V5W 3A1


9. Stepho’s Souvlaki Greek Taverna

roast lamb, rice, veggies plate
Photo CreditsL munsgry

People have a saying, “If you think of Greek food, think Stepho’s”. And we don’t think there’ll be any better ways to describe Stepho’s than that! Besides their crazy good Greek dishes, this busy restaurant is also known and loved for their generous portion at a very good price. Come by and immerse yourself in the ambiance of happy people enjoying the company of others over extremely delish food.

Start your Greek dining experience at Stepho’s with Hummus Dip, a basic but never out-of-trend starter at any Greek restaurant. Coming up with hummus, pita, and dolmades, you can immediately feel the homemade, outstanding taste blending with the soft pita bread.

Since Roast Lamb is their specialty, you have to try them out every single time you visit Stepho’s. The meat is succulent and so soft that it falls off the bone and easily melts right in your mouth. Tasty, juicy, moist, and deserves a 10 out of 10!

What to order: Roast Lamb, Hummus Dip, Calamari, Pork Souvlaki.

-1124 Davie St Vancouver, BC V6E 1N1
-1359 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6


8. The Greek by Anatoli

Photo credits: Greek Anatoli

At The Greek by Anatoli, you will get nothing but exceptional quality and authentic Greek dishes in the vibrant, contemporary ambiance. Having been a statue of fine Greek food and artfully designed craft cocktails in town, you’d better bring your A-game when coming to The Greek!

Start with the classic Calamari to enjoy its crispy texture and perfectly-seasoned taste, it does develop a better and more balancing taste profile once combined with Tzatziki, so don’t hesitate to do it. 

Up next, hands down to their Country Lamb and Saganaki! While the lamb is so tender that it slides right off the bone with a hint of garlic, the saganaki is phenomenal with rich, gooey sheet cheese, pan-fried bread, and pita. Remember to try right when they’re still hot. 

What to order: Calamari, Country Lamb, Saganaki, Souvlaki Platter, Chicken Skewers.


– ​​1043 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P9
– 221 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2J2
– 5 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E4

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7. Taki’s Taverna

Photo credits: 92chels_ldp

Taki’s Taverna has been a wonderful mainstay in the neighbourhood since 1980, and a good option for quick, tasty, and authentic Greek food. Taki’s Taverna offers typical Greek fare, including souvlakis, seafood, and various meat platters. It goes without saying that you never leave a Greek restaurant hungry, and that is definitely the case for Taki’s!

Don’t miss a chance to try out their Kleftiko and Taki’s Seafood Platter, trust us, you won’t regret a thing! Their roasted lamb shoulder ain’t like any others, which is way richer, meatier, and more herbal-ish. Every bite is simply heaven and can melt right inside your mouth!

The Taki’s Seafood Platter is best when shared with your family or friends, featuring Greek Salad, Salmon, Prawn & Scallops Souvlaki, Garlic Prawns, and Calamari. Stunningly good and perfect to try a bit of everything!

What to order: Kleftiko, Takis’ Seafood Platter, Lamb Souvlakia, Chicken Souvlakia.

Address: 1106 Davie Street Vancouver, BC V6E 1N1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. Minerva Restaurant

Baked Spaghetti | Photo credits: Minerva Restaurant

Traditional Greek dishes, hectic eating atmosphere, homemade food with waiters shouting out orders in Greek, that’s just some of the defining features of Minerva Restaurant – a landmark in the Kerrisdale community since 1975. Drop a visit at this family-owned restaurant and try out their hand-pressed pizzas, charbroiled steaks, hearty pasta, and of course, mouth-watering Greek food.

Since Baked Lasagna, Baby Back Ribs, and Seafood Linguine are some of their best sellers, we think you might want to start with them too. While the lasagna is delish and cheesy with flavourful meat sauce; the linguine is a melody of seafood, and light white wine cream sauce, which is so much like heaven!

And Baby Back Ribs is undoubtedly the star of the show, which is cooked to perfection with baked potatoes and drizzled with signature BBQ sauce. We can’t even describe how tender and saucy they are, so try them yourself to truly feel it!

What to order: Baked Lasagna, Baked Spaghetti, Baby Back Ribs, Seafood Linguine, The Greek Pizza.

Address: 2411 W 41st Avenue Vancouver, BC V6M 2A5

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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    5. Loula’s Taverna + Bar

    Photo credits: withnatwong

    Bringing a modern Vancouver twist to the authentic Greek dining experience, Loula’s Taverna + Bar is your next go-to for mouth-watering Greek dishes and a welcoming, vivacious atmosphere in such bright, vivid decoration. Expect to leave this place with good spirits and a full stomach!

    Their extensive menu has something for everyone, but you can’t go without skipping their signature dishes: Lamb Chops, Grilled Octopus, and Signature Dips. Start off with the Grilled Octopus and get ready to get some taste buds-kick under this slightly spicy, flavorful with hints of sourness. You can also pair it with some Tzatziki, which is creamy, garlicky, and perfect to add some freshness to the meal.

    Lamb Chops in Loula’s ain’t like anything you’ve tried before. With that fascinating, rich taste and on-point softness, you will surely come back to Loula’s for more of them!

    Pro-tip: you should book in advance, especially during weekends when they get super busy and the seats are limited.

    What to order: Signature Dips By Nammos, Lamb Chops, Grilled Octopus, Baclava, Ekmek

    Address: 1608 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5L 3Y4

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

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    4. Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean & Bar

    Photo credits: am.makkk

    Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean & Bar has always been one of our top choices for an exclusive and romantic Greek dining experience in Vancouver. The decoration is fancy, super stylish, and Instagram-worthy under the theme of Greece’s sun-kissed hills and aquamarine waters. Come by and try it yourself to truly feel this unique ambiance!

    The restaurant presents a variety of food and drinks, though, beware of the Grilled Octopus, Forno Roasted Chicken, and Bougatsa because their taste is no joke! The Grilled Octopus is seasoned with oregano olive oil, lime juice, charred outside but surprisingly tender inside. You will be amazed by how the charred crust adds a hint of bitterness and highlight that strong acidic taste from lime juice.

    And don’t think about leaving if you haven’t tried their famous dessert – Bougasta. This lovely gem comes up with custard filling wrapped inside filo pastry with warm chocolate drizzled over. Not too sweet and crazy good!

    What to order: Grilled Octopus, Forno Roasted Chicken, Bougatsa, Lamb Chops 

    Address: 825 W. Pender St, Vancouver BC, V6C 1K7

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    3. Apollonia Greek Restaurant

    Photo credits: wheresthisfoodie

    Apollonia Greek Restaurant, in short, is a restaurant you would never want to leave. Having been serving for over 20 years, Apollonia offers the most simple yet fascinating Greek dining experience in town. This restaurant has been driven by the concept of philoxenia – the art of making a stranger a friend, so no doubt when you feel that welcoming and loving ambiance at first sight. 

    Treat yourself right with Roast Lamb, Chicken Souvlakia, and some Greek Salad. Roast Lamb, which sooner or later will become your favorite dish, has stunningly good, fall-apart tender meat, and oh-so-flavorful rice and veggies. While the chicken is perfectly grilled but still remains that on-point softness.

    Don’t forget to call out their signature Greek Salad with a mixture of cucumber, tomato, bell peppers, and balsamic vinaigrette. A healthy and tasty additional choice for any dishes!

    What to order: Roast Lamb, Chicken Souvlakia, Greek Salad, Chef’s Platter, Moussaka.

    Address: 1830 Fir Street Vancouver, BC V6J 3B1

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    2. Nammos Estiatorio

    prawn souvlaki | Photo credits: nammos estiatorio

    Offering traditional Greek cuisine with a modern twist, Nammos Estiatorio is a great place for family gatherings during the daytime, and also an excellent option for romantic dining experiences at night thanks to its elegant deco and lovely Jazz music! Can’t be more perfect, right? 

    In case you need a guide, try out their Moussaka, Saganaki, and Prawn Souvlaki; they are literally the soul of this place! The moussaka comes up with eggplant and ground beef as bottom layers with thick potato and crispy cheese on top. This is pretty much a creamy, rich, and super flavourful dish that melts in your mouth!

    No less delicious, the prawn souvlakia is extremely tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. You will love the bulgar salad that comes along, which helps balance the taste profile and refresh your palate.

    What to order: Moussaka, Prawn Souvlakia, Saganaki

    Address: 3980 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4E4

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    1. Maria’s Taverna

    Photo credits: chewiechows

    Are you a fan of some traditional Greek food? Having been serving since 1987, Maria’s Taverna is a crowd favourite when craving some basic-yet-authentic Greek dishes. Dining at Maria’s Taverna is so much similar to eating at home, cozy, super welcoming, and gracious with simple decoration.

    Settle down with Greek Platter, Chicken Souvlaki, Kleftiko, and be seduced! The Chicken Souvlaki is well marinated and cooked to perfection, which is juicy, and tasty at the same time. You can simply feel the moistness and softness of the chicken breast in every single bite. The Kleftiko comes up as a huge portion of tender, falling-off-the-bone lamb shoulder, baked with secret spices and house sauce.   

    If you’re new to Greek food, Greek Platter is an ideal way to make a start with a combination of Kleftiko, Chicken Souvlaki, Broiled Kalamari & Keftedes. This will surely win your heart!

    What to order: Greek Platter, Chicken Souvlakia, Lamb Souvlakia, Kleftiko.

    Address: 2324 W 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6K 1P1

    Website | Instagram | Facebook

    There are some pangs of hunger that can only be answered by a plate of mixed dips, or maybe some souvlakis, slow-cooked lamb, and stuff. Anyway, whenever you’re craving for Greek food, we hope this uptight wrapped list will help you with that! 

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