Kitsilano Restaurant Forced To Close After 8 Months Of Operation

Photo credits: Qube

As the poor economy rages havoc on the local food industry, many spots are closing left and right.

Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood saying goodbye to one of its newer culinary spots.

Well, technically they’re getting booted out.

Photo credits: Qube

Qube Restaurant, which brought Lebanese cuisine to the heart of Kitsilano has been forced to close its doors.

Qube opened back in September 2023 by first-time restaurateur Daniel Berro, offered a fusion of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine with some modern twists.

Housed in the previous Glowbal’s Trattoria unit, Qube had high hopes for its culinary journey.

Photo credits: Qube

However, less than eight months later, it is the end for Qube.

According to Vancouver is Awesome, notices posted on Qube’s front door reveal that the landlord had terminated the lease due to unpaid rent.

So far none of Qube’s social media profiles, website, or Google business has announced their closure.

We’ve noticed the unit has been up for sale for the past month now with a $25,400 all-in lease.

This isn’t the first time a restaurant has been forced to close due to unpaid rent.

This was also the case for Gram Pancakes, who had almost a year of unpaid rent and ended up closing all 3 Metro Vancouver outposts.

But as Qube’s unit is now empty, we’ll have to wait and see who will be taking over.

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