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The Korean Sauna Café That’s Turning Heads For Its Unique Theme

Have you ever sipped coffee or had ice cream in a sauna?

Sounds wild, right? 

Welcome to Bano Cafe in Daegu, South Korea! This isn’t your typical coffee shop—it’s a sauna-themed cafe that’s as mind-blowing as it sounds. 

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I mean, who would have thought that these two different worlds would come together so perfectly?

You walk in and the whole second floor looks just like a traditional bathhouse.

Photo credits: all.about_.daegu_

Showers, steam rooms, massage areas, and even jjimjilbangs (that’s a Korean sauna room). 

You can chill in sleeping areas or grab snacks at the bar.

The coolest part?

You get to wear the popular head lamb towel. Talk about authentic!

When you order a dessert or drink, it comes in a cute sauna basket.

Photo credits: Bano Cafe

Think enjoying gelato, fresh juices, and other summer drinks in this unique setting! They have all sorts of natural gelato flavors, so there’s something for everyone.

It’s a fun spot to hang out with friends or family – imagine the laughs and stories you’ll share!

Want to experience something truly different?

Share this article with your friends and plan your next adventure at Bano Cafe in Daegu. Trust us, it’s a place you won’t forget!