Burnaby Craft Brewery Announces Heartfelt Closure Shocking The Community

Sad news just hit the hearts of Burnaby’s craft beer lovers.

Studio Brewing shared the news on Saturday, December 2nd of its upcoming closure.

This beloved brewery, a local favourite since it opened February 2021, will pour its last pint on December 22, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of passion and quality.

The Story of Studio Brewing

Photo credits: Studio Brewing

Founded by a team of beer enthusiasts – Mark Quinlan, Andrew Somers, Matt Leslie, with Ryan Voigt, a veteran from Twin Sails and Superflux, as head brewer – Studio Brewing was more than just a business.

Opening in a former auto body shop by Royal Oak Station, it was a dream come to life.

It was a push to be more than just another brewery.

The brewery, taproom, and retail shop quickly became a staple in the community, known for its dedication to craft and community spirit.

The Challenge of Timing

In a farewell announcement posted on their Instagram and Facebook, the Studio Brewing team shared the obstacles they ran into from the start.

Opening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the team faced costly delays and a changing consumer landscape.

They shared that the economic challenges and a shift away from craft beer created a tough environment for survival, let alone growth for the brewery.

Costly delays towards opening, consumer preference shifting away from craft beer and challenging economic times produced an undefeatable combination for us.

Studio Brewing

Despite these hurdles, the founders hold their heads high, proud of their efforts and the community they nurtured.

The founders express heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported them – from the ‘Originals’ who were there at the beginning to the friends, family, and loyal staff who treated the brewery like their own.

A Call to Support Local Breweries

In their farewell message, the team at Studio Brewing highlights the challenges faced by craft breweries and urges the community to continue supporting local brewers.

As Studio Brewing approaches its final days (Dec 22nd), the team invites everyone to join them in celebrating their journey.

They look forward to sharing stories, memories, and final cheers, marking the end of a significant chapter in Burnaby’s craft beer history.

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Address: 5792 Beresford Street, Burnaby BC

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