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5 Best Places To Visit Around Vancouver During Summer

They say “A life without love is like a year without summer”. If springtime is the wake-up call for life, then summer is the extension of the joy of spring when everything comes alive and lives to the fullest. 

Summer is something special. And smack dab here in Vancouver, it’s not just a section of time. Summer is the peak season when tourists of all places flock here to get the best of the city. 

If you’re a newcomer to Vancouver, let’s spend some decent time planning out the best summer trip! This is our local handy guide which reveals five of our best places to visit around Vancouver during summer!

What Is Vancouver’s Weather Like During Summer?

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Yaletown Neighbourhood

Summertime hits Vancouver from June to August. The sunny sky is harmonized with a cool, partly cloudy weather. The temperature reaches 23°C during the day and drops to 13 °C overnight. The hottest it ever gets is 28°C and that usually only lasts for a week. Summer is the driest time in Vancouver, which encourages everyone to hit the streets and beaches more often. 

Amongst all four seasons in Vancouver, summer offers the widest selection of outdoor activities. The city truly comes alive when people are out cycling the Stanley Park seawall, rollerblading by the beach, or shopping in the neighbourhoods.

The adventurous souls in Vancouver take this chance to hike through the forests for the utmost natural discovery.

5 Top-Rated Places in Vancouver To Check Out In Summer

1. Stanley Park Seawall

5 most popular things to do when vacationing in vancouver stanley park

Known as the most famous attraction in Vancouver, Stanley Park delivers a breathtaking beauty at any time in the year. Summer blankets Stanley Park with the mild and sunny weather which encourages people to get on their bikes for a tour around the seawall.

The seawall path lasts for 10 kilometers surrounding the entire park. Biking along the path brings you closer to the North Shore mountain view and Lions Gate Bridge.

The high clear sky looks down on the locals pedaling beneath the gigantic old trees. And once you get enough of the biking, stop by the beach for a weekend picnic with your friends.

Bikes for rent are not available at the park, which means you have to look elsewhere in town near your hotel or on the street. One of the best places to rent a bike is near the entrance of the park on Denman street. You can find all sorts of bikes that suit you the most, from tandem to mountain.

Another way to find a decent bike for a complete tour around the park as well as hitting the city streets is using Mobi by Shaw Go, a Vancouver’s public bike share system.

Mobi by Shaw Go is a new and convenient bike rental that allows you to detect and get a bike wherever you are in town with an affordable fee.

2. Grouse Grind Trail at Grouse Mountain

things to do when vacationing in vancouver grouse mountain
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Known as the “Peak of Vancouver”, Grouse Mountain reaches 1250 meters in height and is home to a famous hiking trail, the Grouse Grind.

Grouse Grind is short but it requires you to be athletic and well-prepared enough to conquer the steep and vertical trail.  The total length is around 2.9 kilometers.

Thanks to the challenging nature, Grouse Grind is more favored by the fitness lovers who want to level up their skills.

Simply put, if you’re an average hiker looking for some sorts of trouble-free paths, you may want to save Grouse Grind for the very next time!

Other than the iconic hiking trail, we highly recommend you to stick around at the top of the mountain for a while to indulge in the Lumberjack Show! This is a live comedy show featuring the competition of two Canadian lumberjacks.

Within 45 minutes, you will be amazed at the skillful performances including pole climbing, log rolling, and axe throwing. Especially if you’re an out-of-towner, Lumberjack is a great show to explore the stereotypically Canadian fun-loving style.

Last but not least, make sure you won’t forget the one and only grizzly bear watching experience!

Families with kids seeking a fun and insightful activity should never skip this! Grinder and Coola are two well-intentioned furry residents at Grouse Mountain. They are just having the time of their life in a spacious enclosed area full of nature and treats. 

Address: 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9.

3. Granville Island

People talk about Granville Island with pride and amusement! Listed as British Columbia’s top 10 attractions, Granville Island has anything you ask for a complete summer vacation in Canada. 

Granville Island Public Market

things to do when vacationing in vancouver granville island
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One of the most talked-about points of interest on the island is the Granville Island Public Market. This is a large indoor market housing an extensive assortment of 50 vendors and stores. It boasts a wide range of products such as handicrafts, food and beverage as well as other unique souvenirs.

Amongst all of these items, the food scene at Granville Island Public Market is the focal point luring visitors to the area.

You can please your appetite with a mouthwatering range of delicacies from Asia, Greece, Mexico, and more!

If you’re up for some snacks, make sure to check out Siegel’s Bagels! This is our favorite stop to get some authentic Montreal-style bagels. Their pieces are fresh, crusty on the skin and chewy on the inside. The bagels are boiled and baked in a classic wood-burning oven, which adds in the charm of each bite.

How about some donuts to complete your daily treats? Lee’s Donuts is a big icon in the market making it a great excuse to indulge your sweet tooth. Some of their best sellers like custard bon bon and jelly jam donuts always get many customers to line up for. 

Other than these two stores, you can stop by Stuart’s Bakery and munch on some savory and sweet baked goods, or blend into the crowd for smoked meats and cheese paradise at Oyama Sausage to enjoy their exquisite handmade bacon and charcuterie.

Address: Public Market, 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9.

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Kids Market 

best places to visit around vancouver during summer kids market
Photo Credit: Granville Island

What if you visit Granville with your little ones? Make sure to have them entertained by letting them loose at the Kids Market. The market is located right next to the street entrance. 

This multi-story building houses everything a kid has ever dreamt of. Toys, costumes, fashion, arcade and an indoor Adventure Zone playground are just a few to be named!

Gallery Hopping

With over 10 art galleries scattered throughout the area, Granville Island Public Market has become a must-visit destination for artistic souls. Each gallery has its own theme and topic, which brings you the most cutting-edge art in Canada. Some of them are even free to browse!

The most famous stop is Vancouver Art Gallery followed by Contemporary Art Gallery and other indie names on South Granville Street.

Craft Beer Scene

best places to visit around vancouver during summer granville island brewing
Photo Credit: Granville Island Brewing

Who’s here for some booze? The craft beer explosion in Vancouver has been taking the city by storm ever since 1984. Granville Island Brewing is the best craft beer bar in Vancouver, and also the first one to be introduced to Vancouverites. Other than just grabbing a pint, you can tour around the facilities and even bring home some souvenirs over the counter. 

Address: 1441 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R7.

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4. Kitsilano Beach

things to do when vacationing in vancouver kitsilano beach
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Is there anything better than getting some splash on the beach under the summer sun? Right here in Vancouver, Kitsilano is one of the best beaches in town that attract a great number of visitors every summer.

The sandy shoreline of Kitsilano Beach is filled with the cheerful and vibrant Vancouver lifestyle. Feel free to come over with a book and spend the whole morning sunbathing by the seaside!

Kitsilano also offers an outdoor heated seawater swimming pool where you can get a dip and laze back with your besties.

You may be wondering what else you can revel in around the beach! Well, another crowd-pleasing experience that we love to do every time we come by is hitting one of the best Insta-worthy cafes and walking trails. 

If you come with a shopaholic sister, why not take her on a full-on retail therapy around West Fourth Avenue? This area is home to multiple blocks on the Southside of the street filled with a vibrant shopping atmosphere.

Strolling down the East of Kitsilano leads you to Vanier Park where you can find the famous Vancouver Maritime Museum. This is an entertaining and insightful exhibition that showcases all you need to know about the maritime history of Vancouver and the Canadian Arctic.

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge

best places to visit around vancouver during summer capilano suspension bridge
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Our last recommendation for your summertime bucket list is the one and only Capilano Suspension Bridge. This cutting-edge attraction allows you to appreciate nature to the fullest by offering a terrific “hanging-in-the-air” experience for thrill-seekers.

Summer makes it even more attractive as the sky is clear and sunny, which lets you absorb the charming landscape all around in the most spectacular way. 

There are multiple experiences to check out within this area. And walking on the bridge is not the only thing you can try!

One of the most eye-catching features in the area is The Cliffwalk. It is a metal path curving the edge of a cliff. The wobbly bridge is 140 meters long and crosses the Capilano River. Thanks to the breathtaking scenery of the old-growth rainforest, the Cliffwalk has become an all-time favorite attraction in Vancouver. 

Strolling down the bridge gives you a chance to admire the canyon far-away. Even though summer is the best time to enjoy the walk, winter also brings a brand new look with the dazzling lights all lit up.

Another highlight is the area is the collection of rope bridges. Walking from tree to tree on a rope bridge rewards you with a mesmerizing birds-eye view.

Without a doubt, walking with sways while hanging in the middle of the air is not a crowd-pleaser. This experience is only for the adventurous souls! And if you’re not that into it, opt for one of the paths through the forest instead!

The paths cut through the lush rainforest and offer a great insight into the geological, historical, and natural values of First Nations art.

Address: 3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1.

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And that’s a wrap for our five favorite places to be in Vancouver during summer! If you’re having some spare days, why not head to the neighboring city of Victoria for a day or two? Make sure you will check out our weekend guide from Vancouver to Victoria right here!

Or if you’re looking to stay within city, see the best food in Vancouver you gotta try!

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