New Asian Food Market & Cafe Opens In Vancouver’s Marpole Neighbourhood

The Marpole Granville area of Vancouver often flies under the radar, but foodies know it’s home to some surprising gems.

One such newcomer is Bona Market & Cafe, which was first spotted by our community member, thecafebuzz, back in May.

While dining at a nearby Taiwanese beef noodle spot boasting a 4.9-star rating, we decided to check out Bona and see what they are all about.

Bona transformed a former antique shop into a bustling marketplace and opened at the end of April this year.

The aisles are packed with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Southeast Asian snacks, pre-packaged food, condiments, and general goods.

Fridges are filled with drinks and frozen goodies, making it a treasure trove for Asian food lovers.

Think Daruma, but with a broader range of items that goes beyond just Japanese items.

One item we’ve never seen at any other grocery store are these Thai popsicles, shaped like exotic flavours such as durian.

They reminded us of the viral Peach and viral Mango popsicle from T&T Supermarkets.

On one side of the shop, you’ll find the cafe. Here, they serve a variety of caffeinated and refreshing drinks.

Their prepared food is quite affordable, with bento boxes that rotate weekly and delicious egg sandwiches.

To the right of the cafe is a small, clean seating area with about 12 seats.

Although the neighborhood lacks a good cafe to sit down and work, Bona’s seating area, despite having no outlets or public washrooms, is a decent spot to get some work done for an hour or so.

During our visit, they were offering samples of Taiwanese pineapple, known for its affordability, edible stem, and extreme sweetness.

These pineapples have become quite popular, adding to Bona’s appeal.

Considering that Safeway is the only other grocery store in the area, Bona is a fantastic option for locals looking for their Asian snack fix and a refreshing drink.

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Address: 7963 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z3