New 6-Seater Omakase Restaurant ‘Sushi Hyun’ To Open In Downtown Vancouver This Summer

Vancouver’s sushi scene is getting a new player joining as Sushi Hyun, a new sushi omakase restaurant, is opening this Summer.

The 6-seater reservation-only restaurant is taking over the previous SSONG’s Hot Dog in the West End.

Owned and operated by Chef Juhyun Lee, Sushi Hyun promises an authentic Japanese dining experience, offering carefully crafted dishes.

His journey into Japanese cuisine began during his time as an international student.

Captivated by the Japanese cuisine he encountered, he found himself applying for a working holiday visa and starting a career in sushi.

Creating dishes and standing for long hours was not easy, but the joy and satisfaction on our customers’ faces, capturing their moments in photos, brought me great fulfillment.

Juhyun Lee, Chef & Owner Sushi Hyun

After gaining experience in various sushi restaurants in Korea and Japan, and training at Michelin 2-star establishments, he is bringing his expertise to Vancouver.

Photo credits: Sushi Hyun

According to Chef Juhyun, the name ‘Hyun’ means brightness, reflecting their mission to share positive and uplifting energy with their customers, fostering close relationships as neighbours or sometimes as friends.

Sushi Hyun will offer a single omakase menu that blends the seasonal Japanese kaiseki cuisine with sushi.

We are currently designing a menu that combines the seasonal sensations of Japanese kaiseki cuisine with our sushi omakase experience, allowing guests to enjoy both sushi and Japanese dishes simultaneously.

Juhyun Lee, Chef & Owner Sushi Hyun

Chef Juhyun shared with Noms Magazine that the restaurant plans to start with one service each for lunch and dinner, eventually expanding to four services daily.

Lunch will focus on sushi courses and last about an hour, while dinner will feature a variety of courses paired with seasonal sake, wine, and champagne, extending to 1.5 to 2 hours.

The restaurant’s interior reflects Chef Juhyun’s dedication to creating an authentic omakase experience, without leaving Vancouver.

Every detail, from lighting fixtures to cabinetry, has been carefully chosen for the 1,000-sq. ft space. The counter surface is made from high-quality Hinoki wood, imported from Japan and aged over 200 years.

Currently, Chef Juhyun is on a business trip to Korea and Japan, sourcing renowned ceramics and plates, and ensuring the highest quality seafood from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market.

Sushi Hyun will initially open with 6 seats, expanding to 8 seats once they are happy with the operations.

The West End is definitely seeing a lot of changes.

New spots like Bada by Damso, Horangee Sikdang, and the upcoming MACU Tea will be joining Sushi Hyun in giving locals more food options to enjoy in the bustling neighbourhood.

Sushi Hyun is expected to open either in late June or early July.

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Address: 795 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2B1