Domino’s Japan Serves A Slice of Spring With New Sakura Pizza

Photo credits: Domino's Japan & PR Times

As Japan embraces the transition of seasons, Domino’s Pizza Japan joins in the celebration! 

With winter fading away and cherry blossoms blooming everywhere, Domino’s introduces its newest creation: the Sakura Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza, operated by Domino’s Pizza Japan, holds the top spot in Japan’s pizza market.

Photo credits: Domino’s Japan

To celebrate spring, they’ve launched the limited-time pink “Sakura Pizza” for all pink and spring enthusiasts!

“Sakura Pizza” makes history at Domino’s, featuring chewy strawberry-flavored pink tapioca, 1.5 times the regular mozzarella cheese, and condensed milk from 100% Hokkaido raw milk, topped with strawberries for extra flavor. 

If you like sweet, savory, and a lot of cheese, this pizza has everything all in a charming pink hue!

Photo credits: Domino’s Japan

Who knew a pink pizza could taste and look THIS good?

To make it even more special, Domino’s Pizza Daiba store will host a special cherry blossom viewing event until March 31st.

Here, you can enjoy the spring spirit with the cute pink-themed menu!

During the “Sakura Pizza” sales period, enjoy delivery in exclusive spring-themed pizza boxes. Capture the essence of spring with these adorable boxes, perfect for sharing photos with friends and family.