New Taiyaki & Soft Serve Shop To Open In Burnaby

Photo credits: Little Pisces

If you’re a taiyaki fan, you’ll be happy about this news!

Little Pisces, a somewhat fresh face to the Metro Vancouver dessert scene, shared on Instagram that they’ve leveled up from their pop ups and have secured a physical location.

Founded by Jacky Tian and Linda Dai, Little Pisces (yes, one is a Pisces) aspires to introduce Metro Vancouverites to the traditional Japanese dessert, taiyaki, with a twist.

Owners Jacky and Linda’s friendship spans over 14 years, tracing back to their high school days in Surrey.

For both of them, this will be their first foray into food entrepreneurship.

That being said, their education and career backgrounds definitely shine through in how they market and build Little Pisces.

Photo credits: Little Pisces

Jacky is a computer sciences grad from UC Berkley and worked in San Francisco’s tech scene – including time at DoorDash.

Linda, on the other hand, went through the north star path for business students – UBC Sauder to Deloitte and then to private equity.

The decision to start a food business was driven by a shared love for taiyaki and a realization that Vancouver lacked a dedicated store for this niche.

Photo credits: Little Pisces

Taiyakis are a relatively new food category in Vancouver so first and foremost we want our customers to leave our store thinking “I want another taiyaki tomorrow”.

Jacky and Linda, Little Pisces

Striving to make taiyakis a staple in the local diet, akin to bubble tea’s rise, Jacky and Linda are focused on leaving customers with a lasting, positive impression.

But unlike most first-time food business owners, they take a build-in-public and community-driven approach, utilizing Instagram to get feedback and share their journey.

Following along their Instagram will have you see them explain everything from decor to flavour choices to learnings from a pop-up.

This transparent strategy makes for a fun and “along the ride” type of feeling in being part of building the brand together.

And with Linda’s consulting background, you bet she pulls out the PowerPoints!

When they’re able to visit our store for the first time, we would love for them to see how they’ve impacted our business from small things like our specific shade of off-white paint color for the walls to big things like our taiyaki flavors!

Jacky and Linda, Little Pisces

At Little Pisces, the spotlight is no doubt taiyakis — fish-shaped waffles filled with both traditional and inventive flavours.

However they opt for a mochi batter, which gives each taiyaki a crispy outside and nice chewy inside.

Photo credits: Little Pisces

The menu reflects Vancouver’s multicultural palette with fillings ranging from red bean and custard to ube and hotteok.

We want to have fun with our taiyaki menu, so we plan to offer new seasonal flavors and collaborate with other food entrepreneurs as well.

Jacky and Linda, Little Pisces

For those looking for a cold treat, they’ll be offering soft serve, with base flavours like vanilla, matcha, and yuzu. You can either have the ice cream by itself in a cup or on a taiyaki.

Photo credits: Little Pisces

The store, spanning approximately 1,300 square feet with seating for 25, will be located on North Road and will take over a previous Yifang bubble tea shop.

The lack of ice cream spots in the area presented an opportunity for Little Pisces to fill a gap and contribute to the community’s nightlife.

Both of us grew up just next door in Surrey (the Fraser Heights area), and North Road is where many of our friends go to hang out and eat. We loved the idea of being able to offer another late night hang-out spot for the community.

Jacky and Linda, Little Pisces

Working closely with architects and interior designers, Jacky and Linda have crafted a space that embodies comfort, modernity, and a pop of their bright Orange colour.

The store will accommodate various seating arrangements, from group tables to a bench for quick bites.

A custom-built tall mirror and a shelf for local merchandise and community art add to the store’s unique charm and community-driven approach.

For now the shop is slated to open sometime in May or June.

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Address: 4501 North Rd #202b, Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7