Big Way Hot Pot Soft Opens New Train-Themed Kerrisdale Location

The city’s most popular hot pot chain, Big Way, has soft-opened their new Kerrisdale outpost.

It takes over the space formerly occupied by Gram Pancake Cafe.

This expansion marks another milestone which already has 4 operating locations in Metro Vancouver.

The Journey of Big Way

Big Way Hot Pot, which began its journey on Kingsway in 2021, is the brainchild of a seasoned mom-and-pop duo with rich experience in the hot pot industry.

Their expertise has helped Big Way quickly become a favourite among local hot pot enthusiasts.

What makes Big Way so attractive is its pick-and-choose hot pot style. Customers can select from an array of over 100 fresh ingredients, ranging from various seafood options to a plethora of vegetables and noodles.

The weight of the bowl determines the price, allowing for a customizable dining experience to suit every appetite and budget.

The restaurant offers over six soup bases, including popular choices like Malatang and Collagen Bone Broth, along with seasonal additions like Kimchi and the most recent Sukiyaki broth. This variety ensures that every visit can be a new flavour exploration!

A meal at Big Way isn’t complete without their complimentary soft-serve ice cream, uniquely served in charcoal cones from a Victoria-based supplier.

The Deets About Kerrisdale Big Way

The Big Way team explained to Noms Magazine their reason for opening in Kerrisdale: the neighborhood was in need of a quality and affordable hot pot experience. Kerrisdale is bustling with UBC students on the go, parents from nearby schools, and local residents.

Food wise – you’ll find the same wall of fresh ingredients, broths options and drinks available like their other outposts.

Different from other Big Way locations, their front sign includes the subtitle ‘Tea Studio.’ The Big Way team explains this choice was deliberate, aiming to highlight not only their expertise in hot pot but also their extensive selection of bubble tea and slush drinks.

Basically, this location positions itself as both a hot pot and bubble tea shop, inviting students to drop by Big Way for a quick bubble tea.

Now, Big Way is also known for adapting its interiors to match the local vibe and demographic.

While the Richmond outlet boasts a traditional Chinese aesthetic with modern gold accents, and the Kingsway location appeals to young families with its bright and spacious design, the 2000 sq.ft Kerrisdale location is themed like a train.

You’ll find large mirrors on one side of the store, mimicking the windows of a train, alongside cushy seats.

Note: Further interior changes are coming to the Kerrisdale location; but due to port issues, decor items like indoor signage are delayed.

And those in the area looking for a late night meal, the Kerrisdale outpost is also open until 2AM.

Starting February 14th, Big Way will release their new seasonal menu – a line of Cheese Foam drinks and an alternate version of their current Malatang broth (Sichuan style).

And while the Kerrisdale outpost is just getting started, Big Way is still working on their next two locations – Richmond (second location) and Lougheed.

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Address: 2145 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 1Z6

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