Hundo-P: Whistler Smoothie & Ice Cream Shop To Open In Burnaby

Photo credits: Hundo-P

The Metrotown area has become a popular neighbourhood for great eats.

The area is now filled with a ton of hot pot joints, chains, and a diverse selection of cuisines to enjoy.

Well someone new is joining the area soon!

We spotted signs for Hundo-P, a healthy smoothie & ice cream shop from Whistler, is coming to Station Square.

Photo credits: Hundo-P

According to an interview, Hundo-P was conceptualized by founder Whalen, who after purchasing a residential unit in Whistler back in 2015, sought to make use of a cozy 200-square-foot space on the ground floor.

Aimed at offering health-focused Whistlerites and visitors a quick, nutritious option, Hundo-P emerged as a solution to the gap.

Photo credits: Hundo-P

Offering a menu of nine different smoothies, Hundo-P ensures that each blend is not only a delight to the palate but also a nutritious recharge, true to the shop’s name which suggests getting you back to ‘100 percent’.

Favourites like the Nutz & Bolts, Tropical Green Ninja and PB&J highlight the shop’s commitment to taste, health, and satisfaction.

Photo credits: Hundo-P

According to the signage, plant-based ice cream will be available as well.

The menu draws inspiration from Whalen’s fav smoothie spots across Vancouver and exotic locations like Tulum and Bali.

Slated to open in the summer of 2024, Hundo-P’s new location in Burnaby’s Station Square will bring its blend of health, flavour, and convenience to the Metrotown area.

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