Mysterious New Japanese Cafe Spotted Opening In Downtown Vancouver

A new mystery is brewing in Downtown Vancouver, and it’s not just the coffee.

Spotted along Howe Street, the previous Sciue unit now sports a minimal and vibrant new signage teasing the arrival of a new Japanese cafe called N Cafe.

The windows have bright neon green text that cheerfully proclaims, “Nice to meet you!”, “Let’s get to know you,” and promises of “coffee, matcha, baked goods.”

These phrases are also displayed in Japanese, adding to the intrigue.

The signage also includes a QR code that leads to a survey.

The survey asks potential customers about their interest in happy hour, how far they are from the cafe, reasons for visiting cafes, and more.

It seems the owners of N Cafe are keen on tailoring the cafe experience based on community feedback.

While details are scarce, we know that N Cafe plans to offer brunch on weekends based on the front door hours.

As of now, no additional information nor public profiles are available, but we’re hopeful they’ll be bringing something interesting to the city.

Keep an eye out for more updates on N Cafe.

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Address: 800 W Pender St #110, Vancouver, BC V6C 2V6