10 Best Richmond Coffee Shops For A Caffeine Recharge In 2024 (+ What To Order)

Locals know that Richmond lacks the number of cafes that other cities have, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t spots that sport great coffee and vibes to lounge at.

Quick Recommendations: Pomona Coffee for great coffee and vibes and Fresh Press Coffee Bar for a homey feel.

Below we compiled the 10 best Richmond coffee shops for your caffeine fix.

1. Fresh Press Coffee Bar

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For those seeking a popular spot in Richmond for a caffeine fix, Fresh Press Coffee Bar brews coffee fresh to order. This laid-back cafe, offering counter-service, pairs its hot teas and coffees with amazing baked goodies, creating an ideal setting to unwind with light snacks or an early lunch.

Their menu includes tasty Belgian Waffles, Bacon Cheddar Cheese Scones, bite-size Mochi, Almond Double Baked Croissants, and the must-try Premium Matcha Tea Latte.

Tip: Don’t forget to take a box of macarons home with you! 

Address: 4940 No. 3 Rd #121, Richmond, BC V6X 3A5

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2. R Ki Coffee Lab 

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R Ki Coffee Lab in Richmond specializes in roasting beans sourced directly from producers, making it an ideal destination for freshly roasted coffee. This small, cozy spot maintains a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere and is one of the few places offering green coffee beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Honduras.

Daily specials like Ice Americano and Mocha Lattes, along with delightful cakes and pastries, are showcased on a chalk wall.

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3. Rocanini Coffee Roaster 

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For those who appreciate a coffee shop with a bright and open ambiance, Rocanini in Richmond is a perfect choice. This large coffee shop with high ceilings and white walls offers a cheerful and friendly staff, alongside professional chefs baking a variety of chocolate and almond croissants, scones, desserts, paninis, and handcrafted coffee made with their own roasted beans.

Their Caramel Macchiato and Iced Mocha with Lavender Syrup, along with the Cold Brew range, are highly praised.

Address: 3900 Moncton St #115, Richmond, BC V7E 3A6

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4. Sanctuary Cafe

Photo credits: Sanctuary Cafe

Sanctuary Cafe, a haven for cycling enthusiasts in Richmond, serves as a perfect stop for a drink, snack, or coffee during a ride. Located on a popular cycling and walking route by Steveston, this bike-friendly community coffee shop believes in the harmony of exercise and excellent coffee.

Enjoy their varying daily menu, featuring items like Japanese Kare Pan and Hot Dog Bun, along with their recommended Brewed Coffee and London Fog.

Address: 13020 No 2 Rd #160, Richmond, BC V7E 6S3

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5. Pomona Coffee

Pomona Coffee Shop tucked among all the bubble tea shops in Union Plaza is a classic, old-fashioned coffee spot with chic decor and strategic natural lighting. The shop welcomes everyone, whether you’re seeking a solitary break, a meeting spot with colleagues, or a place to relax with loved ones.

Their coffees, such as the Costa Rica and Colombia blends, have distinctive tastes, perfectly complemented by a Speciality Mocha and a Ham & Shredded Pork Sandwich.

Address: 1010-8300 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4B7

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6. Viva Java

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Viva Java in Richmond is dedicated to sourcing and roasting the highest quality selection of gourmet beans worldwide, daily in small batches. This friendly and welcoming cafe, led by Italian owner Arturo, specializes in creating the perfect Cappuccino, Iced Latte, and Americano based on individual preferences, offering a memorable coffee experience.

Address: 2900 Smith St #9, Richmond, BC V6X 2J3

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7. Steveston Coffee Company

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Renowned for its organic coffee and unique tea varieties, Steveston Coffee Company in Richmond also doubles as a retailer, wholesaler, and office station provider. Their bakery churns out a fresh assortment of Biscotti, Cookies, Croissants, Bagels, Muffins, and Scones, occasionally featuring delicious Carrot Cake.

Drop by for breakfast and enjoy an Espresso Con Panna with a Breakfast Wrap or Yogurt Parfait.

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8. Leisure Tea & Coffee

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Leisure Tea & Coffee, a quaint family-owned Taiwanese coffee shop on Alexandra Road, has been delighting customers for over thirty years with its homey chic theme. Known for its cozy ambiance, the cafe serves an array of Western and authentic Taiwanese items, perfect for long chats or late-night talks.

Signature offerings include crushed ice with mung beans, taro balls, bubbles, condensed milk, Ice Cream Waffle, Japanese Cheesecake, Rose Milk Tea, and Club Sandwiches, along with their signature Mandheling Brazil Coffee.

Address: 8391 Alexandra Rd #1110, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3


9. Village Books & Coffee House

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Offering a unique blend of literature and coffee, Village Books & Coffee House in Richmond is a bibliophile’s paradise. This cozy spot features sections for both kids and adults, inviting you to revisit favourite books while enjoying freshly brewed coffee and snacks. Their menu boasts daily muffins, croissants, bagels, cinnamon buns, gluten-free bars, and the Chef’s special Soup of the Day, accompanied by popular coffee choices like Latte, Cappuccino, and Caramel Macchiato.

Address: 12031 First Ave #130, Richmond, BC V7E 3M1

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10. Faebrew

Photo credits: Faebrew

At Faebrew, located in by Parker Place, coffee lovers can enjoy a personal touch. Instead of a menu, they craft pour-over coffee tailored to your taste. This slow bar coffee shop, run by expert and personable barista named Vincent, is ideal for those seeking a perfect cup based on their mood.

Address: 4328 No. 3 Rd #140, Richmond, BC V6X 2C2

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That rounds up our list of the best coffee shops in Richmond, and we hope you visit some of them on your next visit.

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