Popular Hot Pot Chain ‘Haidilao’ To Soft Open New Amazing Brentwood Location This Week

Photo credits: Haidilao

Burnaby’s hot pot enthusiasts, rejoice!

The long-awaited Haidilao Hot Pot at The Amazing Brentwood is finally here, and this time it’s real!

Back in March, we reported that the Haidilao unit at The Amazing Brentwood had shown signs of progress after remaining untouched for nearly three years.

Now, the Haidilao Canada team has shared with Noms Magazine and shared on their Instagram that the location will be soft opening on May 1 at 5PM.

Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant was founded in 1994 in Jianyang, Sichuan Province of China and has 1443 stores worldwide. Globally it is known for its intense dedication for providing spectacular service.

In certain countries, Haidilao offers free (or very affordable) nail services, massages, cooking classes, and more to alleviate the wait times for customers.

They are also known to provide entertainment during your hot pot experience like the iconic noodle dance or staff dancing to variety of Kpop.

Photo credits: Haidilao

The new location is massive, accommodating a total of 200 diners and featuring two private rooms.

The menu mirrors that of other Haidilao locations, offering the same variety of high-quality broths, seafood, meats, and veggies.

Diners can indulge in a variety of options, including the chain’s signature hot pot experience.

Photo credits: Haidilao

While the iconic noodle dance and face-changing performances (Sichuan Opera Face) won’t be available during the soft opening period, Haidilao will bring these entertaining offerings soon to this location.

Haidilao’s opening at The Amazing Brentwood adds another exciting element to the Burnaby food scene.

They are joining recent additions Tap & Barrel and Hello Nori at the mall.

Despite Burnaby’s existing array of hot pot chains, Haidilao’s entry is a welcome surprise, as it was the only major chain missing.

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