New Parisian Bakery Will Give You A Slice of Paris In Vancouver

Looking for a slice of Paris in Vancouver?

Well, a Vancouver Farmer’s Market Vet has just upped their game and launched their first physical store in Commercial Drive.

Yep that’s Merci Boulangerie, who is known for mouth-watering French pastries and has taken over the previous Seasons Bakery unit.

Photo credits: Merci Boulangerie

But lets rewind in case you’re unfamiliar with Merci Boulangerie.

Natalie Cumberbirch, the mastermind behind Merci Boulangerie, is no stranger to the art of baking.

With roots and culinary education in Vancouver and skills honed in France, notably at the prestigious two Michelin-star L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris, Natalie has all the baking chops to make some of the most delicious goodies.

Photo credits: Merci Boulangerie

Her vision?

To encapsulate the essence of Paris – its smells, sounds, and scenes – and bring it to the local food scene.

That is something we’re on board with (and we’re sure you are too)!

At the bakery, you’ll find an array of artisanal pastries, including chocolate almonds, double-baked croissants, cruffins, morning buns, sandwiches and more!

But if you’re expecting to lounge around to enjoy your delicious croissant – you can’t. The bakery is mainly an order counter (and kitchen) with a few seats outside.

You’ll have to either be lucky for those seats or figure out another seating arrangement elsewhere. So plan ahead!

If you’re in the area and are looking for either a morning baked goodie, a lunch carb or an afternoon pick me up, head on to Merci Boulangerie’s new storefront on the Drive.

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Address: 2879 Commercial Drive, Vancouver