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10 Best Korean BBQ Spots In Vancouver For A Feast

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If you’re here you probably agree that there’s something special about the smell, the ambiance, and the FUN that surrounds Korean BBQ. Similar to hot pot, it is a unique social experience that we just can’t help but crave every now and then.

And if you’re here…you’re probably imagining sizzling up some juicy galbi, wrapping some pork belly in oversized lettuce, and fighting other the sweet potato side dishes.

Well if that’s you, you’re in luck since we have curated a list of the 10 best Korean BBQ Metro Vancouver spots, which will help you find that perfect place to serve amazing and authentic Korean BBQ.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

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10. Miss Korea BBQ

Photo credits: Miss Korea BBQ

Walk into this bustling Korean cuisine restaurant tucked in the West End, which delivers you the authentic flavours of South Korea. The restaurant has a really cozy vibe with a dark wooden interior, and all the BBQ aroma in the air leaves you salivating. The tables have got tabletop grills to give you the ultimate barbeque experience. Everything from signature bbq dishes to the sides is fantastic.

Try out the Juicy Galbi, which is short ribs, but nothing short of flavour. And yes, if you are a beef lover, then the Beef Combo is your pick. The platter is simply bliss.

They have got plenty of drinks to pair up with your feast.

What to order: Juicy Galbi, Beef Combo

Address:  793 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2B1, Canada

 Website | Instagram

9. Dae Bak Bon Ga

Photo credits: eatwithmegg

Having established for more than fifteen years, Dae Bak Bon Ga is definitely is one of those restaurants that everyone has probably set foot in. Don’t let the old building appearance fool you because the food over here will satisfy you. 

If you’re extra hungry, their All You Can Eat option will do the job. For the price that you are paying, you get an awful lot of varieties of meat that are fresh and tender. So it’s time to satisfy your cravings without burning a hole in your wallet.

After eating your heart out, you can step into their Karaoke rooms to sing the night away!

What to order: All You Can Eat, Beef Ribs, Pork Belly 

Address: 201-1323 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. Royal Seoul House Restaurant

Photo credits: rac_huang

Royal Seoul has consistently delivered authentic Korean food for two decades to its customers and continues to do so. Like its name, the place is decked out like a traditional Korean house with private rooms and tiled roofs. On each table, you’ll find a grill in the middle for the BBQ action.

The menu has got something for everyone. So if you are confused with the variety of dishes, we recommend you try out their BBQ Combos. They have plenty of options, but most people’s favourite is the BBQ B, as it has beef and is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth. Also, the chicken wings served over here are worth trying out.

What to order: Bbq combo (Beef), Chicken Wings

Address: 1215 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7, Canada

Website | Facebook

7. ARISU Authentic Korean BBQ

Photo credits: nomnomyumyumnom

ARISU is one of those new hip places that has a modern interior but does not compromise on the authenticity of its food. Head to this place to get all the upbeat feels while chowing down on some delicious dishes.

Try out their incredible Beef Bulgogi, which hits all the right spots and will be the sole reason for you to come back to this place again.  Or if you are in the mood to have pork, the Spicy Pork would definitely work for you. Not just that, for the sides, their Kimchi is amazing. Sweet and a bit spicy, just the way we like it! 

What to order: Beef Bulgogi, Spicy Pork, Kimchi

Address: 4501 North Rd #203, Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7, Canada

 Instagram | Facebook

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6. Dolpan Seoul BBQ

Photo credits: charmynchan

Dolpan has charmed its customers with its amazing food and services, and that is why we consider it as one of the best Korean restaurants in Richmond. We recommend you to make a reservation as it gets pretty busy. The restaurant has a friendly vibe with soft music, and the services are great and very accommodating. The best part is you can opt for a tabletop barbeque or even for fully prepared barbeque meat( as a quick option). 

The pork belly and the pork collar are simply amazing. The best part is that they are perfectly seasoned, and don’t overpower the meat’s natural sweetness. They serve Kimchi alongside it with some fresh lettuce leaves, for you to make a delicious wrap.

What to order: Pork Belly, Pork Collar, Kimchi, Soju

Address: 3779 Sexsmith Rd #1123, Richmond, BC V6X 1J8, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Tå Bom Korean Cuisine

Photo credits: jenniecjennieat

Longtime locals will remember this spot as Norbu. But with its name change, so did its food quality. What hasn’t changed is it being a popular destination on weekends and casual yet upbeat ambiance.

The BBQ Spicy Chicken is a clear winner on their menu. The portion size is good, and the flavours are tough to replicate. The hot plate over here is pretty interesting.  Watching that gooey cheese melt is so satisfying. If you don’t feel like having chicken, then the Pork belly or the Bulgogi is the dish for you. Add in a pitcher of beer or glasses of soju and you’re set!

What to order: BBQ Spicy Chicken, Pork Belly, Bulgogi

Address: 1536 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C2, Canada

Website | Instagram

4. Mr. Bro Korean Bistro & Izakaya

Photo credits: drun.ken.chef

The brother duo has left no stone unturned into making this place a lively one and providing a fresh take on the Korean cuisine. There’s a reason why it has also found a place in our list of best  Richmond Korean restaurants.

The Spare ribs should definitely be on your order list. The taste is just right and light. Next up is the Bulgogi Beef, which is tender and you will surrey appreciate its freshness! If you feel like having some chicken, the fried chicken is delicious and for the seafood lovers, we recommend the jumbo shrimp, the quantity of which will totally surprise you.

What to order: Spare ribs, Bulgogi Beef, Fried Chicken, Jumbo Shrimp

Address:  #2000-8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC V6X 4B3, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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3. Sooda Korean BBQ

Photo Credits: kawaiihatchiko

Located near the Brentwood station, this place is always crowded, but who can resist its impeccable Korean flavours! Although it’s crowded, the private booths ensure an excellent dining experience. Moreover, the services are quick and don’t keep you waiting for long. The place is pretty cool, and would definitely find a place on your Instagram. 

The Bulgogi Grill is one of their most popular dishes. It’s basically a gigantic square pan served with some corn, rice, lettuce and meat! This item is perfect to share amongst 2 or 3 people.

The Dakgalbi is a wonderful platter of all the variety of meat that you could possibly think of! The flavours and presentation both are top-notch. For seafood lovers, we suggest you try their Seafood Pancake, which is crunchy and is topped with some crab meat and will surely leave you drooling over its flavour.

What to order: Bulgogi Grill, Dakgalbi, Seafood Pancake 

Address: 4455 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z2, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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2. Sura Richmond

Photo credits: dicey.eats

Unlike Sura’s West End location, the Richmond Aberdeen Centre outpost has a variety of Korean BBQ options. But like their downtown spot, you can expect it filled during prime time and have the same high-quality standards.

For BBQ, you’ll find their menu has various combos for different sizes of parties or individual orders. Try out their Marinated Beef Tongue and the Marinated Pork, which are definitely worth devouring. The Premium Royal Galbi is yet another frequently ordered dishes, which is worth every penny of yours.

What to order: Marinated Beef Tongue, Marinated Pork, Premium Royal Galbi

Address: 4151 Hazelbridge Way , Aberdeen  Centre, Richmond, BC V6X 4J7, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

1. Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant

korean bbq meat on grill and small bowls banchan surrounding bbq
Photo Credits: rachelhaneats

Is it possible to curate a list of Korean bbq places, without mentioning Kook? This upscale restaurant has got a modern decor, is very spacious, and feels nothing less than a bar. The services are great and they even have a service bell at each table. You know the place is great when it is hard to get a reservation and earned a mention in our best Korean Restaurants in Vancouver.

This restaurant serves fifteen different types of Banchans and we are not even kidding! Trust us, your dining table is going to look nothing less than a  painting palette because of all the colorful Banchans! The Prime Beef Rib, Spicy Pork, and the Bulgogi Beef are must-haves. The meat is just so good that you won’t be able to get over its flavor and the quantity is amazing too. You can also have your BBQ prepared in case you are not in the mood to bbq. Also, they have got multiple BBQ combos, so make sure you have a look at them before ordering.

What to order: Prime Beef Rib, Spicy Pork, Bulgogi Beef

Address: 2800 E 1st Ave #211A, Vancouver, BC V5M 4N9, Canada

Website | Instagram | Facebook

We hope that this list has helped you identify the place that you like to have your next Korean Bbq at.

Oh, and if you are a fan of Korean food in general, do check out our list of Korean restaurants in Vancouver.

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