New Bubble Tea & French Dessert Spot To Open In Richmond Soon

Just when you thought Richmond’s bubble tea scene couldn’t get any more crowded, a new contender is stepping into the ring.

Located right beside the award-winning Chicha San Chen by the Brighouse Canada Line Station, a new bubble tea and cake boutique is in works.

Spotted by our eagle-eyed team, ChooWee stands out as a mystery in the midst of chains with barely any social media profiles and no Google footprint.

The only thing we were able to find is their Chinese social media profile on xiaohongshou, which has only two posts about its renovation progress.

One post shared the long permitting process that the owner had to endure with the city – an obstacle many small business owners have also voiced about.

The boutique’s setup is cozy and straightforward – a small, narrow space where the magic happens.

At the heart of it is a takeout counter, promising quick fixes of fruit tea bliss.

And let’s not overlook the fridges lining the side, a clear sign that cakes and other sweet treats are part of the ChooWee charm.

According to their Chinese social media profile, they will be offering French desserts.

Though details about ChooWee are few, setting up shop right next to Chicha San Chen is a bold move.

As of now, Choowee remains shrouded in mystery, but that only adds to the excitement. What flavors will they offer? What cakes will grace those fridges?

Only time will tell, and you can bet we’re on the lookout for any scoop on this brave new bubble tea boutique.

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Address: 6386 No. 3 Rd #155, Richmond, BC V6Y 0L8