Fried Mochi Ramen: Where Hot Broth Meets Cold Treat

Photo credits: PRtimes

Have you ever dreamed of slurping ramen and then biting into a frosty dessert? 

Well, buckle up! Menya Musashi Niten is serving up a wild ride. 

Meet the Fried Mochi Ramen, where cozy meets cool in a bowl… a hot, savory soup with a twist.

Thanks to Yosuke Ohara, the genius behind this dish, you can now enjoy your ramen with a scoop of ice-cold mochi.

Photo credits: PRtimes

Yes, you read that right. It’s a bowl of ramen with mochi ice cream!

Ohara loves Yukimi Daifuku, that soft rice cake filled with vanilla ice cream everyone in Japan adores. 

Photo credits: PRtimes

One chilly winter, he thought, “Why not mix this with ramen?” But there was a catch. How do you mix something frozen with something hot?

The answer was as creative as it gets. 

Wrap the mochi ice cream in tempura batter and fry it up. Dip this into a special broth of chicken stock and cheese, and boom! You’ve got a bowl that’s both sweet and savory.

And it gets better.

The soup’s got a kick that changes as you eat, mixed with creamy egg yolks for extra richness. Plus, there’s tender chashu pork and a side of rice to mop up every last drop!

Photo credits: PRtimes

But the real fun begins when you let that fried mochi melt into the soup. Every spoonful is a surprise. It’s a dish that breaks all the rules in the best way.

Only 15 lucky people a day was able to try this masterpiece in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro, in February. At just 1,200 yen (about US$8.15), it’s a small price for a big adventure!

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