Popular MACU Tea Announces Two New Metro Vancouver Locations

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If you’re a fan of bubble tea and fruit drinks, you’ll be happy about this news!

One of the most popular bubble tea spots has shared with Noms Magazine they’re gearing up for two new locations in Metro Vancouver.

Yup we’re talking about MACU Tea – the one that has gone viral for their delicious fresh mango drinks last year.

They continue to see massive lines at their Richmond outpost when it is mango season.

Founded in 2008, MACU Tea is a leading bubble tea brand in Taiwan, with 330 outlets.

The company focuses on using fresh fruit, natural ingredients, and healthy options, especially in their fruit tea series.

Each cup of tea is freshly made upon order, using seasonal ingredients and adhering to the highest food safety standards.

In 2019, Macu Tea created a new trend in the industry with their “Drinking Dessert” concept, elevating beverages to a dessert-like experience.

MACU Tea stays true to its commitment to real fruit and natural ingredients, with staff juicing fresh fruits in front of customers in the store.

According to the MACU Tea team, they will be opening a location along Robson Street, right beside Ramen Danbo.

They’ll be taking over the previous unit occupied by the plant-based hot dog shop called Good Dogs, which shuttered a couple of months ago.

This location is expected to open at the end of May or early June according to the team.

Another location is also opening up in Burnaby on Kingsway.

The team was not able to share the exact address yet but said it is slated to open this summer.

MACU Tea is one of the rare bubble tea shops that sees a gigantic line out their doors after the initial opening hype.

Their expansion is good news for those living in Burnaby and Downtown who are craving some fresh fruit dessert-esque drinks!

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Address: 1331 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6

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