10 Best Salt Spring Island Restaurants To Explore In 2023 (+what to order)

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Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or beachcombing, Salt Spring Island has just about everything you want and need for a lovely time. It’s just the perfect place for the best holiday with friends and family!

Because of all the outdoor activities on Salt Spring Island, you are sure to get starving by each ending day. But there’s no need to fear, With the many activities you can do, there are just as many mouth-watering restaurants that you can dine at too! 

To give you a helping hand, we’ve curated the 10 best Salt Spring Island restaurants to make life ten times easier for you. Let’s hop right in! 

1. House Piccolo

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A way to describe House Piccolo is that it’s old school in the best way possible! Earning a reputable reputation since 1992, you can assure that their dishes are top-notch! Aside from an excellent culinary experience, you’ll feel laid back and relaxed as you step into their humble restaurant. Its homey ambiance will surely catch your heart. Being a small quaint heritage home, it has a classic and sophisticated interior with only minimalist types of decor. 

Start your meal with their amazing Piccolo’s Pacific Crab Cakes. Crispy on the outside, creamy and delicately flavoured on the inside. It’s one of the best Crab Cakes you’ll ever have! For your main course, you can never go wrong with their Venison Grand Veneur. Their rendition of this dish is truly outstanding. One pro-tip, pair your Venison with some Juniper berry sauce and it’s going to take your breath away with its goodness!

For another main course, you should get their Lobster Risotto. Truly a chef’s kiss with its strong lobster flavour and the mix of different ingredients. And of course, if you’re dining in House Piccolo, it would be a sin not to drink some wine. Their wine list has earned a prestigious reputation ever since, so don’t forget to get a bottle of your favorite wine and unwind just how you like it in House Piccolo! 

What to order: Piccolo’s Pacific Crab Cakes, Venison Grand Veneur, and Lobster Risotto

Address: 108 Hereford Ave, Salt Spring Island, BC


2. Rock Salt Restaurant & Cafe

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Known for having a wide selection of grab-and-go food selection, Rock Salt Restaurant and Cafe provides its customers with global taste and island comfort in their 180-degree ocean view dining room. If you’re waiting for the ferry, stopping by this masterpiece will bring you nothing but delight and joy from their service, indescribable food, and gorgeous views. Their interior is colourful and lively ensuring that each customer feels comfortable with the area. As it presents a vibrant atmosphere with some stained glass windows used as a divider, you’re sure going to love your meal more.

Starting with their Rock Salt Mussel Bowl, it’s a must that you try it out. The mussels are fresh and what makes them extra flavourful is the white wine garlic sauce. It gives a unique touch to the dish that will get you raving about it! You also shouldn’t miss their Creamy Seafood Chowder. You’re going to absolutely love this chowder if you’re a big eater. It comes in a very generous size and is full of seafood and veggies.

Grab their Fish & Chips too! Their batter is pure deliciousness making it the perfect bite after exploring Salt Spring Island. Fresh, warm, not too salty, and not too bland either, just the right mix! Craving for some good salad? They have it here too! Try their Saigon Slaw Salad. You can choose from roasted chicken, steelhead salmon, or organic smoked tofu.

What to order: Rock Salt Mussel Bowl, Creamy Seafood Chowder, Fish & Chips, and Saigon Slaw Salad

Address: Salt Spring Island, 2921 Fulford-Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

3. Tree House Cafe

Photo credit: treehousecafe.ssi

All about nature, beauty, and wholesome food, Tree House Cafe is prepared to serve you everything good! Located next to the heritage cottage, its building was built in the 1920s. Embodying an aesthetic look, its interior is composed mainly of wooden material. It’s al fresco which gives you the most refreshing breeze of air.

Staying true to its name, it is a real tree house adding to its nature-filled & refreshing environment. The best thing about this restaurant is the live music that makes eating and drinking with friends much more fun. 

For breakfast, we highly recommend you order their Granola with Yogurt and Berries. Served with fresh berries and cold yogurt plus the sweetness of granola, we assure you that you’re going to scrape that bowl clean! It’s delicious beyond compare and is the perfect day-starter! If you’re here for lunch, their Tree House Lamb Burger is just exceptional. The lamb is tasteful and juicy. Everything from the flavor of the lamb to the grilled vegetables mixes well together in your mouth. A true top-notch dish indeed! 

You won’t ever regret trying their Thai Green Curry. It’s very tasty with citrusy flavors that dance in your mouth. Their curry has shrimp which adds something different but complementary to the taste. You’ll definitely want to take some home once you try it. 

What to order:  Granola with Yogurt and Berries, Tree House Lamb Burger, and Thai Green Curry

Address: 106 Purvis Ln, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website | Instagram

4. Buzzy’s Luncheonette

Photo credit: buzzysluncheonette

Buzzy’s Luncheonette is the best spot to get some Jewish meals in a homey and classic atmosphere. In Buzzy Luncheonette, they claim to make the best-tasting smoked meat! And honestly, their claim never lets us down. It’s not only their great food that makes them known but their ambiance and service sum it all up to be a locals’ favorite. With a straightforward interior, it’s all simple and gives off a homey vibe. Their walls are filled with different inspiring and motivational quotes and they definitely give a snug and comfy feeling.

Exactly like their claim, their smoked meat is phenomenal. Everything about it is just pure authentic Jewish flavors and you won’t get enough of it. Try out The Hungry Jew. It’s their award-winning sandwich. One bite, and you’ll understand why it’s a crowd favorite. It’s filling to the stomach and you can taste its authenticity right off the bat. It includes kosher pickles, topped with some latke, you’re bound to be in love with this one! 

Get their Grilled Cheese Meat Sandwich on Challah Bread. This sandwich is divine and it’s truly worth the hype. Their yummy marbled rye bread, the smoked meat, and the caramelized onions and tomatoes are what keep it as flavorful as ever. 

Another crowd-favorite is The Bare Naked Lady. It’s called this because it is served with no bread. Even without bread, don’t underestimate this delicious dish. It is served with a generous pile of smoked meat, sauerkraut, coleslaw, and two latkes. All the ingredients give it a refreshing kick because of the strong flavors. The greatness of meat is outstanding and it melts in your mouth most perfectly. 

What to order:   The Hungry Jew, Grilled Cheese Meat Sandwich on Challah Bread, and The Bare Naked Lady

Address: 122 – 149 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

5. Golden Island Restaurant

Photo credit: Golden Island Restaurant

Craving for some Chinese food? Salt Spring Island has it for you! The Golden Island Restaurant is the Chinese restaurant that will blow you away. This gem is home to North American Style Chinese food. Its interior has a classic Asian theme consisting of the colors red and brown. Chinese red lanterns are everywhere giving an iconic and traditional look to the place. 

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss in Golden Island, it’s their Crispy Ginger Beef. Aside from being exceptional in flavour, you can expect this dish to be crazy crispy! The best part? It’s crispy yet tender on the inside. The tangy taste of their crispy ginger beef is phenomenal, the ginger and garlic flavor doesn’t overshadow its sweetness giving it just the right balance. 

Prepare to be wowed with their Sweet and Sour Prawns. It is served always fresh with the most appetizing aroma and of course, it has an impressive taste. The batter was light and crispy with bursting flavors of sweetness and sharpness. After your meal, you won’t even feel heavy making room for more of their goodies! 

Saving the best dish for the last is their BBQ Pork Chow Mein. An indeed standout dish, you will definitely come back just for this. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and spice plus the pork has a chewy and easy-to-eat texture! It’s the most standout savory dish you’ll get here on Golden Island. Letting go of your chopsticks is impossible with this dish.

What to order:  Crispy Ginger Beef, Sweet and Sour Prawns, and BBQ Pork Chow Mein

Address: 336 Lower Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website |  Facebook

6. Paco’s Tacos

Photo credit: pacostacosssi

Paco’s Tacos is a curbside Mexican food truck that offers only the best burritos and tacos you will ever have! It’s the ideal lunch spot if you just want a chill and casual place to hang out with your friends. Some tables and chairs surround the food truck where you can eat your delicious Mexican food. The food truck is designed with lively colors that catch your attention right away. Their food truck is painted with bright yellow plus recognizable cultural and artistic elements giving an overall aesthetic Mexican vibe. 

We recommend the Fish Burrito and the Pork Carnitas Burrito, get them with cheese and avocado. From the aroma down to the taste, it’s marvelous! The fish burrito doesn’t taste too fishy and literally satisfies your tastebuds. It’s crispy and creamy with a slight flavor of spice. Their Corn Tortillas are also exceptional. It’s fresh and tender. If there’s one thing you should know about their corn tortillas, it’s that they don’t skimp the fillings. It takes extra care and love which is why they are always cooked to perfection! 

In Paco’s Tacos, you can assure yourself that every taco, burrito, or tortilla will drive you to want more!

What to order:  Fish Burrito, Pork Carnitas Burrito, Fish Burrito, and Corn Tortillas.

Address: 111 Rainbow Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Facebook | Instagram

7. Arigato Sushi

Craving some Japanese cuisine? Leave it to Arigato Sushi to keep your cravings satisfied! It’s the best Japanese restaurant at Salt Spring Island. Also considered a hidden gem, this place has an ambiance of a cozy and classic Asian restaurant. Its interior is nothing fancy but the food is always made fresh with the most exceptional quality. 

Arigato Sushi’s rolls indeed hit the spot! We recommend you get their kamikaze roll, Salt Spring Rolls, and Mango Rolls. They are always nicely presented, made with good texture, and offer tasty yet unique flavors because of the fresh ingredients used. The best part is that you can request to deep fry your sushi rolls!

You should also get their Chicken Teriyaki. It gives you an outstanding burst of flavor, unlike any other teriyaki recipe. The chicken is cooked flawlessly and the sauce had the most extreme savory taste that will make you completely obsessed! 

What to order:  kamikaze roll, Salt Spring Rolls, Mango Rolls, and Chicken Teriyaki 

Address: 149 Fulford-Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T9

8. Fernwood Road Cafe

Photo credit: fernwoodrdcafe

Fernwood Road Cafe is a jewel in Salt Spring Island. It gives you the best food in the most relaxing way possible! From the atmosphere, views, coffee, and baked goods, you’re in for a good time! It’s located far from the streets which gives you a secluded ambiance. It’s perfect for enjoying outdoor seating with great talks with friends. Inside the cafe, it has an artistic vibe. Colourful and different paintings are hung on the wall making it refreshing to the eyes. 

The baked goods in this cafe are surely worth the visit! Their Bagels, Muffins, Croissants, and Banana Bread are way too good. For the bagels, what makes them simply the best is the texture. It has a dark crust yet the interior remains chewy. It isn’t too flat nor too bready. The croissants also stand out. It’s crispy with a puffy texture on the inside. You can taste the delicious flavor of butter inside. Every layer of the croissant has a consistent texture and taste. Lastly, their banana bread is moist with loads of bananas. You can tell that the banana flavor isn’t artificial which makes it ten times more yummy! 

Of course, the only thing that makes pastries extra delicious is being paired with some great coffee. In Fernwood Road Cafe, you shouldn’t miss out on their Lattes. Specifically, go for their Chai Tea Latte. If you’re the type that’s not so much into coffee, you will love this. Hands down to its perfect mix of spice and sweetness.

What to order:   Bagels, Muffins, Croissants, Banana Bread, Chai Tea Latte

Address: 336 Lower Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook

9. Mateada Lounge

Photo credit: mateada.guayaki

Mateada Lounge claims that they are more than just a music venue. Known for its signature cocktails made from local libations, the sophisticated-looking area is home to human connections. The decor is classy, elegant, and mostly made out of wood. Its theme is rustic yet slightly modern. From its artistic ornaments down to its warm lights, the aesthetic of the place is meticulously designed to be intricate and sophisticated. 

The Meteada Lounge specializes in Yerba Mate so we suggest you try out their Nitro Mate. They have a unique take on these drinks that you will definitely not see anywhere else. It has different flavors that hit your tastebuds right away. They have a touch of earthy, smoky, woody, and fruity flavours all in one. If you can’t choose between Nitro Mate or Kombucha, they have a combination of these two. The Nitro Mate and Kombucha Fusion drink is remarkable. With a tasteful flavor, it’s surprising that it still remains healthy! 

Their Acai Bowl is also worth a mention. They have a taste of tangy pomegranate and raspberries, with a distinct earthy touch. It’s super tasty and is nothing but complete tropical goodness! 

What to order:  Nitro Mate, Nitro Mate, and Kombucha Fusion drink, and Acai Bowl 

Address: 150 Fulford-Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

10. Salt Spring Wild Cider House

Photo credit: saltspringwildcider

If you love everything about cider, Salt Spring Wild Cider House is going to be your absolute fave! The area of the place gives you a fresh breeze and a clear mind. It is placed in a great location overlooking the orchard. You can sit around in their cute picnic chairs that go with their cozy theme. A sight full of nature is what you’ll see while you eat delicious food made with organic ingredients all ethically sourced. 

To make your visit here super duper worth it, you must try out a diverse selection of ciders. Order their Full Flight which gives you their carefully arranged ciders. These ciders will take you on a wonderful journey! This bundle includes all the traditional and modern cider flights that hit the tastebuds in the best way possible. You should also try out their Saskatoon Berry if you are into the modern taste of ciders. For the food, their Smoked Duck and Striploin is hands down amazing! You can tell that they are made from high-quality ingredients. The taste lingers in your mouth beautifully and the Striploin is very juicy with a potent beefy flavor.

Looking for something light? Go try out their Moroccan Mushroom Toast. It has a delicious combination of flavors and the Mushroom goes well with all the Morrocan spices. You’re going to want to come back for this, we’re sure! For dessert, the best thing on their menu is their Banana Pudding. It has chocolate in the middle that boosts the level of sweetness. They are close to perfection and are simply the best way to cap off your meal! 

What to order:  Full Flight, Saskatoon Berry, Smoked Duck and Striploin, Moroccan Mushroom Toast, and Banana Pudding

Address: 151 Sharp Rd, Salt Spring Island, BC

Website | Instagram | Facebook 

That’s all for the best restaurants on Salt Spring Island. If you’re planning a trip to Victoria and are looking for great restaurants to stop by, we also know some of the best restaurants! Check out our list of the best restaurants in Victoria that will give you a stellar meal!