Signature Brunch | Photo credits: morning.sophie

10 Best New Westminster Brunch Restaurants For A Hearty Meal (+ What To Order)

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In the mood for some delish brunch but don’t know which one is worth trying in New Westminster? We got your back!

Nothing better than waking up after a “hella good” sleep and having something nice to fill the stomach! So, without letting you wait any longer, here are our recommendations for the best brunch restaurants in New Westminster:

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1. Angelina’s Dutch Corner

Photo credits: Angelina’s Dutch Corner

Located at The Quay on the Fraser River, Angelina’s Dutch Corner is the perfect place to enjoy some hearty brunch and delicious coffee. The cozy interior with light yellow decor and sunlight shining through the window makes the experience even more memorable!

Who doesn’t want lovely pancakes with whipped cream and fresh fruits for brunch? Or with bacon and eggs? Heavenly! But Angelina’s pancakes are on a whole new level! And no worries, they offer various options to help you find your favorite pancake. 

Besides the generous portion, the combination of flavors is so flavorful and satisfying that you might ask for more! So make sure to take a look at their Dutch Sweet Pannekoeken section. Or, Dutch Savory Pannekoeken if you’re not into sweetness. 

Fruit Bowl served with cottage cheese and toast would be a nice touch for your experience. The fruits are super refreshing to eat, so you don’t feel too heavy after your main dish. The cheese seems to be not a perfect match to the fruits, but no, they taste so good together! 

What to order: Dutch Sweet Pannekoeken, Fruit Bowl, Big Breakfast (Groot Ontbijt)

Address: 810 Quayside Dr Unit 122, New Westminster, BC V3M 6B9

Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Kozak Ukraїnian Eatery

Photo credits: Kent Apatsti Orla Danielson

Celebrating the beautiful Ukrainian cuisine, Kozak promises to give you that “taste like home” feeling with warm and delightfully tasty food. They have various vegetarian options, too! The interior and ambiance in Kozak are so welcoming and comfortable that you won’t find any inconvenience when having meals there. 

You can’t leave without trying the Borsch – a signature dish in Ukraine, and the most famous in Kozak, too! The flavour is no joke! Some slices of bread dipping into a dollop of amazing sour cream and tasty soup are something you can expect from Kozak’s Borsch. Worth every penny! Oh, for our vegetarian friends, they can replace the pork with beans but still keep the explosive flavor, so no worries that you can still try this. 

Pierogies are our following recommendation for you! These are popular Ukrainian country food – dumplings with various fillings that might give you an instant crush (they are definitely a big hit). The fillings options are free to choose from, but Pork & Onion or Four Cheese are excellent choices that we would highly recommend!

What to order: Borsch, Pierogies, Holubtsi Cabbage Rolls, Syrnyky

Address: 444 6th St, New Westminster, BC V3L 3B3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

3. El Santo

Photo credits: El Santo

Looking for some incredible Mexican food but don’t know where to go? No worries! El Santo sure will win your heart! Embracing you with an elegant interior and welcoming atmosphere, “absolutely relaxing and enjoyable” will be what you feel. 

Guacamoles Trio is a little underrated, but we promise it won’t let you down. It was a generous portion of chips with 3 different kinds of guacamoles: a traditional version with a touch of fresh citrus, a more fruity and fresh-y one with mango, and their special House-made tortilla chips. Yum! 

Another worth-highlighting dish is Tinga De Pollo, which is classic! It is a mouth-watering dish with chicken breasts simmered in a simple, savory tomato sauce spiced with chipotle peppers. No words can describe how good it is! Try it yourself!

P.s They do have live music so if you love to unwind and immerse in music and enjoy delicious food, remember to ask them for a specific date that they perform before getting there!

What to order: Guacamoles Trio, Tinga De Pollo, Pescado, Costillita Benedict

Address:  680 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 0E3

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Craft Cafe

Signature Brunch | Photo credits: morning.sophie

If you’re a coffeeholic and sandwich lover, Craft Cafe is a perfect place for someone like you! Being in the “Top 10 Best Cafe Shops in Vancouver” in 2021 and being rated as “Best Sandwiches” in 2020, Craft Cafe specialties live up to their reputation. 

We know that you’re looking for some coffee but listen, try their Thomas Haas Chocolate with Mocha, and be overwhelmed by the smoothness and fullness in flavour and texture. Oh, it is served hot, so if you prefer something cold, this may not be for you. 

Seafood & Lobster Sandwich? An absolute yes! Right in your first bite, you can instantly taste the sweetness of the fresh lobster and other well-seasoned elements, which sure gives you satisfaction. Flavourful but not too heavy for brunch. Not a bad deal at all, right?

What to order: Thomas Haas Chocolate + Mocha, Drip Coffee, Seafood & Lobster Sandwich, English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches

Address: 960 Quayside Dr Unit 115, New Westminster, BC V3M 6G2

Website | Instagram | Facebook

5. Kamini’s Corner Café

Photo credits: Tina Sun

At Kamini’s, you are offered to enjoy wholesome homemade food and a welcoming ambiance that makes you feel at home. What is signature about this friendly cafe is it always has something for everyone so you won’t have any inconvenience in choosing from the menu. 

Their English Muffin with Egg & Bacon is addictive, so make sure you’ll ask for one! How can you deny the combination of sweetness and savoriness from bacon and runny egg yolk hidden in soft muffins? Oh, and with some coffee? Finger-licking good!

Roast Chicken Sandwich with Havarti Cheese is also a must-try if you’re searching for something more substantial and tasty, which comes with crispy and juicy chicken combined with veggies and delicate cheese. Although a chicken sandwich sounds a little standard, we promise Kamini’s one is worth trying!

What to order: English Muffin with Egg & Bacon, Roast Chicken Sandwich, Tuna Melt 

Address: 909 12th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 4K5

Website | Instagram | Facebook

6. The Babs Kitchen

Photo credits: The Babs Kitchen

No doubt that Asian cuisine always got us with their amazingly flavorsome dishes with explosive seasoning, so if that’s what you’re looking for to satisfy your hunger, The Babs Kitchen has everything! 

A Happy Trio for a happy brunch, why not? You’ll get to experience the deliciousness of the top 3 all-time favorite sushi rolls and be amazed by the well-balanced flavor in every bite. The Dynamite Roll is sure to light you up like dynamite!

Looking for something more meaty and savory? Drumrolls for Chicken Teriyaki Cub Bab! Savory, garlicky chicken covered in sweet Teriyaki sauce served with hot steaming rice would be a perfect hearty meal for you.

What to order: Club House Sandwich, Chicken Teriyaki Cub Bab, Homemade Don Katsu, The BABS Burger

Address: 15 Braid St #100, New Westminster, BC V3L 5N7


7. Columbia Street Sandwich Company 

Breakfast Club | Photo credits: yvreatswithjess

If you’re in New Westminster, you can’t miss Columbia Street Sandwich Company, which only serves the best sandwiches and hearty soups that help lighten up your day. Since their sandwiches are so remarkable that if you’re not in the queue early, you will get nothing!

Turkey Sandwich with Bacon and Avocado is a “must-try”. The tender and nicely seasoned meat with creamy avocados will make you want to take lots of big bites. 

Another crowd-favorite is the Cinnamon Bun. The flavour is phenomenal despite the ordinary look. Have a fluffy and warm cake with some hot tea, and there you go, enjoy your joyful moments (even the frosting is so finger-licking good!).

What to order: Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich, Cinnamon Buns, Breakfast Club

Address: 550 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 1B1

Website | Instagram | Facebook

 8. Cayenne Bistro and Grill 

Photo credits: vinitasfooddiary

Cayenne Bistro and Grill offers an unforgettable experience of the most iconic and authentic East African and Indian dishes, which will drive you crazy! 

Appy Platter – king of the show! Piercing the outer shell, you inhale the aroma of freshly made food. Try one piece of samosa, the blended taste of brittle crust laced with caraway, coriander, and chilies dissolve in your mouth. Worth every penny!

It would be a miss if you don’t try their Kuku Choma, which is chicken tenders marinated in yogurt and nicely seasoned with herbs and spices. The moist and juicy chicken is even more flavourful in the sourness and creaminess of yogurt.

What to order: Appy Platter, Kuku Choma, Cayenne Pili Pili Chicken, Masala Prawns

Address: 7677 6th St, Burnaby, BC V3N 3M8

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Amelia Restaurant

Photo credits: Sung Yen Tsai

One of the cheapest places that serve delicious meals that you can find in New Westminster – Amelia! Their minimalist “go-to” interior might surprise you at first. Despite the ordinary look, their food is scrumptious!

Let’s start with something warm and light. What about the restaurant’s famous homemade soup – Wonton Soup with Veggies? Meaty dumplings with hot boiled sweet soup promise to give you an instant crush with their flavorful taste. 

The Strawberry Patch with light sweetness is a good choice, too! Nothing is better than a toast with some warm strawberry sauce and even whipped cream on top. This is THE perfect start for a joyful day!

What to order: Wonton Soup with Veggies, Strawberry Patch, Homesteader Omelette

Address: 640 12th St, New Westminster, BC V3M 4J4


10. Jim’s Cafe

Photo credits: David Lloyd Martin

Not so far from Kozak Ukrainian Eatery is Jim’s Cafe (it only takes a minute’s walk), a home-like restaurant for anyone looking for a relaxing and welcoming feel. At Jim’s, you’ll be served with love and care by friendly staff with tasty dishes at reasonable prices.

Let’s dive in with Egg’s Benedict and Hash Brown. With soft eggs on a crisp, golden hash brown topped with buttery hollandaise, it is the top-notch brunch of all time, which is perfect for a lazy weekend. Standard but always satisfying! 

Corned Beef Hash – a traditional storecupboard supper of fried potatoes with thrifty corned beef will make you immerse in the world of tastiness. Even the presentation is pleasant, too! It is a perfect dish for anyone who’s looking for something more hearty and substantial. 

What to order: Egg’s Benedict and Hash Brown, Corned Beef Hash, Farmer Breakfast

Address:  518 6th St, New Westminster, BC V3L 5H1

Website | Facebook

Of course, there are still a lot of hidden gems in New Westminster, so if you’re planning to discover more, we would love you to check out our Best New Westminster Restaurants for an easier decision!

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