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Photo Credit: Vancity Originals

7 Vancouver Souvenirs to Bring Home a Piece of Vancouver

Vancouver is a booming destination for shopping possibilities. The cross-cultural communication of aboriginal and western traditions becomes a great magnet pulling you in for the search of local Vancouver delights. Whether you’re looking for an on-trend streetwear, local produce, or authentic Indigenous keepsake, we have a multitude of regional souvenirs to bring home a slice of Vancouver.

All can be found in this guide including the best places to buy them.

1. Smoked Salmon and Candied Salmon

vancouver souvenirs longliner
Photo Credit: Longliner Seafoods

Little do you know that British Columbia is one of the best places in the world for smoked salmon. Vacuumed-sealed salmon can make a delightful gift to wake up your taste buds that you can bring on the airplane and clear customs without any hassle. 

You can mix it up with some Hollandaise sauce to make a simple and crowd-pleasing appetizer. Otherwise, pep up your breakfast by topping a few slices of smoked salmon on the crispy toast and scrambled eggs before a few drops of flaky sea salt. 

Embark on your journey to hunt for this king of all fish by strolling around Lower Mainland, Granville Island, or North Vancouver where you can sample on some before purchasing. These travel-friendly packages come out frozen and can last up to 48 hours of the purchase time as long as you don’t leave it open until landing home.

Longliner Seafoods

Address: 1689 Johnston St #102, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

Masa’s Salmon Smokehouse

Address: 130 Garden Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3H2


2. Chocolates

beta5cafe interior
Photo credit: Beta5 Chocolates

More than just a tempting treat, chocolate is an essential food group in Vancouver that you don’t want to miss out on. You will never go wrong when gifting chocolate as an authentic gift from Vancouver because, admit it, who can say no to this delicious treat? 

The chocolate dessert in Vancouver is such a diverse and exciting scene. Some are famous for their bean-to-bar chocolates made by artisans, while some others have been going strong for over a century. Amongst a huge assortment of chocolatiers, Beta5 is our go-to spot where you will jump for joy when wandering around this chocolate heaven. Other than this, shop around Metro Vancouver and stock up your bags with some other chocolate icons such as Thomas Haas and Purdys Chocolatier. 

Beta5 Chocolates

Address: 409 Industrial Ave, Vancouver.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Thomas Haas

Address: 2539 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E9.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Purdys Chocolatier

Address: 2368 Cambie St., Vancouver.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Handmade Soaps

vancouver souvenirs soap dispensary
Photo Credit: The Soap Dispensary

Ever thought of an eco-friendly skincare product that makes a meaningful gift? Top your bucket list with a few bars of home-made soap! Not only can these organic and natural-based soaps revive your youthful skin for a healthy look but they also come in cute little shapes to surprise your friends and family. 

The local soap makers can be found around the city from Granville Island to Robson Street. These hand-made luscious lathers are totally budget-friendly that can start as low as $1.25.

The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples

Address: 3718 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N7

Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. First Nations Arts

vancouver souvenirs first nations art
Photo Credit: Inuit Gallery

The First Nations have been a vital part of Canada. More than just a keepsake, bringing home a piece of the First Nations Arts ensures your souvenir contributes to the traditional and modern Indigenous cultures.

There’s a wealth of authentic Indigenous souvenirs coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. If you’re a culture-vulture who likes to display unique items around the house that captures the spirit of a place, then stone figures of Inukshuk will fit the bill! These spectacular stone arts represent the Inuit culture which usually comes from stunning soapstone carvings in the form of an animal. 

Amongst some other aboriginal arts, there are jewelry, totem poles, wooden masks, bags, wallets, magnets, and many more. Many of them are designed to display cross-cultural communication and even environmental concerns. Our recommended spot to shop for these incredible arts is the Inuit Gallery in Gastown.

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Address: 206 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M9.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Signature Vancouver Streetwear

vancouver souvenirs vancity gear
Photo Credit: Vancity Originals

Streetwear is taking over the fashion world of Vancouver. The Rain City becomes such a hot spot for retails that sweep through all the big neighborhoods. To kick start a hunting journey for your iconic streetwear look when visiting Vancouver, save at least half a day for it as they’re so many places offering on-trend streetwear unique to Vancouver. 

The past decade has bred some of the coolest streetwear brands ranging from vintage work labels to cult-favorite imprints. If you’re looking for some on-trend streetwear to perk up your wardrobe, Vancity Original and Frontrvnners are some of our favorite stores. 

Vancity Original

Address: 819 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1T9.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Address: 128 W Cordova, Vancouver.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Athletic Wear and Accessories

vancouver souvenirs lululemon
Photo Credit: Lululemon

Other than casual streetwear, the yoga athletic apparel is another trendy local souvenir to bring home a piece of Vancouver. The best place in town to seek for these apparels is Lululemon. This Vancouver-based brand specializes in exceptional athletic wear including hoodies, tops, shorts, tanks, jackets, crops, and many more. 

Other than those, you will also find a generous offer of scarves, mitts, toques, and underwear that significantly represent your identity. Lululemon has been going strong since 1998 with its reputation crossing Canada’s border. These items are generally affordable that vary between $18 and $40. 


Address: 970 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E7.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Canucks Gear

vancouver souvenirs canucks gear
Photo Credit: Canucks Store

Ice hockey is one of the most electrifying games in Vancouver and Canada. And if you’re wondering which is an ideal keepsake that sends your sporty friend to cloud nine, give them something with a Canuck Hockey Team Logo on it! 

Ice hockey is long known as the national winter sport of Canada, and there’s no reason to miss out on a customized jersey or hockey puck before boarding the plane back home. Scarves, towels, flags, and keyrings are some other memorable keepsakes that range from $10 and may go up to $700. Some of the best places to get a token of memory of Vancouver Canuck can be listed as Canucks Team Store and Granville Sports Center.

Canucks Team Store

Address: 800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver, BC V6B 6G1.

Website | Instagram

Granville Sports Center

Address: 856 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K3.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

As you’re already out on the street looking for these items, let’s browse through these best shopping neighbourhoods in Vancouver for the utmost shopping spree!